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Lim Kit Siang nabbed at the airport

June 28, 2007

LKS Series # 3


Dear Sir

 Re: Hello Lim Kit Siang. (28  years old). On 13th May 1969, where art thou? 

The 1969  May 13th   racial riots started from the house of  the then Menteri Besar, Dato Harun Idris. The house was in Princes Road ( Jalan Raja Muda). Half a kilometre away, at Fook Chuen Mansions, Batu Road ( Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman ) was the office of the then Secretary General of the Democratic Action Party, Mr Goh Hock Guan.*. He was and still is a Chartered Architect and Town Planner practising under the name of M/s Goh Hock Guan and Associates.


Prior to 13th May  1969, LKS  was a political  Liliputian. He was the DAP National  Organising Secretary and the Editor of The Rocket** then.  His first  political debut projected to the Malaysian public was his  participation in the “ Great Cultural Debate” between the DAP and the Gerakan which took place before the General Elections of 1969. At that point in time Gerakan was in the Opposition. After the 13th May riots, Gerakan joined the Alliance to form the Barisan, until today. The debate was held at the MARA Auditorium which was at Batu Road, Kuala Lumpur.


When the ethnic riots started on 13th May 1969,  LKS was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A political novice, untried with no credentials to back him up. He was campaigning for the independent candidates there. Fellow members of the DAP in Petaling Jaya called LKS on the phone asking him not to come back to Kuala Lumpur for his own safety until such a time when  things cooled down. (Official fiqures:190 plus, Malaysians killed.)


LKS in his maiden political quest for justice, freedom, upholding of democracy and an equal right to happiness, dignity and fulfillment in life,  was already under the “protective” custody of the KK police. He replied that he “ is going back to Kuala Lumpur immediately and is not afraid to DIE for his political convictions” — all for a better life for all Malaysians. There was no choice. He had to martyr himself. There was no alternative. However, in case his life was spared, LKS was prepared to face any charges that the Alliance Government will bring up and charge against him.


Flights between East and West Malaysia was suspended.  Also at that point in time there was no direct flight between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. LKS took the first flight out of KK to Singapore en route to KL on 15th May 1969. He had to stopover in Singapore.  

When he was in Singapore, he had many friends and supporters to discuss the racial riots and its consequences on opposition members. Anything can happen. There was no guarantee on his safety. LKS was adamant that it was his sacred duty to go back to KL.


He took the first available flight to Subang International Airport ( now Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport ) on 18th May 1969. He boarded the plane at the Paya Lebar International Airport, Singapore The  plane took off for KL.


While airborne, all of a sudden, LKS found that he was now alone. Alone to face the music. He cannot turn back then, unless of course the pilot turned the plane around. Samuel Taylor Coleridge can describe him as:-

“Alone alone, all all alone

Alone on a wide wide sea

And never a saint took pity on his soul in agony” – in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

                                                                                  Samuel Taylor Coleridge


The airborne mariner cannot change his mind then. Can he call for help? Call who? Call the CIA?. Call the FBI? Call the KGB?. Call MI 5?. Call OSS?. Call Chin Peng?. Call Chen Tian?. ( there were no mobile phones then)


Lim Kit Siang believed that he was going to be eliminated. On this last home coming  flight,   he  decided  to write a  last  letter to his wife – a homemaker. He asked his wife to be strong, to  expect  the EXPECTED and  to  bring up the four children.***.  To LKS, the demise of LKS is NOT important. The Political Future of Malaysians and the Future of Malaysia ARE of Paramount Importance. Malaysia MUST GO ON!  The letter was physically handed to the flight stewardess for posting. But it was without a stamp. Until today the letter was not delivered.  

The curfew was on. There were  lots of soldiers around the Subang Airport  then. They were there guarding the airport and to PROBABLY “welcome” home  in a formal reception “ceremony” for Mr Lim Kit Siang. All the soldiers’ SLR rifles were on a horizontal level. Their forefingers were just glazing the side of the trigger, in preparation to shoot at any time.


