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Yellow Saturdays launched off today despite of police interference

November 17, 2007

Nov 10: Marching in the rain. We were on the way to the Palace.

I was alomost arrested for distributing the BERSIH leaflets with other supporters of BERSIH this afternoon at the Sentral Monorail Station in Kuala Lumpur.

Some 20 over SB officers from the Brickfields police station disrupted the launching of the Yellow Saturdays campaign. The took our Mykads and wanted us to go to the police station for investigation.

I challenged the police officer to state the reason for retaining our Mykads but to no avail. I refused to follow them to the balai because we have the rights to distribute leaflets and they have no rights to stop us.

After some 15 minutes of stand-off with the police, they finally returned the Mykads to us without the need to go to the balai for investigation.

They have also confiscated some of our balloons and leaftlets without justification.

We managed to read out our statement and distributed some ballons and leaflets to the public before the disruption.

We in BERSIH will continue to promote our Yellow Saturdays campaign all over the country. No amount of pressure from the police/ BN could stop us from pushing for clean and fair elections.

This is the statement from BERSIH today…

Coalition For Clean And Fair Elections (BERSH) 4A Jalan Sepadu, Taman United, Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala LumpurTel: (03) 79806571   Fax: (03) 79802697   URL:   Email: 

 Press Release 17 November 2007 The Yellow Wave Continues… 

Hot on the heels of the highly successful and historic 100, 000 People’s Gathering on 10 November, BERSIH continues on its mission for clean and fair elections with the launch of the Yellow Wave campaign.

As evident in the People’s Gathering on 10 November, we can truly make an impact if we all stand together and speak as one voice. On 10 November, we made a statement that was heard all over the world. And the world took notice, not least because we stood out in YELLOW, the colour chosen to symbolize our protest.

BERSIH believes that our flawed electoral process is a core cause for the exploding political, administrative and judicial rot in Malaysia, therefore we have an obligation to maintain the momentum for change and reform. We need to send a strong, consistent signal to the government, and what better way to remind them of our demands than to wear YELLOW, the colour of 10 November!

BERSIH urges all concerned Malaysians and their friends to wear something YELLOW every Saturday, starting from today. Wear a yellow ribbon on your shirt. Wear a yellow necktie or scarf. Use a yellow umbrella. Tie a yellow ribbon on your car’s antenna or side mirrors. Tie a ribbon on your bike. Wear a yellow armband. Better yet, wear your BERSIH T-shirt!

Our voices must be heard. Our message must get across. Our rights must be restored!

Let us paint the country yellow, starting today!

                                                                                                                                                   About BERSIH
Launched in November 2006, BERSIH started off as a coalition of 26 NGOs and 5 political parties. Today BERSIH is supported by over 70 NGOs and 6 political parties.  BERSIH’s four immediate demands for electoral reform are:

  • The use of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting
  • The abolition of postal voting for the armed forces
  • A thorough cleanup of the electoral roll to eliminate fraudulent registrations
  • Fair and equitable access to the media
Launch of ‘yellow day’ marred by police harassment
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz
Nov 17, 07 5:22pm
Today’s launch of polls watchdog coalition Bersih’s ‘yellow day’ was marred by what one Bersih leader described as police harassment in order to disrupt their campaign for clean and free elections.Several Bersih leaders, including DAP leader Ronnie Liu and PKR leaders N Subramaniam and Faisal Mustaffa, had just begun distributing balloons and pamphlets to pedestrians and commuters in front of the KL Central monorail station in Brickfields.Reading from a prepared statement, Liu called on the public to wear “something yellow” every Saturday as a statement of support for electoral reform and to send a message to the government for clean and free and elections.“Wear a yellow ribbon on your shirt! Wear a yellow necktie or scarf! Use a yellow umbrella! Tie a yellow ribbon on your car’s antenna or side mirrors! Tie a ribbon on your bike! Wear a yellow armband! Better yet, wear your Bersih t-shirt!“Our voices must be heard. Our message must get across. Our rights must be restored!” said Liu when the launch started at 2:30pm a few feet away from PKR’s information office.

Pamphlets, balloons seized

The upbeat mood of the activists, however, took a downturn 15 minutes after they started their distribution campaign when several police officers from the Brickfields district police station appeared and ordered them to surrender their identification cards (IC).

Leading the operation, district ant-vice division chief Kamaruddin Yusof initially told Liu and the others that they were suspected of violating the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

About 50 copies of Bersih pamphlets – and 20 of Bersih’s yellow balloons – were seized.

Kamaruddin refused to say, however, what offence had been committed exactly or the relevant section that had been infringed.

“You cannot just tell me we’ve done something wrong under the Presses Act. You have to tell me what we’ve done exactly,” said Liu.

“Don’t argue with me. Not here. I’m not going to argue with you. Whatever you want to say, say it at the police station,” Kamaruddin responsed.

Several minutes later, Kamaruddin also said the Bersih activists were disturbing public order as “we have observed that you have been creating public disorder here.”

Also present with him was district public order division head Mohd Khalid Adun.

Kamaruddin told Liu and several others that their ICs were needed to record their particulars. A vehicle was called to take them to the district police station.

‘Orders from above’

The 15-minute wait for the police vehicle in the hot sun, however, seemed to to mellow the initially rigid stance of Kamaruddin and other police officers.

“You don’t have to come to the police station. You can have back your ICs. You’re free to go,” said Kamaruddin before ordering the documents to be returned to their owners.

“I have orders from above, lah,” Kamaruddin told reporters when asked what the whole affair was about.

Speaking to Malaysiakini later, Liu said the episode was a clear example of harassment by the authorities in order to disrupt Bersih’s public education and awareness campaign.

It will not, however, dissuade the coalition from continuing with its efforts.

“We will continue the campaign. We still want the people to know about the Bersih campaign and to wear something yellow every Saturday,” said Liu.

Bersih – made up of 67 NGOs and five political parties – has taken the royal colour of yellow to beseech the King’s hand in calling for electoral reform.

Last Saturday, they held a rally and march to the national palace to submit a memorandum to the King’s representative.

BERSIH’s response to the statement issued by Datuk Pengelola Bijaya …

 Who’s this fler? Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja Istana Negara, Datuk Wan Mohd Safiain Wan Hasan, IC No: 461214035359, is an UMNO member, membership No: 03728983, from Cawangan Taman Desa Minang, Gombak Setia, Gombak. Aha…


Coalition For Clean And Fair Elections (BERSH) 4A Jalan Sepadu, Taman United, Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur Tel: (03) 79806571  Fax: (03) 79802697  URL:  Email: 

Press Release 17 November 2007 BERSIH’s response to the statement issued by the Palace 

BERSIH wishes to put in on record that we have never said at any time that the memorandum handed over to Yang DiPertuan Agong on 10 November was handed over with his Majesty’s tacit or express approval. The Rakyat of Malaysia are free to petition our King at any time on matters of major public interest, including free and fair elections, a position we are sure His Majesty would surely agree with. BERSIH again thanks the Palace for receiving on Tuesday, 6 November 2007, our written request for the appointment at 5 pm on 10 November 2007 to hand over the memorandum. We also appreciate the request from the Palace for the list of names of the delegation who was to hand over the memorandum to a representative of his Majesty and which we duly submitted on Friday, 9 November 2007. Finally, BERSIH wishes to record again our thanks to His Majesty for receiving the memorandum through his appointed representative on 10 November 2007. As citizens of Malaysia, it is our expectation that His Majesty will continue to play the role that he has been entrusted with under the Federal Constitution, and in so doing, to protect the rights and interest of all Malaysians and to ensure the integrity of our institutions. On our part, BERSIH will continue its struggle for free and fair elections and for genuine democracy in Malaysia. For enquiries, please contact the secretariats; Faisal Mustaffa 019-2232002 or Medeline Chang 012-2192010.  


BERSIH: Leaders must watch their words

November 15, 2007

 L to R: Saari Sungib, Ronnie, Wan Azizah, Dr Syed Azman and Yap Swee Seng were talking to Aleyasak Hamid, 31. He was pushed, kicked and thrown into the police truck by a uniform police at Jalan Tun Perak (near Dataran Merdeka) on Saturday’s peaceful gathering of 100,000 organised by BERSIH. His left leg was broken badly and he needed at least 3 to 6 minths to recover according to his doctor.

This is a solid proof of police brutalities on “Yellow Walkers” on Saturday.

The IGP and the PM must apologise to Sdr Aleyasak Hamid for the brutalities. BERSIH will get a lawyer to assist Sdr Aleyasak Hamid to bring the culprits to courts.

I told the press this afternoon that that all political leaders and police officers must watch their words in future. I said that PM Abdullah and the KL CPO who uttered harsh words before the peaceful gatherings {such as ” Saya pantang dicabar”( I hate being challenged) ; ” tindakan keras akan diambil (harsh actions will be taken)} would have influenced the police officers in the ground to act violently and therefor they must be held responsible for Aleyasak’s injury.

Before visit Aleyasak in Datuk Keramat, Sivarasa , Dr Syed Azman and I went to the Commercial Crime Department in Bukit Perdana , Jalan Datuk Onn to give our statements on BERSIH. We were called up by the police based on three police reports against BERSIH. Since all three reports were made on the same day i.e. Oct 25, and citing similar grounds( BERSIH is unregistered) , we believe the action was orchestrated by our political foes.

