Ronnie Liu

Colour-blind not because of the inability to see the difference between certain colours,  but rather the ability to see the resemblances in different colours.

DAP NGO Bureau Chief , DAP CEC member since 22/08/1988.

March 2004 Published “MCA’s role in the Chinese community: Culprit? Accomplice? Coward?” in English and Chinese


46 Responses to “Ronnie Liu”

  1. K S Ong Says:

    Hi Ronnie.

    Just testing in case you receive this. Really having problems with different blogs when it comes to commenting.

  2. Chin huat Says:

    Kindly take out my and Sonia’s phone number. They were meant to be for the press. Thanks.

  3. Lawrence Says:

    Hi Ronnie,
    ho kiw mo koan da ne.
    Want to keep it touch and one comment :
    On our information minister’s saying that the Japenese fighters were CPM, this statement is absurd, and this man is a moron (not borrowing from Dr M). You may say all Malays here are muslims, but not all the muslims here are Malays.
    Likewise Sempalit is in Malaysia and not Mal……

  4. Eddie Chang Says:

    Ronnie, sorry for my late reply as I seldom manage my old blog at Anyway, you can use any of my works if that is suitable, just let me know in advance, so that I can check whether that picture is ‘copyrighted’ or not.

    You can get those pictures from my old and new blog ( especially I just upload some photo of dap leaders for sharing.

    If possible, I am willing to attend and ‘record’ your events or any action in KL/selangor area if that time I am free from work.

    Just keep in touch.

    Eddie Chang

  5. TCH Says:

    Hi Ronnie, I appreciate what u did for malaysian. My vote for sure is DAP. I agree that newspaper or media electronic is totally under gov control. We won’t see any news abt the demo from KL or any other place. What we see is just out AAB or the “pak turut” praise the gov (themselve) what they did. I would suggest that may be DAP or keADILan take a video shot during the demo on 7/1 n upload it to your blog. This will give ppl a clear look on what really happen due to toll rise. i sure it will be a high hit.

  6. d Says:


    Keep up the god work!

  7. Cozy Says:

    Last weekend (Saturday), took leave from my work, and was called up by an old friend to have some chat. As of 5.30pm, both of us were driving towards Shah Alam near Seksyen 7. While driving, we were surprise to see the signage of Menteri Besar Selangor (feel proud too). So we tokk a right turn towards Jalan Berlian and so on… And just right before the main entrance of the “Kediaman Menteri Besar Selangor”, we saw few of his maid were doing something in the garden and we were not surprise of anything. After few second (3-4 seconds later), we saw a saggy black dog being pulled by one of the maid for play. It strike both of us to see such a beautiful dog in the “Kediaman Menteri Besar Selangor” running with the maid (indonesian I guess). We were both quiet for minutes due to this situation. Do you know why…? We were wondering that IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A DOG IN SHAH ALAM! How can suh Menteri Besar can have dogs in the compoun! We also heard few years ago, most of the dogs in Shah Alam will be shot dead…!

  8. ronnieliutiankhiew Says:

    dear cozy, to me, it’s not right to disallow the shah alam folks to keep dogs in the first place. and btw, muslims have the right to keep dogs as well. there’s nothing in the Koran that prohibits such practice. the question now is really “why the double standard”?

  9. Cozy Says:

    Hi Ronnie, thanks for your feedback, do u know how we felt when our dogs were being dragged into the cage to be taken away. I lastly send it to my grandma house in Klang rather that seeing them being dosed. That terrible things to do. So how come this Menteri Besar can have this dog in his own compound but not the other rakyat. Can someone have chance to have the pic taken and ask him directly on his beautified face “WHY DOUBLE STANDARD?”.

  10. David Says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    you are doing a good job in countering all the lies of UMNO/MCA against DAP in the Machap by-election in this blog. Keep it up.

  11. Dahlia Says:

    We are a non-profit regional organization established for the purpose of promoting scholarly research on modern Southeast Asia. Recently we recently came across your publication entitled Culprits, Accomplices, Cowards: the role of MCA in the Chinese community We would greatly appreciate it if we could receive a copy from you for our research library collection.