The moment of truth had arrived. The stage was set. The grand finale was about to begin. LKS came into  the arrival  hall. The atmosphere was unexceptionally quiet. Nobody was talking. The silence was deafening. It was tense and solemn because everybody were expecting the arrival of the Yang Berhormat,  the DAP MP for Bandar Malacca (now Kota Melaka). LKS was no fugitive. LKS, a young, non violent, non belligerent man, stepped out of the arrival hall. A group of Special Branch Officers  and soldiers with their horizontal SLRs “greeted” him. LKS need not hail a taxi for his transport to KL. There were no taxis anyway. There was also NO shooting.



On his journey to the High Street Police Station, LKS saw for himself the senseless carnage, atrocities, plunder and destruction. Smoke can still be seen from houses which were torched. After a few days of detention in the High Street Police Station, LKS was  sent   to a Police Station in Kuala Selangor, Selangor. 


Prior to 13-05-69, Dato Dr Ismail (later Tun), left the Government. He joined back the Government immediately after 13-05-69. The first words he said was “Democracy is Dead”.  As the Minister of Internal Security, Dato Ismail signed the Detention Order on LKS. LKS was then sent to the Muar Detention Camp. He was entitled to free food and lodging for the next 18 months at taxpayers’ expense. Ironically, Muar was 32 miles away from LKS home. His house is in Batu Pahat,  Johore

The Internal Security Act is an Act of Parliament formulated to suppress the communist insurgency and to arrest the communists at that period of time. Ironically, the PAP’s ( later DAP) Member of Parliament for Bungsar (now Bangsar) , Mr Devan Nair supported the ISA Bill earlier then.****. It is detention without trial.


While under detention LKS was appointed the 3rd  National Secretary General of the DAP (in absentia). There was a vacancy. The appointment was necessary because somebody had  disappeared  but  can be found in another country. He stayed put in that country then. “ I am NO LIM KIT SIANG.  If  I  go back  then,  all of you will be deprived of a Great Leader”.    The vacancy was filled. LKS  held  the  post of  National Sec-Gen  till 1999.


LKS could have absconded while in Singapore. ( Singapore was given independence by Malaysia in 1965). He could have asked for political asylum in another country. He could have been an MP in exile. He was and is a true loyal Malaysian Citizen. With guts, he went back to the hornet’s nest – “a river of no return”,  says Marilyn Monroe. Sorry. My apologies. He was and is  still in one piece. He was never charged in open court then. He will still be around for many years to come.


Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once”—Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare

Again sorry lah Kit, (as he is fondly known as).  We do realise that, the particular effective organ that is part of your anatomy is your gift of  the gap – a non lethal instrument. Now we know you are battle hardened. In spite of your tireless, relentless political pursuit, vocal, articulate or otherwise, until today, matters have become from bad to worst. True, “That All Men Are Born Equal but then some selectives are more equal than others—Abraham Lincoln’s version for  2nd class citizens.


LKS was again detained, the 2nd time in 1987, (after the 1986 General Election)  under the Mahathir Administration. He got free curry lunch, lodging, bed and breakfast again for another 18 months, on the auspicious pleasure of the host — the Barisan Government ala taxpayers. Again  no charges were brought against him. Can somebody name me a similar Malaysian likewise?



Somebody say LKS only NATO ( No action, talk only). If that is the case, let him talk! We like to hear him talk. Why detain him to stop him from talking? You are hitting below the belt. Do you want him to talk on what you like to hear and then stop him from talking on what you don’t like to hear? But at the same time you go on talking and talking on what we don’t like to hear! (Editor: hahah…that’s a good one! )


Finally, a belated sincere tribute must be made to the powers that be, at that critical, predatory point of time. LKS’s life was spared. The expected was not performed. The expected was unexpected – so to speak! Had LKS, the political apprentice left us to join the happy hunting ground, he will be forgotten. Nobody will raise an eyelid after all:-


“When beggars die, no comets are seen.

The heavens blaze forth the marriage of princes  Julius Caesar,  William Shakespeare’s

                                                                                 modern version

The powers that be was still rational then. Maybe its was mercy.


The quality of mercy is not strained

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

The Merchant of Venice. William Shakespeare                                                           


So to the players of  May the 13th, I am wishing a belated words of  thanks. To Whom It May Concern.  Thank You Very Much  for the fact that we still have LKS around. Say what we like. We argue.  We are all still Malaysian Citizens. We are born here. Do you want to deprive LKS  of his citizenship like Mr Lim Lean Geok ? By the way LKS is local born and can be classified as a Baba and his wife a Nonya. He is more Malaysian than  a bigger number of Malaysians put together!

