Altantuya case: Altantuya’s letter on Razak’s motive


Altantuya’s letter: Razak wants me dead
Soon Li Tsin
Jun 28, 07 5:18pm
Murdered Mongolian national Altantunya Shaariibuu had written an ominous letter before her death that she believed her ex-lover, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, wanted to kill her.The undated letter, written before she disappeared, was addressed to the ‘Malaysian government or police or Embassy of Mongolia or newspapers’. [See two-page letter]

The letter, which was revealed by the prosecution team, took the packed courtroom by surprise and was read out by the deceased’s cousin Burmaa Oyunchimeg in the Shah Alam High Court today.

Burmaa, 26, who is also known as Amy, said she found the two-page letter in a white Guess bag among other belongings left behind by Altantuntya in the hotel on Nov 20.

In the hand-written letter bearing Hotel Malaya’s letterhead, Altantunya said in poor English that she was going to commit suicide before Razak’s private investigator P Balasubramaniam and his assistant K Suras Kumar get to her.

Earlier in the trial, the murdered woman’s two Mongolian companions – Namiraa Gerelmaa and Uuriintuya Gal Ochir – had testified that Balasubramaniam and Suras had threatened to kill them and throw them ‘out of the window’.

“And before I write (this) letter I’ll (kill) myself, because I have no choice, he (Altantuya’s PI Ang Chong Beng) told (me) that they (Bala and Suras) have my letters so they kill me and say (it was) suicide,” she wrote.

In the letter, she had expressed her fear over the threats from the duo and described how they have been harassing her at 5am in Hotel Malaya where she was staying.

“They have been following me for four to five days. Even my hotel where I staying, workers know.” 

She wrote that Razak had allegedly promised to help her when she was in Mongolia and that was why she came looking for him.

She called him her boyfriend but Ang testified yesterday that she said they were married.

In the letter, Altantunya also conceded it could have been a mistake to ‘blackmail’ the analyst and wrote, “Maybe I (was wrong) to have bothered and blackmailed him.

“But if he didn’t promise me, I would (have) never come from far away to Malaysia,” she wrote in black ink.

Altantuya disclosed that she did ask Razak for money but she had her own reasons.

“Mr Razak Baginda promise to help me when I was in Mongolia. That’s why I came to see him and for help but he trying to kill me.

“I’m nice person. I can’t hurt someone but (Razak) is a powerful person, he (has) money (and) he (has) connection (to the) police (and the) government,” she stated.

Altantuya also revealed that she had gone to his residence in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, on several occasions and knew that he was married and had a daughter named Rowena.

Like a couple

Earlier on, Burmaa told the court that she had met Razak on three occasions since 2004 in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

“Altantunya was always there with him,” she answered in Mongolian and translated through by her interpreter, Enkhjargal Tsetsgee.

Asked by DPP Manoj Kurup to describe how they looked when they were together, Burma said: “They looked like boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Burmaa (right), who studied English in Hong Kong, told the court that Altantuya would visit her and they had a very close relationship.

She said that Razak would contact her mobile phone to speak to Altantuya when she was in Hong Kong. 

Burmaa also revealed that she had received a text message from Razak last year saying: “Amy, can you let Altantuya know I don’t want to see her again.”

“I told Altantuya about it but she said there was a little misunderstanding and told me that she would go to Malaysia, meet Razak and sort it out,” Burmaa said.

The management graduate said she knew Razak had sent Altantuya money because she was asked to relay information of the transfer of some money through an agency by the former to the latter.

“He told me ‘the reason I called you is because I’ve transferred money to Altantuya by Western Union. I have a reference number so I’ll let you know and you can tell her’,” she testified.

Manoj then proceeded to cross-examine Burmaa about the letter and said there were another two documents allegedly bearing Altantuya’s signature for her to identify.

Judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin then broke the session for lunch and told Manoj to resume his questioning at 2.15pm.

Razak has been charged with abetting the murder of the 28-year-old Mongolian national.

Two police officers – chief inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35 – are charged with the murder.

Prosecutors allege that Abdul Razak and Altantuya met in 2004 and began a whirlwind affair, during which he gave her money.

After they broke up a year later, he allegedly continued to give her money whenever she demanded it. But the payments stopped last year, prompting her to become dissatisfied and travel to Malaysia in October, the prosecution said.

Prosecutors say Abdul Razak planned her killing and ordered two police officers — members of a special unit charged with protecting the country’s leaders – to carry it out.