    Thank you and regards

    Ms Dahlia
    ISEAS Library
    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) Library
    30 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
    Pasir Panjang Road
    Singapore 119614

  12. liong Says:

    Been trying to get to Ijok this evening to lend support to Khalid’s campaign with two friends.Please give some directions how to get there by road.We’ll get you transport, financial support and sheer physical presence which is what is required.Do not be intimidated by thuggish behaviour as demonstrated by Barisan workers

  13. HelloWorld Says:

    Peace people

    We love you

  14. Lawrence Loh Says:

    The bocor issue is not over. How can the two reps just apologise to the women over all and not the person concerned?
    If the big mouth’s immediate female relative is raped or molested, and the culprit just apologise to all the ladies in this worlrd and what is your comment?

  15. seaturtle Says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    I would like to seek some advise from you and i hope you can help.

    Do you know whether there is any tolerance given to our road’s speed limit? I am a decent driver and i always follow the speed limit stated on the sign board but the problem is sometime it’s really hard to control our vehicle exactly to the limit.

    In today summon, the speed limit is 90km/hr and the detected velocity of my car is 94km/hr. I think exceeded by 4km/hr should be considered as “in the range” of tolerance… ? Hope you can advise me if you know the regulation of our Traffic

  16. Steven Says:

    Hello Ronnie,

    An excerpt of an article as follows was published in the UMNO website. It was also addressed in

    “Oleh kerana hobinya memang suka menulis memandangkan dari dahulu lagi dia kurang bergaul di sekolah menyebabkan dia suka bersendiri. Mungkin sebab itu, dia menghabiskan masa dengan menulis, barangkali.

    I pernah tengok artikel-artikel yang sebelum ni ada menyatakan yang Raja Petra di Islamkan melalui cara Pas. Depan orang dia bercakap pasal Islam tapi di belakang dia amalkan cara Kristian dia yang sudah sebati di dalam urat darah dia.

    Apa yang I nak bagitau Raja Petra ni dahulunya adalah penganut agama Kristian Jesus….Dah tentu lah kafir nya dah sebati dalam diri dia dan keluarga dia.

    Ada jugak yang I dengar pernah nampak dia singgah ke gereja bersama dengan isterinya. Buat apa lagi? Dah tentu lah itu cara dia mengingati tuhan nya yang palsu tu.

    Orang macam ni memang tak boleh di percayai. Manusia yang bertopengkan Islam sedangkan pada dasarnya jiwanya masih Kristian dan cuba untuk menjatuhkan bangsa melayu.

    Islam hanya di gunakan olehnya untuk menutup keburukan yang ada dalam dirinya yang sudah jelas masih lagi dirasuk budaya hidup dan fahaman agama Kristian.

    Keturunan yang mengalirkan darah Kristian dalam tubuh anak-anak, cucu-cucu serta semua generasi Petra yang akan datang akan terus menjadi songsang.

    Islam adalah agama yang suci, dan tidak harus di cemari oleh seorang yang hanya sekadar menggelarkan diri sebagai Islam seperti Raja Petra ini.”

    (HakMilik © oleh . Kelab Penyokong Maya UMNO HakMilik Terpelihara. Dipaparkan pada: 2007-07-30)

    I am currently a Malaysian living in Australia. While this was targeted specifically towards Raje Petra Kamaruddin, I found this write-up is extremely insulting to Malaysians who practice the Christian faith. I believe this a case against UMNO for ‘creating racial tension and publishing seditiously’ that would endanger the peace in Malaysia.

    As such, would it be possible for the DAP to make a police report against UMNO for this? I would, but my current constraints in terms of physical location would not permit so.

    Thank you and regards,


  17. WAN SELANGOR Says:




  18. chryss Says:

    hi ron, need your help. please let me know which state seats does bandar bukit puchong (gate 1) belongs to?

    would appreciates if you could email your reply.


  19. lochoe Says:

    can khairy win against badrul..
    lets vote here

    i do prepared this online voting for them, dont forget to leave your comment about this battle..


  20. k119 Says:

    There was a period in the 80s’ when traffic jams to KL used to start at the Berkeley Gardens and a significant portion of Klang residents who worked in KL had to be on the road by 5am. Many thought that this would be a thing of the past when PLUS expanded the Federal Highway and the NKVE and KESAS Highways came to being. The Kota Raja Bridge was also expanded into a six lane highway.