In my statement, I said that BERSIH is a coalition and therefore the question of not registered as a society does not arise. I gave the Coalition for Peace (Aman Malaysia) as an example.

■日期/Nov 15, 2007   ■时间/04:24:14 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/Merdekareview 曾薛霏


武吉阿曼警察总部商业罪案调查组早前传召净选盟的四名秘书处成员今天录口供,其中三人今天到案时,该组助理警监安然(ACP Amran)向他们出示三份报案书,并说警方是根据这三份报案书调查上周六举行的大集会。


被传召录口供的人民公正党全国副主席西华拉沙Sivarasa Rasiah,左图说:“警方出示三份报案书给我们看,令人惊讶的是报案书的内容和语法很接近,而且都在10月25日同一天投报。”







今早10时,净选盟秘书处三位成员人民公正党副主席西华拉沙(Sivarasa Rasiah)、回教党中委赛阿兹曼(Syed Azman)和民主行动党中委刘天球,由各自代表律师苏廉德兰(N.Surendran)、张国伟及尤斯马迪(Yusmadi Yusoff)陪同到武吉阿曼警察总部商业罪案调查组录口供,他们分别由该组助理警监安然盘问。安然也告诉他们,警方将援引《1966社团法令》第42条调查净选盟是不是合法组织。

1966年社团法令》(Societies Act 1966)第42条款阐明,任何管理或协助经营非法组织人,罪成成立可被判监禁不超过年或罚款不超过千元或两者兼施。


他说:“净选盟成立以后,其运作都非常具有透明度,如果任何人想要知道净选盟的资讯,都可以通过净选盟的网站查知。指净选盟乃非法联盟指控并无根据而且净选盟也不是我国第一个联盟,例如废除内安法令联盟GMI),还有前首相倡立的‘马来西亚和平联盟(Malaysians for Peace)。”

净选盟将于本周六推介“黄色星期六”(Yellow Saturday),呼吁人民每周六穿戴黄色,继续支持选举制度改革诉求。


Police quiz Bersih leaders
Soon Li Tsin
Nov 15, 07 6:53pm
Three Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) leaders were quizzed on the legality of the organisation during their meeting with the Commercial Crimes Department in Kuala Lumpur today.PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah, DAP NGO bureau chief Ronnie Liu and PAS central committee member Dr Syed Azman Nawawi – all of whom are Bersih committee members – were questioned for an hour.

Contacted later, Sivarasa said they were asked on the status of the coalition based on several police reports that were lodged on Oct 25.

“One of them was by a Rela (volunteer corp) officer who said that the rally organised by Bersih (last Saturday) could endanger the public,” he related.

The three Bersih leaders met investigating officer ASP Amran Jusin at about 10.30am after receiving notices from the police two days ago.

Another Bersih leader PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu was not feeling well and did not attend the questioning session.

The meeting was the committee’s first after a series of postponements.

Just like Peace Malaysia

Sivarasa said they were asked to explain what Bersih is about and the police officers had tried to gather more information about the rally.

“I told them a coalition is just a body made up of many other organisations and parties. Also, if they wanted more information about Bersih, they can visit the website.

“I explained by giving examples like the Peace Malaysia coalition started by (Education Minister) Hishammuddin Hussein. It’s a not about the people in it but the campaign message,” he said.

Peace Malaysia is an Umno Youth-led coalition of NGOs, youth bodies, political parties, students, professionals and others with the common goal of pursuing world peace in the wake of the Iraq war. 

Bersih – launched in November 2006 – is a coalition of five political parties and 67 civil society groups campaigning for electoral reforms.

Sivarasa, Azman and Liu were interrogated by different officers in separate rooms. They were represented by lawyers N Surendran, Jonson Chong and Yusmadi Yusoff.

Surendran later told the press that Bersih was being investigated under Section 42 of the Societies Act whereby office-bearers of an unlawful society maybe subjected to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to a fine not exceeding RM15,000 or both.

About 30 supporters had gathered at the Commercial Crimes Department located on Bukit Perdana carrying banners and placards.

The weekend gathering organised by Bersih saw some 40,000 people taking to the streets.

SPECIAL REPORT: Bersih’s Nov 10 mass rally


SinChew Daily
updated:2007-11-15 18:14:41 MYT






西華拉沙和劉天球也指出,乾淨與公平選舉聯盟將從這個周六開始,每逢星期六展開“黃色星期六運動”。 (星洲日報•2007.11.15)


Hawker: Police broke my knee during rally

Fauwaz Abdul Aziz
Nov 15, 07 12:27pm
Aleyasak Hamid Ali Hassan, a pisang goreng seller, offers incontrovertible proof that police had used excessive force in dispersing the Bersih rally for electoral reform in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday. A bystander whose curiosity got the better of him, his left knee was broken and crushed “by police officers” in the crackdown on protesters gathering in the vicinity of Masjid Jamek.”I just wanted to see – to observe – this rally that people had been talking about. I wasn’t wearing yellow that day, I was wearing black, and it never even crossed my mind to participate in the rally,” said Aleyasak, 31, who lives in Kajang, Selangor.”I also never imagined I would end up with a knee smashed by those who are supposed to be protecting the people against violence.”

Bersih – a polls watchdog coalition of 67 NGOs and five political parties – organised the rally and march to the national palace to submit a memorandum to the King’s representative. Some 40,000 people took part despite prior threats of action by both the police and cabinet ministers.

Aleyasak, – who disclaims any membership or affiliation to NGOs and political parties – was among dozens who took the brunt of a crackdown on what the police described as an illegal assembly after refusing to approve the organisers’ application for a permit.

He spoke to Malaysiakini yesterday, barely an hour after being discharged from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

Grimacing in pain with every movement of his leg, Aleyasak related his ordeal while his wife, Maryam Jameela Megat Mohd Yusof, sat by his side.

“I had read about the Bersih gathering a month ago in the newspapers. As my mother-in-law was holding a Hari Raya open house on Saturday evening, we decided to drive around as a family to see what was going on,” he said.

“While caught in a traffic jam, we saw that the people demonstrating at Masjid Jamek were peaceful – they had nothing in their hands. So, I decided to get down from the car at about 3.30pm at the corner of Jalan Tun Perak and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman to watch them from afar.”

Popping sound

Barely 10 minutes after his wife drove off to her mother’s house in nearby Kampung Baru, riot police took over the area in front of Masjid Jamek.

“A group of protestors near Masjid Jamek ran towards City Hall (in Jalan Raja Laut). I saw a number of police officers chasing then. They were all running towards where I happened to be standing.

“People were yelling ‘Run! Run!’ so I got scared and turned to run as well.”

Aleyasak did not get very far. After a few metres, he lost his footing on the slippery rain-washed pavement and fell face forward on the pedestrian walkway.

Seconds later, he was set upon by four to six uniformed police officers.

While several police held his head to the ground, another officer stepped on Aleyasak’s left leg which had folded at the knee behind him.

“He was applying his full weight on it. I heard my knee cracking, then, I head a ‘pop’ sound. I knew right away it was broken,” said Aleyasak.

Ordered to stand up, he told the police officers that his leg was broken. Instead of being carried, he was subjected to foul language and told to walk unaided towards a police truck waiting nearby.

He said: “I was told ‘Why should we carry you? Are you so special to receive that kind of treatment? You’re just a nuisance!’.

“One officer – I don’t remember any of the names or numbers on their uniforms – kicked my injured leg and it slammed against part of the truck. Another detainee already in the truck felt sorry for me and helped me to get into the vehicle.”

About a dozen detainees were taken to the police contingent headquarters. Almost immediately on arrival, Aleyasak said a St John’s ambulance took him to HKL where he was admitted.

Following surgery on Monday, Aleyasak was told it would take three to six months for his knee to heal. However, he will have to wait a full year before doing any sports activities or exercises.

“I won’t be able to work for the next few months in my condition,” he said, appearing resigned to the situation.

‘Do something’

On the advice of friends, Aleyasak filed a police report at the HKL police beat-base, providing details of the incident.

He wants at least an apology from those responsible for the injury, and has not ruled out legal action against the police or government.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. I do not want to cause any trouble. I am not a member of any political party. I’m not against the police. We need to them to maintain security,” he said.

“But I want something done. Anything… but something. At this point, even just an apology from the police officers who did this to me would be good.”

Echoing this, Maryam, 29, said her husband’s injury has jeopardised their livelihood and meager earnings.

A tuition teacher, she said she was shocked and incredulous when she found out what Aleyasak had gone through.

“We are ordinary people. We have nothing to do with politics. Why was he treated that way? Even if the police were cracking down on protestors – my husband was just a spectator – there must be some limit to what they can do,” she said.

She said their children – aged six and two – have been curious about why their father has been injured.

“We don’t want them confused by telling them that the police were the ones that did this to their father,” said Maryam.

She was also incensed by those who had denied that any violence or excessive force had been used by police.

“I feel sad and angry. We want justice done. You can’t do this to people,” she said.