Altantuya was killed by “probable blast-related” injuries in a clearing in Shah Alam after she was driven away from outside Abdul Razak’s house in mid-October. 

Abdul Razak is close to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has vehemently denied any involvement in the case, which is seen by observers as a test of Malaysia’s judicial and political integrity.


■日期/Jun 28, 2007   ■时间/03:49:55 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/Merdekareview曾薛霏

【本刊曾薛霏撰述】雪兰莪莎亚南高等法院今天传召“炸尸案”死者阿尔丹杜雅的堂妹布尔玛(Burmaa Oyunchimeg,别名艾美Amy)供证,她说在阿尔丹杜雅遗留的手提袋里找到一封信,阿尔丹杜雅在信里提到,第三被告阿都拉萨试图杀害他,且派了两个印度人跟踪了她四、五天。


这封手写的自白书,写在马来亚酒店的信头纸上;布尔玛(右图)供证时说,她认出那是阿尔丹杜雅的笔迹。阿尔丹杜雅在吉隆坡逗留期间,下榻于茨厂街的马来亚酒店。这封信已列为呈堂证物。“炸尸案”第三被告阿都拉萨巴金德(Abdul Razak Baginda)是副首相兼国防部长纳吉的幕僚。控方以刑事法典第109条款提控阿都拉萨唆使谋杀罪,并与刑事法典第302条款(谋杀罪)同读;若被判罪名成立,唯一刑罚是死刑。






我的名字是阿尔丹杜雅,我来马来西亚见我的男友阿都拉萨巴金德,他已婚且和女儿萝薇娜(Roweena)、妻子玛兹丽娜(Mazlina Makhzan)和父母住在白沙罗高原(Damansara Heights)。他的办公室在安邦路(Jalan Ampang)。是的,我曾到他的家和办公室找他,因为我得见他。是的,我向他要钱,但这有原因。我是好人,我不会伤害任何人,但是阿都拉萨是个有权有势的人,他和警方及政府有联系。




“他试图恐吓我,试图杀我。他派了两个印度人跟踪我,其中一个是苏拉斯(Suras Kumar),他每天早上大约五时左右便来我住的酒店客房敲门,企图恐吓我。另外一个保镖则对我说:如果我要,我已经弄死你了。




















布尔玛说,去年初,她的手机遗失了,但手机遗失前,她曾接到阿都拉萨(右图)的电话;阿都拉萨告诉她,他联络不上在蒙古的阿尔丹杜雅,请她转告阿尔丹杜雅,他已透过Western Union 汇了一笔钱给阿尔丹杜雅。






布尔玛说,这是她最后一次见到阿尔丹杜雅。阿尔丹杜雅生前雇用的私家侦探洪忠炳(音译)昨天供证时,否认曾和阿尔丹杜雅、纳美拉(Namiraa Gerelmaa)及乌琳杜雅(Uurintuya  Gal-Orchi)同谋,勒索阿都拉萨;他也否认曾在去年10月17日向后者发送手机留言勒索。【点击:辩方质疑与死者合谋勒索 侦探否认向阿都拉萨开价】

‘Razak’s team proud of my daughter’s murder’
Jun 28, 07 11:58am Malaysiakini
The family and friends of murdered Mongolian national Altantunya Shaariibuu gathered outside the Shah Alam High Court this morning with posters calling for justice.The four also chanted ‘Altantunya’ and ‘Mongolia’.The deceased’s father Shaariibuu Setev (right) held a poster which read ‘Malaysia! Baginda’s team is proud of my daughter’s murder’.

Altantunya’s cousin Uuriintuya Gal Ochir displayed a poster which read ‘Hope justice will be done by the Malaysian court’.

Two other posters held up by the deceased’s friend Burmaa Oyunchime and her cousin Namiraa Gerelmaa denounced Abdul Razak Baginda, among others, saying ‘he has no place on earth’ and that ‘he is not a human being’.

The four stood outside the building for several minutes before dispersing. Today is the ninth day of the high-profile murder trial.

Death penalty

Razak, a renowned political analyst, has been charged with abetting the murder of the Mongolian national.

Two police officers, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, are charged with the murder which allegedly took place between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year.

Mongolian translator Altantuya, 28, was said to be blown up in a jungle clearing in Shah Alam, Selangor.

All three accused face the death penalty if convicted.

On Tuesday, Razak’s staff showed up at court with a banner expressing support for their boss. The banner read ‘Razak Baginda staff. And we’re with you. Proud of it.’

On the first day, his relatives wore T-shirts declaring their relationship with him on the front, and stating “and proud of it” at the back.


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