was down since yesterday…

Dear readers of, please go to for the time being. The fight must go on. Ronnie Liu


5 Responses to “ was down since yesterday…”

  1. Kenny Lam Says:

    I think Ronnie is taking this protesting too far. Why are you protecting the China and Vietnamese Dolls. Obviously, the hotel is the front for the Spa. That should be closed down. The police did the right thing.

    Ronnie did asked an important question. Why did the town council and police allow this hotel and spa operate without license?. That is the key question and shoudl be pursued vigorously.

    Making protest on the closure of the hotel and spa is silly. There are
    more important issues for Ronnie.

  2. ronnie Says:

    dear kennylam, that’s the power of a biased media and what can i say? they talked as if the police and mpsj flers are heroes and i was the defender of the bad guys and poor girls. are the puchong ocpd and cid chief real heroes? far from it! the fact that they linked two unrelated events together to smear my name (while i was still in their lockup) has reflected what kind of characters they are. would they apologise to me for wrongful detention? you bet!

  3. ronnie Says:

    Do you know that so far three blogs were either hacked or blocked by the cybertroopers since last week? MT, and Bersih.

  4. Lau Weng San Says:

    your blog is down. the time now is 6:59pm 5/11/2007.

  5. hchan1961 Says:

    Do what you need to do. It is sad that there are still people that can be easily mislead by our main stream media.
    Keep up the good work.

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