Finally, we reiterate that we are all peace loving citizens. Some say we are citizens “by default”. This is subjective and debatable. Supposing we ARE citizens by default, we are still citizens, maybe 2nd class citizens or otherwise.


To all Malaysian mankind:-

He loveth best, who loveth best, both man and bird and beast.

He loveth well, who loveth well, for all things both great and small

For the dear God who loveth us, he made and loveth all.”  

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s moral message to humanity especially to Malaysian humans.                                                                                              

The writer notes that after the riots of 13th May 1969, the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Abdul Razak (later Tun) set up  The National Operations Council. Parliament was suspended after all “Democracy is Dead”. Looking after this NOC, was Dato Ghazali Shafie (later Tun).                                                             4

Incidentally, the 3rd man in ranking, in  the  NOC  then, was a slim, serious, handsome, no nonsense looking man – a politically unknown then.  He was probably the “executive secretary” of the NOC. He literally commanded the day to day operations of the NOC —  hands on. He was already a “Chief Executive Officer” and “Prime Minister” then, way back during 1969.  He looked familiar and was identical  towards  a former school mate of mine from my Alma Mater : Methodist Boys School, Penang. My school mate’s  name was and is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.


Lastly, to all the participants of May the 13th that are not indicted including Lim Kit Siang. All are still executives of  liberty,  happy,  free from all encumbrances and despotic control. All will live happily ever after including LKS.


* Mr Goh Hock Guan was the 2nd DAP Secretary General (1968 to 13th May 1969). Mr Goh’s  sister, Ms Phyllis Goh was an architect undergraduate then and was a college mate of the writer.

In 1969, the writer was staying above the office of M/s Goh Hock Guan & Associates at Fook Chuen Mansions at Batu Road, Kuala Lumpur. He had a 1st Class ring side seat cum an On Line, Real Time bird’s eye view of the May 13th story.


** Lim Kit Siang was the 1st DAP National Organising Secretary and Editor of The Rocket. (1966 to 1969).

Lim Kit Siang was appointed the 3rd  DAP Secretary General (1969 – 1999) – the longest serving DAP Sec Gen.


*** As at 13th May 1969, Lim Kit Siang has four children then. The eldest is a son 9 years old then. He is Lim Guan Eng,  the  present day  Secretary General of the DAP.  An Australian Graduate of  Monash University, he is an Accountant by profession.


The second child is a daughter. She was 7 years as at 13th May 1969. She hold a double degree – in law and in accountancy.


The third child is also a daughter. She was 6 years old as at 13th May 1969. She is a B.A degree holder.


The last and fourth child is a son. He was 3 years old as at 13th May 1969. He is a heart specialist. A few years ago, I understand that he was attached to the IJN (Institut Jantung Negara) as a cardiologist.




PAP is the People’s Action Party of Singapore which was already ruling Singapore in 1964.


Mr Devan Nair was  born in Malacca on the 8th of August 1923. He was the main organizer and founder of the DAP. Naturally he became the 1st Secretary General of the DAP ( 1966 – 1968). He stood as a PAP ( later DAP) candidate in Bungsar in the 1964 General Election. Winning this Bungsar seat, he became the Member of Parliament for PAP in  the 1964 – 1969 parliamentary session. From 1981 to 1985 he was appointed  the President of Singapore. Dr Chen Man Hin, the present day DAP Life Advisor said “ Without him the DAP may not be born”.


The writer at 18 years old, campaigned for Mr Devan Nair during 1964 General Election. His son Janadas (now Ph D) recalled the days when he was small boy as at 1964. He remembered an incident when the writer was nearly apprehended by  the police when the writer put up a  2nd  political banner at the Railway Station  KL  prior to the 1964 General Elections. The setting up of the 1st banner was earlier accomplished at the flyover, beside the KL Railway Station. The banner says “ Vote  PAP – a  Non Communist  Democratic Socialist Party”. The writer then was able to outwit, out manoeuvre and  run away from the  police in  a  busy  KL  because he was young,  agile and  was on a portable bicycle! 