    But the MPK which had no guts to stand up to its greedy political masters allowed frenetic, unplanned development to take place on either side of the highway including the road reserve. At 5pm, after you pass the UITM campus the dreadful jams begin at the Sungai Rasa Toll complex. The six-lane highway narrows down to the original 4-lane Federal Highway of yesteryears at Taman Berkeley. The traffic from the upgraded Jambatan Kota can back-up for three kilometers or more as traffic crawls at this point. You would have thought common sense would prevail and either this stretch would have been upgraded or development on either side curtailed till the highway can cope with traffic …but this is Klang where as the Zakaria Mat Deros affair has shown…..anything goes.
    The Berkeley section of the “highway” is now choked with not only incoming traffic from KL but also from hundreds of motorists and customers who attend functions and gatherings at the Hokkien Association Building and two Chinese seafood restaurants on either side of the highway which have been miraculously given licenses to operate. In addition three completed condominium complexes, the Regency, Dynasty and Pelangi condominiums all exit at this section and worse still the “highway” now has to contend with the new giant Centro office complex. Shophouses and residential homes right under tension cables have been built at the old Chinese Maternity Hospital site over and above the already existing Government Clinic Complex – all still within this stretch. Furthermore new office towers have been approved hardly 10 meters from the highway right next to the Value Inn Hotel.
    If you think this is incompetent town planning there is unfortunately more. As you crawl past the Jambatan Kota and pass the MPK building on your right and the Land Office Complex on your left, the “highway” suddenly takes an acute turn. On your left at this turn what used to be Bukit Kota has now been slashed to make way for Klang’s newest office complex – Prima Klang Avenue which is nearing completion. This complex spanning more then 4 acres, with four-storeys of shops and six-storeys of offices, is expecting thousands to throng the complex located at a critical part of the highway hardly a kilometer after Jambatan Kota and 300 meters before the Port Klang/Banting interchange. You don’t have to be an Einstein to realize that traffic will virtually stall for motorists who slow down to gain entry into this new complex. Worse still the sharp curve is currently already a frequent site for traffic mishaps, what more at a sharp bend with traffic flowing in and out. If all the completed government offices on the same hill start operating, the spillover of traffic to the highway will paralyze the KL-Klang Highway.
    Klang residents have been suffering silently as a result of this traffic congestion. To make matters worse, free flowing traffic was realigned at the Jalan Stesen area following the opening of the Galeri Di Raja during the Deepavali period which has brought traffic now to almost a standstill at the Tengku Kelana area. If you take a look at the old market place, BN’s typical land grabbing ways are there for everyone to see. The old market has been replaced by a giant multi storey shopping and office complex with a riverside mosque to boot to which accessibility is anyone’s guess. On the Kesas Highway side, the interchange is again choked as a result of development due to Bukit Tinggi, Bandar Botanic and the new Jaya Jusco complex. How is all this possible without taking into consideration residents who now have to crawl through this daily nightmare of traffic. With the MPK now busily doing road and tunnel works on the Chi Liung side of the bridge its back to the 5am crawl of the 1980’s.
    Our civil servants possibly know that all these projects are going to cost the economy that goes through Port Klang billions, not to mention the hardship it is going to cost the people who stay in Klang and commute to KL/Shah Alam daily. All these have been done at the whims and fancies of spineless MPK officers at the behest of greedy politicians for which Klang residents have to ultimately pay the price. With virtually no proper public transport to speak of, Klang residents working in Shah Alam and KL will have to probably sleep in their cars.
    Billions were spent on Langkawi and Putrajaya, and trillions are going to be spent on growth corridors. But there was not one bureaucrat or politician who had the common sense to note that this important port town will require another one or two bridges except during election time. This lie will stop at this election. The BN must be driven out of the Klang area once and for all. Klang residents cannot and will not put up with this nonsense to meet the ends of the MPK’s greedy councilors and politicians.

  21. instigo Says:

    Hi Ronnie, MANY years ago, u used to rent a place opposite my mum’s in SEA PARK. Glad 2 c that u hv gone so far in this directn. Great job!