I was wrongfully detained by Puchong police CID chief

November 4, 2007

The account of event leading to my arrest as given by the OCPD Puchong and its CID Chief DSP Lim in yesterday’s press conference was malicious, dishonest and out of context. Both of them have related a totally different event on on Thursday (police raid on vice activities at the Spa)  to link up with Friday’s MPSJ attempt to seal the hotel in question. By doing so, both of them have a malicious intent to discredit my personal integrity in order to cover up for their own wrongdoings, weaknesses and abuse of power.

I will be making a police report against DSP Lim for the wrongful detention and also a police report against both AC Zainal Rashid and DSP Lim for making wild accusations against me.

I will call for a press conference in due course to explain the whole event after making my police reports.

I have spoken to my lawyer and I reserve my right to take DSP Lim and AC Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar to courts. 

Meanwhile, people should ask Zainal and Lim why they have allowed illegal activities right under their nose for three years, since the hotel in question is situated only a few shops away from the Puchong police station?

And MPSJ should also explain why they have allowed the conversion of commercial blocks into budget hotel without giving them a business license for the past thre years? And why the local council has waited three years to take such drastic actions against the hotel now?

And DSP Lim has to explain to the Malaysian public what exactly his role was as a senior police officer. He has arrested me without disclosing his identity to me. He also did not tell me why I was arrested. I get to find out his identity and the reason for arresting me from other police officers.He should not have also intervened with the investigation and played a role in locking me up for a night at the Puchong police station.  

DSP Lim Ming Seah’s behaviour and action was most awkward and unbecoming as a senior police officer. He should not have taken side in a quarrel between MPSJ and the hotel operators. We want Selangor police to check whether he has any links with other vice activities in the Puchong area.

I must thank all leaders, members and supporters who came to the Puchong police station tio express their concern or extending their assisstance to me. I was touched by the SG who rushed over from Seremban the very night. I must also thank Sd Lau Weng San for putting the oral bail and my lawyer Sdri Tiew Wey Keng for speeding up my release. The list was simply too long and simply not possible for me name all of them one by one here. Xie Xie Ni Men!  

THE STAR Sunday November 4, 2007

Liu held over obstructing cops and council workers

SUBANG JAYA: DAP central executive committee member Ronnie Liu allegedly tried to stop enforcement officers from sealing a budget hotel in Puchong Jaya, near here. He was detained at about 6.30pm on Friday and released at 4pm yesterday.

Liu, who was arrested for allegedly obstructing the police and Subang Jaya Municipal Council enforcement officers from sealing the place, was questioned at the Subang Jaya district police headquarters.

“We will forward our investigation papers to the authorities for further action,” said district police chief Asst Comm Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar.

He said the police had raided the hotel on Thursday and had rounded up 23 women – 19 Chinese nationals and four Vietnamese – who had been hiding in two secret cubicles.

“The women are being questioned and will be handed over to the immigration authorities once investigations are completed,” added ACP Zainal Rashid.

Twelve men were also picked up.

ACP Zainal Rashid said Liu had gone to the place on Friday when the police and council officers were about to seal the premises.

He claimed Liu verbally abused the policemen and council workers.

ACP Zainal Rashid said police were still looking for the hotel owner.

林冠英赴警局了解 2007/11/03 17:33:35
南洋商报 民主行动党秘书长林冠英获知该党全国宣传秘书及非政府组织局主任刘天球在刑事法典第186(阻碍公务员执行公务)下被捕后,昨晚特地从森州芙蓉赶抵雪州蒲种警局了解情况。 尽管林冠英已向雪州总警长拿督卡立和蒲种警局局长交涉,但截至今日凌晨1时45分,刘天球仍未获释。




晩上7时,他右手被扣上手铐,遭3名警员上警车。 市會查封廉價酒店風波
民眾斥打擊我國旅遊業China Press(蒲種3日訊)民眾對梳邦再也市議會採取強迫手段驅趕蒲種某間廉價酒店住客,以展開查封行動,感到不滿! 他們認為,酒店住客是消費者,他們已付費入住酒店,結果在沒有獲得任何賠償,還遭到驅逐,當局未免太不近人情。 他們說,即使是酒店業者觸犯條例,當局也不應拿住客開刀,迫使他們馬上搬離,而應是採取更有效解決方案。 蒲種居民指出,當局此舉已嚴重打擊我國旅遊業,昨晚的查封風波也讓住在內的外國遊客看到我國執法人員解決問題手法,令他們對我國留下不好印象。 他們說,尤其是這么一鬧,以后那還有人敢在蒲種區租酒店住,難道不怕睡到半夜被人拍門吵醒。 《中國報》走訪蒲種再也山莊肯那里商業區一帶,群眾紛對該區某廉價酒店昨晚查封風波,發表不同意見。 一些居民認為,當局處理手法不妥當,惹來住客不滿情緒,而且 當局也沒有權力驅趕住客,因酒店又不是發生命案或接獲炸彈投報。 他們笑說,如果是命案或接獲炸彈投報,相信無需當局請,相信即使是在半夜,住客也會漏夜離開。 不過,一些商家指出,自酒店昨晚被正式查封后,今早該地區突然多出很多泊車位,地區也顯得冷清一片,沒有以往般熱鬧市會兩大理由拒批執照


(吉隆坡3日訊)八打靈再也市政廳及梳邦再也市議會以兩大理由,拒絕批准營業執照給多間廉價酒店,惟酒店業者鋌而走險,繼續在法眼下無牌營業! 在上述兩個地方政府管轄區內,有超過14間無牌廉價酒店。 消息指出,八打靈再也擁有超過10間無牌廉價酒店,坐落在八打靈舊區、上城一帶。 當地面積窄狹,人口稠密,在沒有泊車位情況下,市政廳批絕批發執照給酒店業者。 至於梳邦再也市議會管轄範圍,擁有至少4間無牌廉價酒店,分佈在蒲種一帶。 這些酒店的裝修及設計,與之前提呈給市議會的圖測有出入,因此市議會拒發執照,促請業者依據實情重新提呈圖測。 據《中國報》瞭解,除了上述兩大理由,其余構成市議會拒發執照給酒店理由,包括防火設備不足、沒有后樓梯等。 無論如何,其余地方政府卻否認存有無牌酒店,包括莎阿南市政廳、士拉央市議會、安邦再也市議會。 另外,加影市議會強調,當地僅有一間位于無拉港的酒店沒有營業執照,其余新舊酒店皆是合法營業。 沒嚴厲執法