Dr Jana (as he is known to me) who is now residing in Canada. He was here  on  2006 during the DAP Devan Nair Memorial. We recalled the good old days.


The writer deliberately put in the names of the literary writers because of requests from the younger readers.



Watch out for

1)  Dr Lim Kit Siang.

2) “Lim Kit Siang – 18 months after 13th May 1969” in the coming episodes.

3) Lim Kit Siang an opportunist and an agent of UMNO?


Yours truly,


James Bond Zero Zero One


BMC access: Anti-Toll signature campaign launched on Sunday

June 26, 2007






























BMC access:Toll plaza works started today

June 25, 2007


Grand Saga started work to construct a toll plaza on the blocked access road from Bandar Mahkota Cheras to KL this morning. Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai rushed to the site after tipped off by BMC OARAC chairman Tan Boon Wah and he managed to stop all works.

Grand Saga has the backing of the “toll mister” (you know who) but such act is totally unacceptable and DAP will work closely with the BMC residents to fight for their rights.

Yesterday, the BMC OARAC just launched a month-long 10,000 people signature campaign as a protest against the installation of a toll plaza at the RM16 million access road from BMC to KL. The access has been blocked for more than a year since its completion. More than 13 demonstrationshave been held to mark the strong protest by the BMC and BSL residents.

Rawang HTZ: A victory for the people!

June 25, 2007
It’s a case of “satu hati” Vs “suka hati” (borrowing Sdr M Batumalai’s words) in today’s dramatic tussle between the Rawang villagers and TNB officials.

More than a hundred villagers managed to prevent TNB workers to start work on the high tension transmission project. We insisted that all works have to stop before a solution or agreement be reached between the villagers and the Federal and Selangor state governments.After our protest, the TNB officials have no choice but to leave the site.

I must thank the workers for refilling the big hole they have dug earlier to prevent a potential tragedy from happening.

After the protest, the authority now sets a new date for discussion and negotiation with the Rawang Anti High Tension Transmission Project Action Committee and affected landowners on Friday 29 June 2007 @9am at the Selayang Land Office.

Both Chan Kong Choy and Tang See Hang were said to be present on the day. I will be there too as the advisor of the committee.

TV8 also sent its team to cover the event and it was broadcasted over its 8pm Mandarin news a while ago. TV3 was also there to cover the entire event.

Saty tuned.


■日期/Jun 24, 2007   ■时间/06:24:50 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/Merdekareview庄迪澎
【本刊庄迪澎撰述】国家能源公司(国能)职员今天到雪兰莪州万挠新村动工兴建高压电缆的部份工程,百多名村民拉着布条赶到现场阻止铲泥机(神手)继续挖掘深坑。由于双方各不让步,场面一度僵持不下,但一个多小时之后却戏剧性收场,国能让神手司机将已挖掘的深坑重新填回,收队离开,村民则为打赢了一仗而鼓掌欢呼!国能(营运与技术)高级副主席莫哈末西迪在本月19日向媒体宣布,雪州行政议会决定在万挠新村兴建高压电缆已成定局,高压电缆不会绕道而行,而且将在今天(6月24日)动工。【点击:广才承诺解决•国能宣布动工 万挠村民要以庭令阻高压电缆】成立“争取高压电缆绕道工委会”消息见报后,万挠“反对高压电五人小组”召集村民会商,并在昨晚成立了一个由21名村民组成的“万挠新村争取高压电缆绕道、反对逼迁工委会”,由原五人小组成员吴亚九担任主席。万挠新村居民两年前接获通知,国能计划在新村附近兴建高压电缆,并要求该村51户人家搬迁。村民拒绝国能的赔偿建议,坚决捍卫家园。后来村民成立了五人小组,展开反对高压电缆运动。







刘天球告诉在场的国能雪兰莪州区经理沙尼阿末(Sani Ahmad),能源、水务及通讯部长林敬益、士拉央区国会议员陈广才、万挠区州议员邓诗汉、能讯部高级官员、国能高级管理层和五人小组曾在5月23日达成协议,给陈广才及邓诗汉一个月的时间寻求解决方案,以便将高压电路线转移到另一可行的绕道地点。