    I was just thinking, maybe we shud shake SPR up . Equip yr people with the hand clicking counters, be at pollin stations from start till end, and actually BE SEEN to be click counting the numbers that go in.
    If not for anything else, it WOULD SEEM that you are watching to see if any Dead BN voters actually awake from their graves to vote

    Now, I do realise they have Postal votes – BUT these wont be enuf this time around.

    Just my 2 sen.

  22. instigo Says:

    Adding on:
    Hishamuddin Rais wrote in an article in Suara keadilan (14Feb-27Feb) dat he was sure at that time, the indelible ink would NEVER have been used. interesting.

    He also said that the Volunteers who count the votes – some of them are frm Puteri Umno (who apparently will count BBN’s 8 votes as 10 votes, and Oppostn’s 12 votes as 10 votes).
    Since you guys are allowed into counting centres (though u arent suppose to touch d votes), if u hv enuf pepl, with the hand clicking counters lookin ovr their shoulders, u just may reduce the cheating AT VOTE COUNTING stage.

  23. Freddy Goh Says:

    Heard you are an ex-MBSian… do visit this site created for all MBSians.

  24. Ah Kit Says:

    I read the newspaper that your want to be Deputy MB in Selangor!! But you and the other candidate is not favorable and 1st choice by Tan Sri Khalid and also Sultan of Selangor! You guys keep fighting on the DMB post in the end is a loss-loss situation!! Everyone want to be the boss!! Today MB of Selangor said: He may not consider to appoint Deputy!! Yesterday secretary of Sultan said: DMB is better for Malay!! Please don’t let people laugh at you guys!! I feel like be cheated because DAP pledge to be the clean government! Not like BN!! But today, I m very disappointed. Serve the people 1st, before rewards yourself!! Why my words are so heavy????because I put my hope in DAP!!! I m the truly DAP supporter!

  25. Grace Tan Says:

    Hi Ronnie,
    I have a completely different subject to talk about. I am trying to get in touch with you. I think you are the same person who lives near Chow Yang, SS 2, like 20 years ago. Well, I was one of your tenants, the former Grace Tan. Your wife used to make magnificient clothes for me to wear to the office (I can’t recall her name!). Would love to meet up with you both, especially your wife, as I will be coming to KL soon. I left the country more than 10 years ago.
    Do write to me soon. Thanks.

  26. klang Says:

    Selain daripada YB Teng ,tidak ada calon-calon lain yang lebih sesuai untuk memegang jawatan Exco Negeri,pada pendapat saya ;dari segi pengalaman,akademi serta keberaniannya.Saya tidak faham kalau ia tidak dapat dipilihkan.

    Cuba imbas kembali siapa yang memberi perkhidmatan kepada rakyat Selangor bagi pihak Dap semasa Dap cuma ada 2 YB di dalam Dewan Undangan di Pengal lepas,Kini Dap telah memenangi banyak tempat dalam pilihanraya ini tetapi telah berebut-rebut untuk jadi Exco,tak kira layak atau tidak.

  27. pigsampras Says:

    你真的很“小人”。。忘蒽负义,过桥抽板。选战期间利用邓章钦,过后就为了“位子”不断打压邓章钦。Raja Petra在他的网站不断对邓章钦无理取闹,应该是你在背后搞风搞雨。谁不知道你和Raja Petra是哥俩好?总之现在看到你会觉的很恶心,也不想再去你Pandamaran的行动室。下一届大选,我和我的亲朋戚友都会对你投废票,当作是给你的“小人”礼物。

  28. gh Says:


  29. gh Says:


  30. Swiftlet Says:

    Ronnie Liu,

    I hope you are one of the host for S\’wak DAP members visit to Selangor and Perak April 10th & 11th.Please assist them in Swiftlet Ranching as Sarawak still illegal at the moment.Please let them know the benefits towards Economy and people.

    As for complaints for sound, hygiene, smell etc,please let them know how to encounter.Thousands of us from Swiftlet family will make sure DAP win next election.

    Thank you.

  31. tengyong Says:


    MPK is really not doing their job. Just look at Bandar Bukit Tinggi which is one of the newly developed area in Klang.

    I have taken some photos this morning and post in my blog here.

  32. adam Says:

    Mr Ronnie,

    can you pls find a time to look at the traffic situation in Sec20, Shah Alam btw main road near S’gor Medical Ctr to Sejahtera Roundabout. Thousands of factory workers both local and foreign are risking their lives in crossing the busy roads during peak hours(7am-8am and 5pm-7pm). Pls consider of building a pedestrian crossing or at least a zebra crossing will helps alot.