值得關注的是,部分地方政府雖已鑑定無牌酒店,然而並沒有嚴厲執法,結果大部分無牌酒店依然營業。 八打靈再也市政廳則是基于人道立場上,有意把無牌酒店合法化,目前正在設法解決泊車位問題。 另一方面,本報嘗試電訪相關酒店,可惜業者大耍太極,沒有正面回應無牌一事。 向吉隆坡新山取經
市會設小組助合法化 八打靈再也市政廳向吉隆坡及柔佛新山取經,以解決泊車位問題,將無牌酒店合法化。 百樂鎮區州議員拿督林春景指出,市議會已成立一個專門小組,研究如何合法化無牌酒店。 許多外地投資者、商家前來八打靈再也,需要一個居住的地方,因此酒店的設立符合供需原理,市政廳並不排斥它們的存在。林春景也說,如果市政廳拒發執照給酒店,那麼難保業者會轉為經營黃色架步,屆時引起更嚴重的問題。 一旦市政廳決定把酒店合法化,或會要求涉及業者承擔部分停車場興建費用,或是向市政廳租賃泊車位。林春景說,市政廳也有不定期檢查酒店,之前曾經充公無牌酒店的財物。 另外,蓮花苑區州議員葉樹山指出,當地並沒有無牌酒店,因為安邦再也市議會,從不刁難申請開酒店的業者。 市民是納稅人,如果他們有意在本身的產業經營一些生意,再加上符合市議會的條規,市議會沒有理由拒絕。他認為,酒店最關鍵的條件是必須擁有完善防火設備及緊急通道,在發生火災或緊急事故時,顧客能夠及時逃生。 房費低廉受歡迎 盡管雪隆地區大部分廉價酒店皆無牌營業,但低廉房費依然深受旅客歡迎,住客源源不絕。 雪隆區內擁有等級的普通酒店,一晚住宿費至少需要120令吉以上,反觀廉價酒店一晚只需25令吉至100令吉,部分廉價酒店設備還不比星級酒店遜色。 除了規模較小但美觀的廉價酒店,部分廉價酒店也設有時鐘出租客房供住客選擇,讓旅客可休息片刻再出外辦事,時鐘房價介於25令吉至30令吉。 廉價酒店主要分佈在吉隆坡市區和興旺的商業區,超低廉的房價深受自助和背包旅客喜愛,家庭旅客及銷售員也是廉價酒店主要客戶群,部分廉價酒店也被放上國際酒店介紹網頁或深受網友歡迎。 新穎廉價酒店設備相當齊全,環境也不錯,即使部分酒店建築結構及環境欠理想,如房內沒窗口、只有基本設備如床舖和小幾、洗澡間設在房外等,住客也不介意。 據瞭解,住客租房只求環境舒服,一般都不會深入瞭解酒店有否整齊全安全措施如消防喉、消防器等,也不會留意酒店有沒合法營業執照。 據瞭解,由於現有的酒店營業執照申請條件相當苛刻且繁文縟節多,只要無法取得任何一個政府單位批准,地方政府也不會批准營業執照申請。 目前,業者面對最大阻撓是消防設備,尤其消拯局要求業者裝設消防喉,但部分小型或舊式酒店難以安裝消防喉,或在每間裝設滅火器。 為此,很多業者為免虧損,都會在申請執照期,冒著無牌營業的風險預早開業。 黃安鎮:申請條例苛刻
業者被逼鋌而走險 雪隆廉價酒店協會主席黃安鎮指出,政府過于苛刻的酒店設備條件,導致許多廉價酒店業者無法取得營業執照,被逼鋌而走險營業。 他說,政府目前仍沿用獨立之后設定的酒店條例,且以星級酒店為準,廉價酒店則是近年才興起的行業,因此很多條例都不符現時環境,對廉價酒店更是嚴苛的要求。 他舉例,消拯局規定有酒店都需有消防喉,每間房也需裝設火災警報系統,但很多廉價酒店規模很小,有些連客房都不到10間,要業者如何去執行相關條例。 他強調,各區地方政府的條例和操作方式也不同,讓業者無所適從。 業者辦好一切事務準備開業,因某項條例不合格而無法取得營業執照,面對極大虧損,業者唯有無牌開業。他說,廉價酒店主要客戶群為背包及自助旅客,家庭和銷售員客戶則胥視酒店營業地區。 他坦言,政府近年也為業者提供不少協助,惟申請條例方面仍欠理想,該會正與政府商討修改部份過于苛刻的條例。 2無牌酒店
同一業者 蒲種兩間無牌營業酒店,相信為同一名業者所擁有! 據悉,蒲種原本擁有6間無牌營業的廉價酒店,不過兩間已倒閉,其余4間皆基于一些原因不獲執照。 其中一間位于蒲種再也山莊肯那里商業區的酒店,日前已遭執照人員取締,50名住客半夜遭驅逐,引起軒然大波。 另外兩間酒店相信是同一名業者所擁有,分別是因為消防設備不足,及建築圖測不符合規格,無法取得執照。 本報聯絡這兩間酒店時,發言人承認酒店沒有窗戶,但卻強調置有滅火筒,不過拒絕談論詳請,也不願意回應有關無牌營業的指責。 還有一間在蒲種營業的酒店,建築圖測已被批准,不過基于一些技術問題,還未取得執照,但問題不嚴重,相信較后會發出執照。 金鑾區州議員高祥威指出,業者在申請開設酒店前,必須先獲批准策劃及建築圖測,然后再申請營業執照。 酒店無法獲得執照,大部分原因是建築物設計及裝修,與之前呈交給市議會的圖測有出入。他說,市議會數年來不間斷地取締無牌酒店,也曾經拆除酒店招牌。 他強調,市議會鼓勵人們來投資開酒店,但希望酒店符合規格,以及在合法的情況下營業,確保住戶安全。 陳女士:逐客手法太過分
歲,點心樓老闆娘 我覺得當局驅逐住客手法太過分了,住客是無辜的,當局沒有權力趕他們走,而且其中還有一些外國遊客被當局此舉嚇壞。 這不單有損政府形象,也影響了我國旅遊業,讓外國人誤以為我國政府是如此對待遊客。 當局要查封酒店也應與有關方面談妥,而不是逼住客搬離,因住客已付了酒店入住費,他們有權不走。 龔嫦玲:突然多了泊車位
歲,中藥店助手 我昨天剛好休息,不知道酒店發生甚么事,今早一來到就很奇怪,怎么附近空出很多泊車位,平時都是很多車。 若是一般週六都會看到酒店很多住客在早上出來吃早餐,可是今早卻不見人影,后來始知酒店被查封了。 由于酒店旁有一間卡拉OK,不久前警方曾來掃蕩,逮捕了不少中國女郎。 丘真溧:擔心發生衝突
歲,藥劑行負責人 沒想到一場查封風波竟可以拖上兩天才告段落,昨晚情況真令人擔心,當看到越來越多執法人員和警方出現,場面氣氛緊張。 我看到很多公眾跑上前圍觀湊熱鬧,也真替他們擔心,尤其是看到警方持槍械進入酒店,擔心萬一裡面起沖突,公眾會否不小心被子彈射傷。 幸好,在沒有發生任何不愉快事件下,風波終算平息下來,希望當局以后處理此問題應更加謹慎,以公眾安全為重 

Mathematics, Malaysian-style

June 28, 2007

From a Malaysian… 

Mathematics, Malaysian-style

I find it most alarming that Malaysian schools teach our children the
wrong things. I mean: can the children really apply what they are
taught in school later in life? For example, can you imagine a mathematics
question in a recent examination as follows?
“If an egg costs fifty Sen, and if you buy one-eighth of the egg, how
much would you have to pay?”
 Who in heaven’s name will want to buy one-eighth of an egg? The shopkeeper will probably think you are crazy and he will be equally stupid to break the egg and measure one-eighth for you. Yet, this is how they structure the questions in Malaysian schools. Why not pose questions that would be more useful later in life when you go out into the world to earn your living?To help Malaysia’s Ministry of Education bet to face the realities of life, we are suggesting some questions they could use in our classrooms. QUESTION 1

If you drive from Kuala Lumpur to Penang along the PLUS Highway and there are four speed traps along the way, and if each speed trap would cost you RM300.00 in fines, how much in fines would you accumulate by the time you reach Penang?

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. I would not suffer any fines as the oncoming cars would flash their headlights and I would slow down before coming to the speed trap. 2. I would only need to pay a total of RM80.00 as I would pay a RM20.00 bribe at each speed trap.
3. I would not be stopped as I am an UMNO Wakil Rakyat so I am exempted from speed traps.
QUESTION 2If your Bumiputera company is awarded a RM150 million government contract, and you make a 20% profit, how much profit would be at the end of the contract period?

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. I will not be making a 20% profit as I would have to pay the Minister 10% and UMNO 5%.
2. I would make 30% profit, which is the progress payment I receive,
after which I will abandon the project and let the government call for
 a re-tender.
3. My company will not make any profit at all as I will siphon out all
the profits and show a loss to avoid paying corporate tax.


If the ruling party obtained 54% of the popular votes the last
election and won 151 or 80% of the seats, and if it saw an increase of
10% in votes this election, how many more seats would it gain?

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. The ruling party will not show a 10% increase in votes, as it will  stuff the ballot box with another 20% to give it a 30% vote increase.
2. The ruling party will win all the newly created seats in the delineation exercise recently done.
3. The ruling party has already decided it will win 90% of the seats and the votes have nothing to do with it.


If the national petroleum company, Petronas, pays a 5% royalty to
Terengganu State and if the amount paid is RM800,000,000 per year,
how much should Petronas have in the bank accumulated over the last 25

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. Nobody is supposed to know as Petronas need not show its accounts to
anyone except the Prime Minister and this information comes under the Official Secrets Act.
2. Petronas earns only 50% of its petroleum revenue from Terengganu so
Petronas’ total income accumulated in the banks over 25 years should be
RM800 billion.
3. Petronas has nothing accumulated in the bank as all the money has
spent bailing out companies and finance mega projects.

BMC access: Anti-Toll signature campaign launched on Sunday

June 26, 2007






























BMC access:Toll plaza works started today

June 25, 2007


Grand Saga started work to construct a toll plaza on the blocked access road from Bandar Mahkota Cheras to KL this morning. Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai rushed to the site after tipped off by BMC OARAC chairman Tan Boon Wah and he managed to stop all works.

Grand Saga has the backing of the “toll mister” (you know who) but such act is totally unacceptable and DAP will work closely with the BMC residents to fight for their rights.

Yesterday, the BMC OARAC just launched a month-long 10,000 people signature campaign as a protest against the installation of a toll plaza at the RM16 million access road from BMC to KL. The access has been blocked for more than a year since its completion. More than 13 demonstrationshave been held to mark the strong protest by the BMC and BSL residents.

PKFZ land deal: Liong Sik “over-spent” by 19 times!

June 24, 2007
Whe I meet up with the Commercial Crime Department next week, I would demand the police to arrest Liong Sik and other involved suspects!

PKFZ price-tag shoots up to RM4.11 billion
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz
Jun 23, 07 6:01pm
The price tag for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) has shot up to an all time high of RM4.11 billion, for which the Port Klang Authority (PKA) has to begin paying for this year by coughing up RM510 million to the seller and developer of the free zone.This was revealed in a May 2006 report of the Auditor-General on PKA for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2005.

Based on various media reports and statements by PKA, malaysiakini had earlier placed the PKFZ price tag at RM2.4 billion: RM1.09 billion to acquire the 405ha of land on Pulau Indah, and at least RM1.3 billion to build it up.

For that amount, eyebrows were already raised in view of the project’s questionable viability. The Selangor Freight Forwarders & Logistics Association described PKFZ as an example of a mega-project into which a lot of money, but not enough thought, was put.

Supplementary agreement

Six months after its completion, PKFZ resembles a ghost town, with only about a dozen tenants instead of the anticipated crush of clients.

