BMC access:Toll plaza works started today


Grand Saga started work to construct a toll plaza on the blocked access road from Bandar Mahkota Cheras to KL this morning. Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai rushed to the site after tipped off by BMC OARAC chairman Tan Boon Wah and he managed to stop all works.

Grand Saga has the backing of the “toll mister” (you know who) but such act is totally unacceptable and DAP will work closely with the BMC residents to fight for their rights.

Yesterday, the BMC OARAC just launched a month-long 10,000 people signature campaign as a protest against the installation of a toll plaza at the RM16 million access road from BMC to KL. The access has been blocked for more than a year since its completion. More than 13 demonstrationshave been held to mark the strong protest by the BMC and BSL residents.


14 Responses to “BMC access:Toll plaza works started today”

  1. Chen Hin Keong Says:

    I support the protest against the setting up of the new toll plaza. I stay in Sg Long and having one access road into our townships is not adequate. The government has given enough away to the toll operators making a few people rich and those toll companies cash rich. The government should just open the access road but without any increase in toll or building a new toll plaza.

  2. Lee Chee Chuan Says:

    The situation in Bandar Mahkota Cheras
    On the 7th of May 2008 the FRU and Polis fired tear gas and water cannon towards the residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras because they protest the closure of BMC access road towards lebuhraya Cheras- Kajang that is owned by GrandSaga.

    The question now is:
    1) Why is water cannon and tear gas is fired towards residents of BMC that is mostly consisting of women and children protesting their access rights to their town?
    a) The protest take place on the affected road because GrandSaga was closing it with barricade. It does not affect the traffic and affect any business in the area.
    b) Narajaya the developer is said to have paid Grandsaga compensation for building the access road to Bandar Mahkota Cheras.
    c) The question arise can a township be build without a access road leading to it? Who approve the development? How come BMC is build with the access road being barricaded.?
    d) The next question is should violent force be used against the residents? They are protecting their rights to use the road and tear gas and water canon is used at them, where is the democracy? Where is the justice? When the street demos in Penang occur in March 2008 they are obstructing traffic to komtar and also affect business in the area as they have to close their shops because of the demo, how come water canon and tear gas is not used? What makes it so special to use violence in BMC?
    e) The current road that BMC residents used is shared with Sungai Long residents which is infact a small access road and always causes massive traffic jam in the area and causes the residents in BMC to use a big circle to reach the highway. Every morning traffic police is needed to control the traffic and this is absolutely not needed if the access road is open. Taxpayers money can be save and the traffic police can be directed to more critical area that require their service. A person can be caught in the jam for half and hour to 1 hour depends on the peak hours especially during the morning rush hour. One heading to bangsar have to start the jam at 7am and reach bangsar at 9am. By using the access road one can reach bangsar easily at 8:15am.
    f) The bad traffic jam in these two area have affected the work performance of the residents in both Mahkota Cheras and sungai long, there are a lot of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, business man staying in the area that is affected. This is totally against a progressive society if precious hour is wasted in traffic jam that can be avoided. The long term affect also causes loses in companies that these people work in.
    g) If there is to be an accident or disaster both township will be totally cut of from the outside world. Who is going to pay the compensation to the residents? Who is responsible?
    What are the reasons for the closure of the Bandar Mahkota Access road?
    1) Is it because GrandSaga will lose money if the road is open? How?
    a) Residents along the highway of cheras- kajang such as Bandar Tun hussien Onn can also skip the RM 0.90 Tol by using the road leading from Batu 11, and residents from Batu 9 can also skip the RM 1 Tol by using the road beside the FRU building opposite the police training academy. Does these constitute to a road closure also?
    b) The purpose of a Tol is to reimburse the money used to build the highway, and of course also to earn back a certain amount by the Highway Company. Highway is build for the convenience of the people of Malaysia and those staying around it to have access to the city.
    c) One pays a TOL when he uses the stretch of road that was build under the highway company. If one is not using that stretch of road do they have to pay TOL? In actual Grand Saga still gets TOL money when the residents heads towards Kajang and Kuala Lumpur from the BMC access road.
    d) If the reason is because the traffic light is not configured then why is it taken 5 years and nothing is being done? How long will the traffic lights need to be configure and signage to be put up? After so many years still the road is block.

  3. bandarmahkotacheras Says:

    dear ronnie, no more updates on the BMC case? or have you totally forgotten about this?

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