NOV 10: Bersih top leaders ‘turun padang’

Several top leaders of the Bersih coalition have indicated to attend the peaceful rally at the Dataran Merdeka. The list is long and I shall not publish here as yet. You will expect to see these heavyweights coming out in full force and join this hitorical event with the rakyat.

The Bar Council will be sending some 20 to 30 lawyers as observers. I believe Suhakam and Transparecy International  will also send their observers.

Several embassies in Malaysia have also indicated that they will send their representatives to observe the event.

There will be 10 gatherings outside various Malaysian embassies in foreign capitals simultaneously, from New York, London, Sydney, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, India, Seoul to Ulaanbator.

Meanwhile, the list of endorsees for BERSIH has grown to 70 now. 

There will be a forum tonight at the Selangor KL Chinese Assembly Hall to highlight the Nov 10 rally starting from 8 pm. Speakers include Dr Toh Kin Won, Cikgu Loot Ting Yee, Wong Chin Huat, Tian Chua and Lim Guan Eng. 

Many have promised to show up at Dataran Merdeka. How about you?

Pls remember to bring a Malaysian Flag with you and do not forget to don yellow.

(It’s a serious offence if the police manhandle someone with a Malaysian Flag. )

C U there!!!


One Response to “NOV 10: Bersih top leaders ‘turun padang’”

  1. God Bless Malaysia Says:


    Advise all the participants to ready their video camera or phone camera to capture the act if police or SB dogs provoke or sabotages the Perhimpunan.

    10th November 2007 is the historic moment for Malaysia.

    God Bless Malaysia.

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