BERSIH: PM worried about Agong’s intervention

  Bringing the people’s memo to the King on behalf of BERSIH

PM Abdullah blamed the Opposition for dragging the monarchy into politics. He spoke as if HRH Agong has no mind of his own.

Come on, AAB. Please learn to respect our King. Our monarchy is not mere rubber stamp. Under the Federal Constitution, they have the rights to right the wrong in the administration. And it’s only natural for the rakyat to turn to the King for help when the BN government is failing all Malaysians in every aspect of its administration. 

It was also wrong for AAB to claim that the rakyat were angry with the Opposition for organising the protest rally. In fact, more and more people now understand the importance of a clean and fair electoral system. What is so important about causing traffic jam compared to the demand of a clean and fair electoral system? To be fair to BERSIH, the traffic jams were created by the police. They should not have set up so many road blocks in the first place. The traffic jam has very little to do with BERSIH.


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