A May 2004 report of the Auditor-General revealed, however, the purchase of the land to have been higher at RM1.81 billion (inclusive of 7.5 percent interest) by RM720 million.

The report also said that while the development cost agreed upon in 2003 was RM519 million, this was raised to RM1.3 million following a “supplementary agreement” with the developer, Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd. The increase in development cost was not explained.

The report also said PKA then did not have sufficient financial resources to meet the RM2.9 billion obligation after having already paid an initial RM208.85 million (RM108.85 million for the purchase and RM100 million for the development of the land).

The Auditor-General’s subsequent remark that PKA “informed that the financing of the project will, from the year 2007, be under the 9th Malaysia Plan or through the formation of Malaysia Ports Commission (MPC)” fueled speculations that the derelict project was slated for a major government bailout.

Industry sources, when contacted, described as “scandalous” the use of the proposed MPC – while in principal a sound idea given the need for a central national port authority – to bail out a troubled public authority such as PKA.

The Auditor-General’s May 2006 report on PKA left out any mention of the MPC. He adds, however, that the Authority “is planning to obtain loans from financial institutions with the guarantee of the government of Malaysia as well as requesting grants to finance the project.”

To pay from 2007 to 2017

The Auditor-General also revealed that in 2005, the development cost increased by RM1.21 billion to RM2.51 billion due to “additional development works, professional fees and interest.”

Following the payment that had already been paid by PKA to Kuala Dimensi, the balance of RM4.11 billion shall be paid from 2007 until 2017 with an annual payment ranging from RM130 million to RM733 million, reads the report.

The initial payment for the land and development amounting to RM510 million shall be paid this year.

The Auditor-General also revealed that, as PKA’s liquidity at December 2005 consists of cash in bank and fixed deposits amounting to RM231.75 million and its surplus after tax was RM26.63 million, the Authority “needs to look for sources of financing to meet its capital obligation.”

Commenting on the matter today, Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang said the whole project raises a question mark on the “viability, feasability, and integrity” of the whole project.

During a visit to the PKFZ this morning, the DAP supremo told reporters that the authorities and figures behind the project must explain its state of affairs. This, said Lim, includes the Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy and PKA chairperson Chor Chee Heung.

Both Chan and Chor have to explain how the latter’s appointment in view of Chor’s position as deputy chairperson of Wijaya Baru Global Bhd (WBGB) – which is behind the sale and development of PKFZ.

Lim also invited WBGB chief executive officer Tiong King Sing – who has claimed there is no connection between his company and Kuala Dimensi – to give a full disclosure on the matter.

Malaysiakini had earlier reported Chor as saying the issue of conflict of interest does not arise.

‘There is no connection’

According to records in the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), Kuala Dimensi is owned by an investment holding and management firm Wijaya Baru Holdings Sdn Bhd (WBHSB).

At the same time, in WBGH’s 2006 annual report, Kuala Dimensi is listed as an “associate company” from which it derived “contract revenue”.

CCM documents show Tiong to be a director and shareholder in both WBGB and WBHSB, but he maintained that “there is no connection” between these companies either.

WBGB, WBHSB, and Kuala Dimensi occupy the same premises at Wisma Wijaya in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

In September last year, WBGB was actually slapped with a “public reprimand” by Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd for failing to make an announcement to the Exchange in relation to “the disposal of the Pulau Indah Land”.

WBGB had failed to send a circular to its shareholders pertaining to the transaction and obtaining the approval of its shareholders prior to the transaction being completed, said Bursa Malaysia Securities in a statement.

Bursa Securities said, however, that it has not found any of the WBGB directors to have caused or permitted the breach of the Bursa Securities Listing Requirements (LR) and only directed WBGH to “maintain appropriate standards of responsibility and accountability”.

PKA general manager OC Phang – who is also PKFZ managing director – did not respond to requests for comments.


■日期/Jun 23, 2007   ■时间/07:22:49 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/Merdekareview陈慧思


此外,竣工半年余,巴生港口自由贸易区乏人问津,全数512间的货仓只有区区两家公司租用,缔造马来西亚版杜拜嘉贝阿里自由贸易区(Jebel Ali Free Zone)传奇的梦想,几乎遥不可及。

林吉祥今日率民主行动党领袖前往巴生美丽岛(Pulau Indah)参观了与西港毗邻的巴生港口自由贸易区之后直抨:“这看来是个失败的计划,一个失败的计划怎么可以成功?”


今日林吉祥率众进入在保安区内的货仓地段视察,发现全数512个单位的货仓,只有两家公司租用,即Score AsiaR&R Engineering & Services,其余单位皆无人问津;相信是货仓过剩的缘故,一些货仓甚至为工地工人所占用。另外,举目所及,作为出租用途的空地,只有一家名叫Aker Kvaerner的公司设厂。


为了在美丽岛达成这个美丽的梦想,巴生港务局先是耗资18亿1000万元从Kuala Dimensi私人有限公司手中购入一片1000英亩的土地,随后把价值13亿元的发展计划颁布给这家公司,总投资额高达31亿元。这项土地买卖的价格和发展计划的投资额皆具争议性。


同行的民主行动党非政府组织局主任刘天球指出,原地主鲁姆岛发展合作社(Koperasi Pembangunan Pulau Lumut)在1990年代先后以137分每平方尺和298分每平方尺的价格出售该1000英亩的土地予Kuala Dimensi,总售价约9400万元,可是后者在2002年将该地段转售港务局的价格竟高达18亿1000万元,相等于每平方尺4155分,比原价高出了19倍!

但是,Kuala Dimensi董事兼国阵民进党民都鲁区国会议员张庆信早前接受《独立新闻在线》电访时表示,Kuala Dimensi并非一次过收钱;在巴生港务局缴还欠款的期限中,该土地必然会一直升值,因此,把土地售价与2002年市价作比较并不公平。

此外,他也指出,该地售价不应与当地的市价作比较,因为Kuala Dimensi出售的土地经过了一番特别处理,乃增值后的土地。

新加坡的《商业时报》(Business Times)在2005年引述我国的国家稽查局针对巴生港务局截至2003年年底的财政年所作的稽查报告指出,巴生港务局首期只需付Kuala Dimensi公司10%的地价和10%的建筑费,2007年以后的10年内便须缴还其余欠款。


根据注册公司资料,Kuala Dimensi私人有限公司四名董事当中的两名董事都是国阵领袖,其一为张庆信,另一名则是自2004年出任巫统总财政阿都阿欣(Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi)。

注册公司资料显示,Kuala DimensiWijaya Baru Holdings私人有限公司所有,张庆信在这两家公司皆出任董事,他也同时是Wijaya Baru Holdings的股东。

另外,张庆信与刚在今年419日出任巴生港务局主席的曹智雄都是上市公司Wijaya Baru Global有限公司的董事;曹智雄也身兼这家公司的副主席职(deputy chairman)。


他认为,曹智雄应该辞去港务局主席或Wijaya Baru Global副主席一职,而早前揭露砂拉越黑帮猖獗现象并呼吁行政透明的张庆信应该确保土地交易透明。

无论如何,早前张庆信接受《独立新闻在线》电访时表示,Kuala DimensiWijaya Baru GlobalWijaya Baru Holdings没有任何关系。









APCET II: Dr Nasir and I were stormed by the BN thugs

June 21, 2007
On the “day of trouble”, Dr Nasir and Selvam of PSM and I (then National Secretary of DAPSY) were given the task to look after security. The other DAPSY representative, Lim Ching How, has gone back to his office to attend to an emergency. We were shocked to see so many thugs suddenly appeared outside (they climbed up from the stairways instead of taking the lifts) the conference hall when we were performing our duty.We immediately informed the participants inside about the mob and three of us were trying our best to stop the thugs from braking into the hall. At that point of time, we did not know that these thugs were actually members and supporters of Umno, MIC, MCA (not sure whether there were any Gerakan members). I would not be surprised if some of them were SB officers.The mob (more than 300 of them) managed to bring down the doors after some 10 to 15 minutes. DAPSY chairman Lim Guan Eng and the participants were inside the hall.We were threatened to leave the hall at once but we refused to leave and decided to put our arms together in a circle. That’s when the mob lead by Azman Atar bacame unruly. They broke our ring and brought down Tian Chua (then NGO activist) to the floor.

Dr Nasir managed to call in the police (led by Dang Wangi OCPD Zainal Abidin Ali) only about one hour after the physical tussle. At our insistance, Zainal Abidin ordered the mob to leave the hall. We decided to stay and continue with our meeting despite of repeated warnings issued by the mob. The OCPD also ordered us to leave but he too gave up after failing to persuade us to leave.

When everything was calmed down, Guan Eng needed to leave for Melaka to attend to a demolition exercise and I too left the hall to attend to my recording session at a studio in Petaling Jaya.

When I was on my way back to the hotel, I was informed by Teresa Kok (then DAPSY vice chairperson) that she and several others were arrested. But she was “let go’ together with another participant from Japan at the car park while others were sent to the police station.

A young DAP supporter (son of KL Wong, a lawyer) who was tasked to take care of the computers was taken to the teenager lock-up at the Sungei Besi police station. Cheras MP tan Kok Wai and I visited him in the evening. He was released the next morning. The ladies were all taken to a police station in Wangsa Maju and were locked up for a night. They were transferred to the police station near the Merdeka Stadium for several days together with othe men. Foreign participants were all deported to their respective countries the next day or two.