陈广才当时向媒体宣布,解决方案是把高压电路线转移到连接瓜雪亚三爪哇(Asam Jaya)和万挠邓普勒花园(Templer Park)的拉达高速公路(LATAR Highway)右边,绕过万挠新村。【点击:陈广才一个月内寻解决方案 万挠高压电事件或绕道解决】














今年5月17日,国能承包商也曾到万挠新村动工兴建高压电缆,同样遭村抗议和阻止;双方协商了三至四个小时,万挠警局副主任苏巴马尼安(Subramaniam)后来接获“上头”指示,国能技术人员、工程承包商、警察才陆续离开动工地点。当时,接获消息的邓诗汉曾表示会亲身前来,后来却不见人影。【点击:万挠人阻国能建高压电缆 邓诗汉讲要来却不见人影】



更新: June 24, 2007 18:09



China Press






































07年6月24日 晚上9:26







国能动土消息传出后,万挠“反对高压电5人小组”几天后召集村民商讨对策,并成立了21人的“争取绕道,反对逼迁” 万挠新村工委会,由5人小组成员吴亚九担任主席、林成昌担任副主席、王仲辉担任秘书和温伟明担任财政。该工委会也召开了今早的村民大会。
















PKFZ: DAP MPs seek meeting with PKA chairman Chor Chee Heong

June 24, 2007


林吉祥要求2週內解釋  GuangMing Daily

updated:2007-06-23 20:20:10 MYT

■林吉祥(右3)表示將會把問題呈上國會。右起鄭文福與陳彼得。(放大) (巴生訊)



 “此外,有關的發展經費也由原本的5億1900萬令吉,突然增加至13億令吉。” 他表示,這些無故增加的數據,不禁令人對此計劃起質疑。 他週六(23日)前往巴生港口自由區實地瞭解時,如是指出。


林吉祥說,這項計劃耗費巨大,但從目前的發展看來,空置的工廠與貨倉,似乎與“價值”不符。 因此,他希望涉及這項計劃的人士,包括當年的交通部長敦林良實、現任港務局主席拿督曹智雄、現任交通部長拿督斯里陳廣才及有關發展商等,都應該站出來向社會大眾作出解釋。






Sinchew Daily News

updated:2007-06-24 12:48:47 MYT









此外,劉天球說,他們已針對上述問題,兩次向警方報案,但至今仍未獲得回應。 (星洲日報•2007.06.24)

Chua Soi Lek Vs Chong Eng or Lim Guan Eng?

June 14, 2007
As I said earlier, there’s no way that MCA leaders would dare to debate with DAP leaders openly on any issues except for Ong Tee Kiat. Besides factually poor with a bad record, they also lack the substance in general. Just look at Ong Ka Ting and you would know what I mean.

Anyway, since Chua has chosen to belittle EanYong Hian Wah, DAP Selangor has decided to invite Chong Eng or Lim Guan Eng to face him on the issue of mother tongue education. The official challenge will be issued to Chua at his office in MCA’s headquarters tomorrow morning  in the form of a letter. Pray very hard if you are keen to see the debate to take place.


07年6月13日 早上11:54 Malaysiakini

































































Chua Soi Lek “chicken out”

June 13, 2007

Dr Chua Soi Lek dares not take up the challenge of a public debate on the subject of Chinese education issued by Selangor DAP Chairman EanYong Hian Wah was certainly not a surprise.

After all, Chua is not another Ong Tee Kiat; he’s more like a Khairy Jamaluddin. No?

I have issued a statement in Chinese today in solidarity and support with Sdr EanYong Hean Wah. Here’s my statement…

欧阳捍华 对垒 蔡细历告吹啦?

/ 刘天球








蔡这次不战而败,失威者不仅是他本人,连整个马华也抬不起头来。事缘他曾经扬言不怕和民主行动党人公开辩论华教课题,雪州秘书刘永山才代表行动党发下战书,任由蔡选择辩论的形式,人选和其它细节;如果他不敢面对挑战,又或者碍于自认身份“崇高”,“不屑”与捍华(不是部长,也不是国州议员) 一较高下,蔡大可让马华另外派员应战;除非马华上下认定这场辩论,不论由谁上阵都讨不了好处,那又另当别论。










“为什么华小拨款这么少?” (只占总额的3%)

“为什么华小这么多临教?” (马来小学教师过剩)

“为什么新山,吉隆坡和八打灵一直严重缺乏华小?” (马来学校却过剩)

“为什么华社不要宏愿学校,马华不敢反对?” (难道马华要华小变质?)