    Thank you.

  33. adam Says:

    Mr Ronnie,

    Pls also work with local council of housing project that’s near to highway or busy road. Such housing project shd nvr be approved. It need at least 1km buffer zone from highway/main road/ind area. I’m now living in apt whereby my balcony is facing the highway/main road to Telok Gong/Kg damar(after Kesas). Felt cheated by developer Gamudaland whom sales personnel said the location is 2km away from main road. Everyday, my family suffer from noise and air polution which are health hazard. My family members who stay indoors are suffering from skin irritation as well as constant cough. Few residents we knew also complaining about similar problems. Thx

  34. ee Says:

    YB Ronnie.

    Pls. send your ‘horses’ & have a look at the swimming pool of Komplek Sukan Pandamaran. DISGUSTING!!!!DIRTY!!!FEES NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!
    Water leakage from the ceiling in the male toilet like nobody business.
    Gosh who is paying the water bill???
    Since u the MPK BIG boss kindly give them a kick or they will NEVER move…….as usual………thks….

  35. Koh Ben Tian Says:

    I have always admired your persistence in standing for elections. From what I’ve read in the newspapers over the years, you have always lost. And you are still loyal to DAP. And never giving up in upholding your ideals.

    Finally, you succeeded! Congratulations!

    In your blog, can you please reveal more about yourself.

  36. KC Tay Says:

    YB Ronnie,
    can u sent ur office address and office number to me. because our association to have meet with you.

  37. Foo Soon Peng Says:


    I got to know that goverment will offer RM 1000.00 for students who came from low income family and had succesfully grant a place in local university. Any idea how to apply this scheme?

    Really appreciate for your help and feedback.

  38. Anthony Chan Says:

    Dear Mr. Liu,

    I have been trying intermittently to call the MBPJ building department for the past two weeks but there was no one to pick up the phone. Even calls to the mayor’s office were unanswered. It appears no one was bothered to answer any calls at all.l

  39. Patrick Theseira Says:

    Dear Mr Ronnie Liu,
    I read with pleasure when you stopped the installation of CCTV throughout Selangor. Obviously there was some abuse of State Funds. I spoke to the State Planner for Selangor before the election and he has indicated that the CCTV project was awarded to Dato Seri Khir’s buddy. When I heard that, I was disgusted. When we went to see the state planner in Feb 08, we had the intention of showing him the latest CCTV which we has the ability to identify faces, numbers etc as the nation was having problems with low quality CCTV’s. I’m glad the project has stopped as it’ll be such a waste investing in such low quality product.
    As mentioned, we have the CCTV that the country needs I would like to step up and offer my services. If you could advice me on how we could meet, we could show you the capabilities of our CCTV. Awaiting your comments.

  40. Huangfei Says:

    Dear Ronnie,

    Please check out this issue. Your kind consideration is appreciated. Summary: A Chinese Temple is being erected on a plot of land previously gazetted and used as a recreation area along the main road along Jalan Permaisuri 1/6 of Section 6 in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. The MKAJ supports the construction by issuing an approval for the same. They have also disregarded the sentiments of those staying here during a call for resident feedback where they blatantly stated that the project is already approved and no objection will be entertained.

    It also simply cannot be understood at all why the new but fast becoming old state government in Selangor has failed to take any action to determine whether any wrongdoing in this matter. Moreover when the good people who own houses in that particular section brought their plight to the dailies.

    I do believe that there is a planning guideline where such matters are concerned.

    The plot of land which is situated along the main road leading to Jalan Permaisuri 1/6 of Section 6 in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, used to be fully occupied by a jogging track, badminton court, and childrens’ playground.

    Not wishing to comment on the apparent neglect of upkeep of the facilities mentioned before it was ceremoniously taken over by a group of people claiming to be the committee for a Chinese Temple, and I do say ceremoniously because the kick-off party was very colourful and loud with trafffic guards, Karaoke, and the like, the fact that remains that this temple is in the midst of construction already and located on a land reserved for recreation.

    Over 8 metre-high walls and the temple structure are being erected on the spot where the playground once stood in entirety.