I remembered both Umno Youth chief and his deputy (Zahid Hamidi and Hishamuddin Hussein) claimed responsibility with “pride” for the incident after they have returned from overseas and Anwar Ibrahim, the then deputy Prime Minister, expressed regrets over the ugly incident. 

DAPSY was later ridiculed by some local participants for “not being arrested with the rest “:-). But that’s truly not our fault. Guan Eng and I left at the time when everything was cooled down. Little did we know that the police would return to the scene and arrest the participants. On the other hand, Teresa Kok could not understand why she and the Japanese participant were ‘let go’ soon after the arrest. 

A few years later, we were delighted to learn that the people of east timor succeeded in their struggle for independence. Timor Leste (total population slighjtly less than 1 million) is now a free and independent nation.

Apcet II: Megat ordered the mob attack

Beh Lih Yi
Jun 21, 07 6:52pm
Ex-deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayob had ordered for an Umno Youth-led mob to stop an international conference on East Timor 11 years ago, a key witness in the ‘Apcet II’ suit told the court today.Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, who was then Umno Youth secretary and had led the mob, also had the court in stitches when he revealed he was given a ‘nasi kandar’ treat by the police after the incident.He was the seventh plaintiffs’ witness in the RM83 million civil suit filed by 36 local activists and journalists against the Malaysian government and several police officers for wrongful detention and police negligence.The 43-year-old – who had tendered a public apology over his role in the mob in 2001 – has since joined the Opposition after he was sacked by Umno in 1998. He was also the ex-Lunas state assemblyperson where he contested on the PKR ticket.Megat Junid’s instructionIn his testimony at the Kuala Lumpur High Court this morning, he recalled that the instruction to disrupt the conference was given to him by Megat Junid in a meeting held at the latter’s office.

Also present were Youth leaders from other BN component parties – MCA, MIC and PPP, as well as Umno’s Batu division head Azman Atar and several others whom he could not identify.

“Megat Junid started the meeting by telling us that a group of NGO activists will organise a seminar on East Timor in Kuala Lumpur. He said Malaysia’s stand is that the seminar is not permitted, fearing that we will be seen as interfering into problems in Indonesia,” he told the court.

“Megat Junid asked BN Youth to undertake the responsibility to stop the seminar as he said the government’s stand must be respected. I was asked to lead this task in my capacity as the Umno Youth secretary since the Umno Youth chief and vice-chief were abroad then,” he said.

“Megat Junid said Azman will head another group who will also be there. He said matters related to the police have been arranged and the police will arrive at the seminar hall in 30 minutes, where everything will be settled then.

“He added that a few of us might be arrested in this task,” Saifuddin told the court.

At this juncture, plaintiffs’ counsel Ranjit Singh asked Saifuddin to elaborate on Megat Junid’s instruction.

Ranjit: Did Megat Junid tell you how to stop the conference?

Saifuddin: Megat Junid asked me to mobilise BN Youth members. Secondly, he told me – as the head of the Barisan Bertindak Rakyat Malaysia (BBRM, the mob) – to meet with the Apcet II organisers at the hotel and tell them to stop the conference. Megat Junid said if the organisers refuse, I am to switch off their PA system.

Ranjit: You said “matters related to the police have been arranged”, what does that mean?

Saifuddin: Megat Junid said in carrying out this task, few (BN Youth) members and I will be arrested but he told us not to worry because everything will be over if I can successfully perform the duty.

Judge Wan Adnan Muhamad interjected: So Megat Junid only ordered you to switch off the PA system?

Saifuddin: Yes.

Asked to elaborate on Azman’s role, the witness said the former was known to be “an aggressive person and have a wide networking including those linked to the kaki-kaki pukul (gangsters)”.

Participants unhappy

Continuing his testimony, Saifuddin said on the day of the incident, he and about 300 BN Youth members had gathered at a stadium close to the conference venue at 8am and after he briefed the members, they marched towards the hotel.

He said many other BN Youth members were already present outside the hotel when they arrived and the Federal Reserve Unit personnel were stationed at the hotel entrance.

“As the number of those gathered grew, some of them had already broke through the FRU barrier and went up to the conference venue,” he said, adding that he also followed suit.

“As we arrived in the conference room, the door was closed and some of us tried to open the door. After it was opened, we went inside the room. The dining tables were scattered,” he added.

According to Saifuddin, he and Tajuddin Rahman – who is now Pasir Salak Umno division head – took turns to ask the conference participants to disperse while the police led by Dang Wangi OCPD Zainal Abidin Ali only arrived about an hour later.

“I overheard there were participants who were unhappy with our presence and asked the police to instruct us to leave the conference so that they could proceed with the conference. I objected and told Zainal that we will only leave after the conference is halted and the participants had left.

“Zainal then told me that I was arrested,” he told the court. Apart from him, several other Umno Youth leaders were also arrested.

Asked what happened at the police station, Saifuddin said the police recorded a statement from him but the process was not completed.

“They asked for my name, position and address. As I was telling them what I was doing at the conference venue, another police officer invited me to another room where nasi kandar was served,” he said to the amusement of those present in court.

He was released after the nasi kandar treat. Saifuddin was charged in court later for disrupting the conference. He pleaded guilty and was fined RM1,500.

The hearing was adjourned to Aug 15-16 as the team of federal counsel had requested for another date to cross-examine Saifuddin. The court will also continue with the cross-examination on the sixth witness, R Sivarasa.

Irrelevant questions

Earlier, Senior Federal Counsel Iznan Ishak objected to three questions in Saifuddin’s witness statement explaining why the latter was sacked from Umno in 1998 and his current political involvement.

Justice Wan Adnan upheld Iznan’s arguments that the questions were irrelevant to the case.

On Nov 9, 1996, over 100 people – including 10 journalists – were arrested on the opening day of the Second Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor (Apcet II), held to discuss human rights abuses in East Timor and its struggle for independence from Indonesia.

As the conference was about to begin, 400 members from the Umno Youth-led BBRM, or Malaysia’s People’s Action Front, broke down the doors of the conference halls, threw chairs and verbally and physically abused the participants.

Police then moved in to arrest the participants who were detained between one and six days, while 40 foreign participants were deported.

Online daily malaysiakini chief executive officer Premesh Chandran and editor-in-chief Steven Gan, both then journalists at The Sun, are also among the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs have named the government, then Inspector General of Police Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor and two senior police officers – then Kuala Lumpur chief police officer Ismail Che Rose and then Dang Wangi OCPD Zainal Abidin Ali – as respondents.

BMC access road: Samy is unreasonable and arrogant

June 21, 2007

Dear bloggers, pls take some time to read the Hansard below. You’ll see how unreasonable and arrogant the minister was on the issue of the access road between Bandar Mahkota Cheras / Bandar Sg Long and Kuala Lumpur.

It must be out of his mind for Samy to suggest putting up another toll plaza on the access road. No wonder the Works Minister is a.k.a Toll Minister. But the Umno-led BN government still has the cheeks to call themselves as Pembela Rakyat (defender of the people). Can you beat this?

As an advisor to the BMC Open Access Road Action Committee, I would suggest that we would raise hell with Samy at his office and the Parliament.



Bil. 28 Selasa 19 Jun 2007

1. Dato’ Markiman bin Kobiran [Hulu Langat] minta Menteri Kerja Raya menyatakan

apakah tindakan kementerian untuk mempercepatkan pembukaan persimpangan jalan masuk

Lebuh raya Grand Saga ke Bandar Mahkota Cheras dan bilakah ia akan menjadi kenyataan.

Menteri Kerja Raya [Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, untuk makluman

Ahli Yang Berhormat, pihak Kementerian Kerja Raya masih lagi mengadakan rundingan dengan

pemaju Nara Jaya dan juga Syarikat Konsesi Cheras-Kajang-Kuala Lumpur-Cheras.

Perkara ini mempunyai satu sejarah iaitu pembinaan telah berlaku dan pemaju telah

menjalankan pembinaan beberapa ribu rumah di tepi lebuh raya yang telah diadakan lebih awal

daripada pembangunan itu berlaku. Pada masa mereka memohon untuk mengadakan jalan

masuk ke Lebuh raya Cheras, kami telah mengenakan beberapa syarat. Satu di antara

syaratnya iaitu mereka mesti berunding dengan syarikat konsesi Grand Saga dan selepas itu

juga mereka boleh membina dan menyambung dengan Lebuh raya Cheras yang sedia ada.

Mereka masih membina rumah. Mereka mempamerkan satu papan tanda. Papan tanda

itu menyatakan orang yang membeli rumah di sini tidak payah membayar tol. Jangan bayar tol.

Saya percaya mereka bukanlah … they are not sincere dengan izin dan mereka terus membina

rumah beberapa ribu. Sejumlah rumahnya yang dijangka sebanyak 10,000 buah rumah dalam

satu projek dan 4,000 rumah dalam satu projek.

