Nazri’s behavior pathetic and roudy:Positive thinking doctor

Dear Malaysian,


I refer to the debate in parliament between Minister in the Prime Minister’s department Nazri and YB Lim Kit Siang on the subject of corruption. 


I had the occasion of sighting the video clip of this debate and to my dismay and disbelief  I found the Minister’s behaviour and performance absolutely pathetic and roudy as if he was in the company of some disorderly school children. This was how he addressed the members of the Yang Berhormats from the opposition party in Parliament.  He called them Ai! Ai! Rambut puteh! Rambut puteh!Bodoh! Bodoh! Bodoh! My college children had the misfortune of seeing the video clip and they themselves were shocked and asked me if this is how MP’s behave and act in parliament.


Now, Nazri, you must listen to me now and here. You have brought absolute ridicule to the Malaysian Parliament. You behaved as if you were a thug representing a group of unruly gangsters. To begin with, where are your manners? You called YB Lim Kit Siang ‘ bodoh bodoh bodoh,’ etc. Is that how you show respect to a senior, both in terms of age and someone who is one of the senior most politicians in Parliament ? Remember, he is also the head of the opposition in the Malaysian parliament.

Doesn’t that mean anything to you? 

Next, is that how you address Yang Berhormats in Parliament by calling them ‘rambut puteh’ and Ai! Ai! Ai! I call you ‘kurang ajar’ totally unfit to occupy the august house of the Malaysian Parliament. I feel sorry for you but you certainly reflect that of someone who is a badly brought up child either in your own home or in your school. Perhaps your teachers have failed to give you any moral training. 


I cannot imagine the taxes I pay is being used to maintain characters like you. Frankly, you were merely throwing tantrums around in the august House and to all the other elected law makers in the country and forgive me for my language but you appeared to me as if you were just admitted to the psychiatric ward with a mental disturbance with your laughter and giggles while debating.  You were not debating but you were merely yelling   You  kept saying ‘ikut pandangan saya’ there is no corruption. Your debate had no substance nor any form of logic to back your arguments. Is this how you participate in a debate? 

Secondary school children from  an average  school  in Malaysia can do better than you. I for one would not give you even 1 out of 10 in the form of markings.


What irritates me even further is that I have been told you are a law graduate. If that is so the case then I wonder what training you received in law school. It certainly does speak badly of your alma mater. If this is how you perform in court as a lawyer then I doubt you can win even a single case in court.


May I now ask you this. Is it your failure in your legal profession that prompted you to take a shot in politics? My God! Miss Molly! You seem to be wrecking this profession too. The profession of politics !! Remember, the profession of politics just like any other must be treated with decorum and decency. If the people that make up the profession acts with impunity, bad behaviour and devoid of any sensible and rational thinking then the profession would soon be dumped as a piece of rubbish. Then I would not want my money to be used to maintain such rubbish.


Now, I do not know whether you have reached a point of ‘beyond redemption’. This is for you to answer.


Having said what I wanted to say, but the responsibility now definitely rests in the hands of the Prime Minister. The PM must take the bull by the horns and carefully select every potential candidate to stand for elections. He must make a check list for himself. Every candidate must be fully scrutinized for his character of conduct, educational background, intellectual  excellence, family background, value for human dignity,  good mannerisms, innate desire to serve the public, plural racial spirit, and of course the ability to understand the complexities of legal enactments. They must be made subject to strict code of ethics in Parliament whether from the ruling party or from the opposition. There should be no room for prejudice or favouritism.


Finally, the Speaker of the Parliament session must be someone who can maintain the decency and respect in the conduct of the parliament debates.


Positive thinking doctor

You behaved as if you were a thug representing a group of unruly GANGSTERS.

Next, is that how you address Yang Berhormats in Parliament by calling them ‘rambut puteh’ and Ai! Ai! Ai! I call you ‘kurang ajar’ totally unfit to occupy the august house of the Malaysian Parliament.

This is not the first time he did something like that. This is what we call the “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” incident.

Recognise his face first. Recognise the Man of “Many Calls”.

Picture link:…

Remember these?
1) The “Racist! Racist! Racist!” incident.

3 links:………

2) The “Jantan” incident


I think if Nazri is “Jantan” he should fire Dr M instead of the other way round since it is Nazri himself who is not pleased.

3) The “Amok” incident.

Link: http://www.westernresistanc…

The only thing he hasn’t done is to lift up the keris, wave it around while repeating the words from item 1 to 3 plus the word “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

Has anyone seen Monty Python?




4 Responses to “Nazri’s behavior pathetic and roudy:Positive thinking doctor”

  1. Andrew Says:

    He could have qualified through the NEP back door Malaysian law
    Universities. He knew he couldn’t practise and earn a living as
    a lawyer in Malaysia hence he entered politics as the BN’s Chief Parliment Clown.

  2. justiciary Says:

    With this type of ‘liao’ acting as is no wonder this country is going downhill and is being sneered at and ridiculed by personalities such as Thierry Rommel and other renowned individuals.

  3. shiver Says:

    he is the one bodoh bodoh bodoh, yah that ai ai guy with the black bow tie.
    once a moron, always a moron.

  4. Chee Yong Says:

    This Nazri is biadap. My command of the national language is nothing short compared to his. I can stoop as low as well like him and use creative vulgar remarks on him. But myself and DAP are not like him. We are proud to be bangsa Malaysia. Full of budi pekerti. Not like him.

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