    Liau, a retiree, laments that the MKAJ is not doing their work in safeguarding the interests of the residents in the area by allowing the work to go on as long as it has. He and many others banked on the capability of the new government to step in correctively and audit the whole process for any wrongdoing.
    His gaze lingers on the outline of the newly erected temple brick walls and the site where his grandchildren would play during the weekends they would visit him and his wife. “A temple they can build again. Do I have to move? I’m retired and my life savings went into buying this house. The people building this temple are an inconsiderate lot. Although I share the same religious faith, this is more than just money, this is about proper governance and location. Look at it. When it is fully done, it will block the view which I have enjoyed for years,” he says.
    The construction of the temple is a blow to the local residents. My only hope is that it does not turn into a political fiasco. Hmm..maybe that’s why there is a declined effort to act…


    It has come to my attention that construction of a Chinese Temple has commenced at the Children’s Playground near Jalan Permaisuri 1/6 of Section 6 in Bandar Mahkota Cheras amidst serious objections from the houseowners along the stretch facing the playground and from other residents living in that area.

    Apparently, the Kajang Municipal Council (Majlis Perbandaran Kajang – MPKJ) had earlier sent notice of this project to the houseowners seeking their feedback and possible objections to the same. After some written protest, as these residents did not want to lose the playground and the land it was on, the MPKJ “invited” them to a meeting at the MPKJ headoffice located at Jalan Cempaka Putih, Off Jalan Semenyih, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. At this meeting, they were informed that the project had already been approved by the MPKJ and that the letter sent requesting for feedback was only a formality. Reportedly, the temple’s representative also had the nerve to tell one resident that they were initially “offered” 2 choices and they had chosen the playground for obvious reasons and also that nothing would deter the project as they had gotten it approved by the MPKJ.

    While we are living in a multiracial society, it is extremely rare to find Chinese Temples along major main roads in the community. Although nice the fact harbors that some abuse of power may have taken place since there is a MPKJ notice board erected on this piece of land quoting the 1976 Land Act, forbidding the use of the land for any other purpose than it’s original purpose of a children’s playground and badminton court. This brings to mind a similar case at Bukit Gasing where original plans for the land development deviated.

    It will be a sad day for these residents when the project is completed as they would not only have lost an area for recreation and leisure activities, but they would have also been short changed in their purchase of their residential properties since they did not expect they would have a house fronting a place of worship. Least of all, the various pollution from increased traffic during festivities, incense smoke, and noise.

    Best Regards,

  41. wee ah sah Says:

    YB, may I suggest that you get the Klang Council to liook at the KTM station at Teluk Gadong, there are just too many people using this station. As a result their cars are prked all over the place. would suggest that the Council redo all the available space along the road leading to the station and also the surrounding roadways so that more parking soaces are made available.
    Of course the more practical and actually the logical method is to get mini buses to serve some of these stations in Klang area so that Commuter users do not need to drive their cars and clogged up al the parking area. Such action actually affect those shop owners near the the said station.

  42. bk tan Says:

    YB,my father in law have one land at Rasa Selangor.It was taken by govt until now we still never collect the money from govt.Now the land just put for never do anything until today,what shll we do?The original titles still with my father in law.We has been checking with Pej Tnanh Kuala Kubu Bharu but it was no record.How can it happen?

  43. bk tan Says:

    Actuallly we are very sad with the gov

  44. Tan Teng Ek Says:

    YB Ronnie Liu

    I would like to highlight that the e-aduan of MBSA is not functioning. Many of my friends logged in to this channel to raise issues on solid waste disposal, faulty streetlights, etc. But to date there wasn’t any response.

    For example the Section 13 Park, near Section 13 primary school, has not been maintained properly. Dried leaves are piling up and has become a fire hazard as well as safety hazard to the many joggers there.

    Certain streetlights in Section 13/58, 58D are not functioning and these roads are quite dark in the night.

    Who monitors the performance of local councils in Selangor or are there persons (agencies) monitoring them?

    Could you also update your website since it only bears news that are many months old?

    Thank you and warmest regards.

    Tan Teng Ek
    A supporter of PR

  45. Smoke Relief Says:

    How much is overnite shipping?

  46. Anthony Chan Says:

    Dear YB,

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