Kita jangka lebih kurang kedua rancangan ini akan mempunyai 40,000 buah kenderaan

sehari. Saya telah mengadakan perbincangan dengan Nara Jaya di pejabat saya. Nara Jaya

menyatakan bahawa mereka tidak bersetuju apa-apa, buka gate. Ini bukan gate Kereta Api

Tanah Melayu. Suka kita buka, bila ada kereta api, kita tutup. Ini lebuh raya. Apa kita cakap

pun dia tidak mahu dengar.

Oleh kerana itulah kita tidak membenarkan mereka masuk dalam Jalan Cheras. Saya

suka juga menerangkan sedikit kepada Ahli Yang Berhormat telah membangkitkan soalan ini.

Sekarang, selepas beberapa perbincangan, minggu ini iaitu 15 Jun, saya telah meminta

Lembaga Lebuh Raya Malaysia untuk memanggil kedua-dua pihak mengadakan perbincangan.

Syarikat konsesi bersetuju untuk membina sebuah plaza tol dengan harga yang murah

iaitu harga yang murah itu sebanyak RM5 juta. Oleh kerana beberapa alat elektronik mesti

dipasang dan perbincangan di antara Nara Jaya dan mereka, Nara Jaya kata, saya bagi RM1

juta sahaja. RM1 juta tidak bolehlah Yang Berhormat.

Mereka minta, dalam pembinaan ini RM5 juta mereka kena bayar. Nara Jaya kata RM1

juta, saya kata bincanglah, bincang sampai lagi lima tahun dia bincang, lima tahun tidak ada

buka, 10 tahun bincang, 10 tahun pun tidak ada buka. Kedua-dua pihak pun mesti

bertanggungjawab. Walau pun syarikat konsesi dia bertanggungjawab, dia kata okey kita boleh

bayar setengah, panggil dia bayar setengah, dia kata tidak boleh. Itulah masalah Yang

Berhormat, saya jelaskan kepada Yang Berhormat.

Dato’ Markiman bin Kobiran [Hulu Langat]: Cheras juga minat. Terima kasih Tuan

Yang di-Pertua. Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Menteri kerana datang sendiri ke Parlimen ini

untuk menjawab soalan spesifik ini. Soalan utama tadi dengan soalan tambahan ini Yang

Berhormat Menteri, adalah mewakili penghuni dan penduduk Taman Bandar Mahkota Cheras

dengan Bandar Sungai Long yang lebih kurang 10,000 penduduk yang cukup ramai dan mereka

sudah pun menderita lebih kurang 10 tahun dan tiga tahun yang lepas laluan keluar masuk yang

baru yang disekat ini disiapkan dengan kos lebih kurang RM12 juta oleh pemaju berkenaan.

Akibatnya mereka terus menderita walau pun jalan ini sudah siap kerana ditutup.

Mereka terus menderita kerana berlaku keangkuhan oleh pemaju yang hanya mementingkan

kewangan. Kedegilan Grand Saga kerana mementingkan kutipan tol, kelemahan serta

kelewatan rundingan katanya oleh LLM dan kementerian melainkan Yang Berhormat Menteri

yang cukup cekap pada hari ini.

Penduduk di situ terus menderita, Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Hingga sekarang jalan siap

begitu lebar, begitu luas dengan lampu dan jambatan tetapi tidak boleh digunakan. Apa

gunanya? Jadi, soalnya sekarang, adakah perlu rundingan sampai tiga tahun, sampai lima tahun

atau sepuluh tahun? Ini adalah keputusan berkenaan dengan kewangan, bukan nyawa yang

perlu penelitian yang terlalu detail.

Oleh itu saya minta kementerian bantulah sikit. Pihak pembangkang asyik

berdemonstrasi tiap-tiap hari Sabtu, tiap-tiap hari Ahad, menunjukkan kononnya merekalah yang

membuat kerja hal rundingan ini. Kononnya merekalah yang memperjuangkan kepentingan

penduduk-penduduk setempat. Tetapi…

Tuan Tan Kok Wai [Cheras]: [Bangun]

Dato’ Markiman bin Kobiran [Hulu Langat]: Nantilah dulu. Ini soal spesifik, tetapi

Yang Berhormat Menteri perkara ini mesti diselesaikan, tidak kira sama ada bayarannya berapa

dan matlamat saya ialah ia mesti diselesaikan dalam masa yang terdekat.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua: Baik, Yang Berhormat. Cukup.

Dato’ Markiman bin Kobiran [Hulu Langat]: Terima kasih, Tuan Yang di-Pertua.

Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, suka juga saya menjelaskan kepada

Ahli Yang Berhormat satu syarat yang penting telah diperkenalkan oleh kerajaan kepada mereka.

[Yang Berhormat Menteri membaca satu daripada syarat] Pihak Nara Jaya Berhad (NSB)

hendaklah bersetuju menanggung rugi LLM Grand Saga atas segala tindakan tuntutan, prosiding,

kerugian, kerosakan, pampasan, kos dan perbelanjaan apa juga mungkin dialami oleh LLM

Grand Saga berbangkit atau berkaitan dengan kerja-kerja pembinaan, laluan keluar masuk yang

dinyatakan di atas lampiran format”.

Ini satu daripada syarat-syarat yang telah dikenakan. Jadi, penswastaan projek -“Kami

Nara Jaya Sdn. Bhd. bersetuju dengan syarat-syarat yang dinyatakan di atas berjanji untuk

mematuhinya”. Ditandatangani oleh Liew Choon Wit, Senior General Manager, Eng Kai Lai,

Senior Project Manager.

Inilah Yang Berhormat, [Menunjukkan sebuah risalah] Pembangkang bolehlah tunjuk

perasaan. Kalau dia tidak tunjuk perasaan dia bukanlah pembangkang lagi. [Dewan riuh] Kami


Dato’ Markiman bin Kobiran [Hulu Langat]: [Bangun]

Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu: Sekejap, Yang Berhormat. Kami kerajaan, kami mempunyai

tanggungjawab. Jikalau saya minta buka jalan itu pada akhirnya siapa yang akan bayar ganti

rugi sebanyak RM400 juta? Kerajaan kena bayar ganti rugi RM400 juta. Saya tidak mahu

kerajaan membayar ganti rugi RM400 juta oleh kerana RM400 juta itu boleh dibelanjakan kepada


Walau bagaimanapun, untuk Yang Berhormat, sepatutnya Yang Berhormat bincang

dengan saya, sekali lagi saya panggil syarikat. Ada juga orang daripada syarikat yang ada tanduk

di sini. [Membuat aksi tanduk di kepala] Tidak mahu cakap, tidak mahu buka mulut, keras

sahaja tidak mahu bincang. Kami bila-bila pun rendah sahaja, kita simpati tetapi dia tidak. Pasal

dia ada duit, dia besar. Bila bina itu, sudah dapat kelulusan tetapi syarat mesti dipatuhi. Ini satu

perkara. Sekali lagi bolehkah mereka mempamerkan, “Belilah rumah di sini, boleh masuk ke jalan

lebuh raya tanpa bayaran tol”. Kami ada gambar.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua: Yang Berhormat, apakah cadangan kementerian untuk

menyelesaikan perkara ini?

Dato’ Markiman bin Kobiran [Hulu Langat]: Ya, saya hendak tahu bila sahaja.

Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, atas permintaan Yang Berhormat, dua

bulan yang lalu saya sudah minta Jabatan Kerja Raya dan juga Lembaga Lebuh Raya Malaysia

untuk mengadakan satu persetujuan di antara mereka. Akhirnya, dalam mesyuarat pada 15 hari

bulan ini, Grand Saga bersetuju pada mulanya dia kata RM10 juta. Saya kata, tidak boleh RM10

juta. RM5 juta boleh dijadikan satu toll gate untuk smart card dan lain-lain di mana mereka minta

RM2.5 juta dibayar oleh pemaju dan RM2.5 juta lagi dibayar oleh syarikat. Itu pun saya minta

LLM jika boleh mengurangkan ganti rugi daripada pemaju tetapi syarikat itu akan

bertanggungjawab. Ini akan berlaku dalam tempoh dua atau tiga minggu lagi. Selepas itu saya

akan beri kebenaran kepada syarikat itu untuk membina dengan segera dan kita boleh

mengambil masanya lebih kurang sebulan setengah dan selepas itu kita buka jalan itu.

Tuan Tan Kok Wai [Cheras]: [Bangun]

Tuan Yang di-Pertua: Baik, terima kasih. Ya, Yang Berhormat bagi Cheras.

Tuan Tan Kok Wai [Cheras]: Terima kasih, Tuan Yang di-Pertua. Pada pengetahuan

saya pada bulan Jun ini Syarikat Grand Saga kutipannya selepas operasi selama lapan setengah

tahun telah mengutip bayaran tol sebanyak kos yang sama dengan pembinaannya. Ini bererti

dalam tempoh bakinya 25 tahun syarikat ini akan membuat keuntungan bersih ditolak dengan

sedikit kos maintenancenya. Ini merupakan satu kebaikan kepada syarikat kroni Barisan

Nasional. [Disampuk oleh Ahli-ahli Pembangkang].

Tadi Yang Berhormat Menteri sudah memberikan satu jawapan yang paling

menyedihkan dan mengecewakan penduduk-penduduk Bandar Mahkota Cheras bahawa beliau

telah bersetuju untuk pembinaan satu plaza tol di jalan utama akses tunggal masuk ke Taman

Mahkota Cheras itu. Saya ingin bertanya Yang Berhormat Menteri, adakah Yang Berhormat

Menteri sedar bahawa kelulusan yang pertama yang telah pun diberikan oleh Majlis Perbandaran

Kajang kepada Nara Jaya pemaju Bandar Mahkota Cheras itu untuk membina jalan utama

diberikan pada tahun 1994 sebelum perjanjian konsesi Grand Saga dengan kerajaan


Kedua, jalan utama ini sememangnya menjadi satu syarat utama dalam perintah

pembangunan yang dikeluarkan oleh Majlis Perbandaran Kajang kepada pemaju.

Ketiga, rumah-rumah baik pun komersial atau kediaman di Bandar Mahkota Cheras tidak

akan memperoleh sijil kelayakan (CF) untuk bangunan premis mereka jika sesuatu syarat dalam

perintah pembangunan itu tidak dipatuhi oleh pemaju. Saya ingin bertanya Yang Berhormat

Menteri, mengapakah rumah-rumah di Bandar Mahkota Cheras ini masih boleh dapat CF

walaupun jalan utama ini tidak boleh digunakan?

Tuan Yang di-Pertua: Baik, Yang Berhormat. Cukup.

Tuan Tan Kok Wai [Cheras]: Bukan, ini untuk pengetahuan Dewan ini kerana Majlis

Perbandaran Kajang walaupun tidak dapat mengeluarkan CF bagi jalan atau sijil kesempurnaan

       how do I say completion of work …


Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu: Sijil kelayakan.

Tuan Tan Kok Wai [Cheras]: Sijil kelayakan bagi jalan itu tetapi Majlis bersetuju

memberikan CF kepada rumah-rumah kerana Majlis sendiri yang menghendaki pemaju itu

membina jalan itu.

Tuan Yang di-Pertua: Baik, Baik.

Tuan Tan Kok Wai [Cheras]: Dari aspek ini, adakah ini merupakan satu kesalahan oleh

pemaju? Saya minta penjelasan.

Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat

bagi Cheras, Yang Berhormat tunjuk perasaan sahaja tetapi saya mengadakan beberapa

perbincangan dengan penghuni-penghuni rumah yang telah membeli rumah datang ke pejabat

saya. Saya telah menunjukkan beberapa dokumen mengapakah ini tidak boleh berlaku. Saya

jelaskan… Saya kata, walau bagaimanapun jangan susah, kita cuba selesaikan perkara ini

seberapa segera yang boleh. Majlis Perbandaran tidak mempunyai kuasa untuk meminta

manamana pihak masuk ke dalam lebuh raya. Menteri Kerja Raya sahaja yang boleh! [Disorak]

Tahukah? [Buat isyarat menulis] Saya sedia beri kebenaranlah.

Beri dia kebenaranlah. Dia bagi kebenaran kepada satu ratus orang pun saya tidak

peduli. Bila mereka mematuhi syarat-syarat baru saya ikuti dengan saya punya arahan. Jadi

saya minta Ahli Yang Berhormat dari Cheras, bantulah kita sedikit. Kita bersama kerja. Saya

pun tahu, saya kesian dengan penduduk-penduduk. Penduduk-penduduk dan 40,000 kenderaan

dalam tempoh masa enam bulan lagi akan menggunakan jalan ini. Jadi kami mesti menjaga

kepentingan rakyat, kepentingan penghuni rumah dan juga kepentingan syarikat konsesi khasnya


Terima kasih.

Rawang High Tension Zone: Was there a tussle between Gerakan and MCA?

June 20, 2007
Last month, Chan Kong Choy promised to find an alternative route for the high-tension tranmission towers within a month. This was witnessed by the Rawang 5-men committee, TNB, Tang See Hang and Lim Keng Yaik at Lim’s office in Putrajaya.Why then TNB held a press conference yesterday to unilaterally declared that it would proceed with works without the need to look for an alternative route?

Chan Kong Choy and Tang See Hang must now explain to the Rawang people instead of shying away from his responsibility. Or was there a political tussle between the former Gerakan chief and the MCA leaders over this issue?

I would be going down to Rawang together with our Rawang representative M.Batumalai on Saturday to meet the affected villagers to seek a solution.

Meanwhile, I have advised the residents to get ready with the lawsuit based on public interest in my capacity as their advisor.


■日期/Jun 20, 2007   ■时间/12:35:22 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/merdekareview庄迪澎
【本刊庄迪澎撰述】虽然马华公会署理总会长陈广才一个月前承诺用一个月时间解决雪兰莪州万挠新村高压电缆的问题,不过国家能源公司昨天宣布,高压电缆不会绕道而行,而且将在下周日(6月24日)动工。“反对高压电五人小组”成员吴亚九说,村民将采取法律行动捍卫家园。尽管陈广才(左图)的承诺言犹在耳,但是国能(营运与技术)高级副主席莫哈末西迪昨晚召开紧急汇报会,对媒体说,雪兰莪州行政议会决定在万挠新村兴建高压电缆已成定局,受影响的51座建筑物(其中35个持有地契),包括民众会堂、篮球场及住家,必须搬离原址。【点击《中国报》:51建筑物须让路 建高压电缆势在必行】吴亚九今早对《独立新闻在线》说,村民考虑采取法律行动,以业主的身份入禀法院,申请庭令阻止国能动工;不过,具体将怎么做、何时入禀法院,有待今晚与村民们对话后敲定。他说,“反对高压电五人小组”预料将在下周日上午召开新闻发布会报告详情。今年5月23日下午,马华公会署理总会长、雪兰莪州士拉央区陈广才及万挠区州议员邓诗汉与万挠新村的“反对高压电五人小组”协商后指出,后者同意给他们一个月时间解决高压电问题,而解决方案是把高压电路线转移到连接瓜雪亚三爪哇(Asam Jaya)和万挠邓普勒花园(Templer Park)的拉达高速公路(LATAR Highway)右边,绕过万挠新村。【点击:陈广才一个月内寻解决方案 万挠高压电事件或绕道解决】万挠是在士拉央国会选区范围内,陈广才也是交通部长;邓诗汉不但是万挠区州议员,也是雪兰莪州政府行政议员,掌管投资、工业与贸易事务。约见陈广才不果



万挠新村居民两年前接获通知,国能计划在新村附近兴建高压电缆,并要求该村51户人家搬迁。村民拒绝国能的赔偿建议,坚决捍卫家园。后来村民成立了五人小组,展开反对高压电缆运动。五人小组向国能建议绕道兴建高压电缆,可是邓诗汉却透露,国能以“技术问题”为由拒绝。【点击:高压电事件酿燃眉之忧 万挠村民呼唤议员良知】

今年5月17日,国能委托的承包商到万挠新村动工兴建高压电缆,遭居民抗议和阻止;双方协商了三至四个小时,稍后万挠警局副主任苏巴马尼安(Subramaniam)接获“上头”指示后,国能技术人员、工程承包商、警察才陆续离开动工地点。【点击:万挠人阻国能建高压电缆 邓诗汉讲要来却不见人影】

■日期/Jun 20, 2007   ■时间/02:34:31 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/本刊记者
【本刊记者撰述】吉隆坡暨雪兰莪中华大会堂对国家能源公司(国能)单方面宣布拒斥谈判,执意在下周日(6月24日)动工兴建雪州万挠新村高压电缆,感到遗憾,并促请能源、水务及通讯部长林敬益、士拉央区国会议员陈广才及万挠区州议员邓诗汉代表政府居中斡旋解决此事。隆雪华堂会长黄汉良今天发表文告说,万挠居民过去两年来不懈争取高压电缆绕道,研拟了各种可行的替代方案,并获得林敬益、陈广才及邓诗汉的赞同;如今国能执意采取单方面行动,等于无视协商成果,罔顾万挠新村居民的健康与安全。国能(营运与技术)高级副主席莫哈末西迪昨晚召开紧急汇报会,对媒体说,雪兰莪州行政议会决定在万挠新村兴建高压电缆已成定局,受影响的51座建筑物(其中35个持有地契),包括民众会堂、篮球场及住家,必须搬离原址。【点击《中国报》:51建筑物须让路 建高压电缆势在必行】黄汉良说,隆雪华堂对国能昨天的宣布深感惊讶,因为万挠新村“反对高压电五人小组”今年五月和林敬益、陈广才、邓诗汉、国能高层在布城协商沟通,陈广才、邓诗汉还表明愿意在一个月内斡旋处理绕道建议,并称各造将朝“尽量避免高压电影响人民”的方向商讨解决方案。【点击:陈广才一个月内寻解决方案 万挠高压电事件或绕道解决】“林敬益也答应协助解决国能的技术问题,民意代表们的反应均是积极肯定的,由始至终都没有反对绕道建议,国能岂能无视民代的善意努力。”支持村民诉诸法律行动




今天较早前,万挠新村“反对高压电五人小组”成员吴亚九告诉《独立新闻在线》,村民考虑采取法律行动,以业主的身份入禀法院,申请庭令阻止国能动工;不过,具体将怎么做、何时入禀法院,有待今晚与村民们对话后敲定。【点击:广才承诺解决•国能宣布动工 万挠村民要以庭令阻高压电缆】