“为什么英文教数理违反教育原理,马华大力支持?” (马华一直避开不谈)






25 DAP MPs and “Shadow Cabinet” in 1986

June 10, 2007

LKS Series #2


10 June 2007


Dear Sir,

 Lim Kit Siang “dropped” from “Cabinet” Line Up 

Sunday 5th October 1986. DAP announced it’s “Cabinet Line Up” to the people of Malaysia. Lim Kit Siang, the Secretary-General was not in the list. No reasons were given. When the Press asked a spokeslady (in a wheelchair) from the Party as to why LKS was not considered for a “cabinet” post, they were asked to refer the matter to the CEC.  

Meanwhile the following “Ministers” with their respective “portfolios” were announced.


1)    Tanjong Aru MP, Heng Yick Yin, “Minister” of Culture, Youth and Sports.

2) Tawau MP, Samson Ching Chee Tsu, “Minister” of Energy, Posts and Telecommunications.

3)    Bandar Kuching MP,  Sim Kwang Yang,  “Minister” of Finance.

4)    Kampar MP  Ngoi Theam Woh, “Minister” of Health.

5)    Pasir Pinji MP Lau Dak Kee, “Minister” of Transport

6)    Batu Gajah MP, Ting Chek Meng. “Minister” of Public Works.

7)    Sungai Besi MP, Tan Kok Wai, “Minister” of  Social Welfare and Federal Territory.

8)    Petaling Jaya MP, Dr Eng Seng Chai “Minister” of Primary Industries.

9)    Puchong MP, Dr V. David, “Minister” of Labour and Human Resources.

10)  Seputeh MP, Liew Ah Kim, “Minister” of Housing and Local Government. 

11)  Bagan MP, Teoh Teik Huat, “Minister” of  Trade and Industries.

12)  Bayan Baru MP, Peter Paul Dason, “Minister” of Defence  .

13)  Bukit Bendera MP, Gooi Hock Seng, “Minister” of  Foreign Affairs.

14)   Seremban MP, Dr Chen Man Hin, “Minister” of  Education.

15)    Kepong MP, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, “Minister” of Agriculture

16)    Jelutong MP, Karpal Singh, “Minister” of Justice

17)    Bukit Bintang MP, Lee Lam Thye, “Minister” in the Prime Minister’s Department.

18)    Ipoh MP, P. Patto, “Minister” of Home Affairs.

19)    Bukit Mertajam MP, Chian Heng Kai, “Minister” National and Rural Development.

20)    Rasah MP, Hu Sepang, “Minister” of Information.

21)    Kota Melaka MP, Lim Guan Eng, “Minister” of Economic Affairs.

22)    Sandakan MP, Fung Ket Wing, “Minister” of Public Enterprises.

23)    Gaya MP, Math Lee Min, “Minister of Science, Technology and Environment.

24)       Sibu MP, Ling Sie Ming, “ Minister without  Portfolio”


Yours truly


 Editor’s note: The posts of “prime minister”and “deputy prime minister” have not been named.

LKS Series #1: Lim Kit Siang, 26, NOS and The Rocket Editor

June 5, 2007

LKS      Series #1


5th June 2007

Dear Sir,

Re: Lim Kit Siang. 26 years old.

Lim Kit Siang, DAP National Organising Secretary and Editor of “The Rocket” was addressing camaraderie, members and well wishers on 18th August 1967 at a branch party meeting followed by  a dinner held at a restaurant at Magazine Road, George Town, Penang.

Explaining then, that the DAP is a non communist, democratic socialist political party, he said, “Democratic Socialism is an ideology and movement, committed to the enlargement of individual freedom by collective or social action, to provide for all an equal right to happiness, dignity and fulfillment in life.

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SPR says yes to indelible ink for elections

June 3, 2007
To use indelible ink is one of the three demands presented by BERSIH last year. The other two demands are abolishment of postal votes (except for citizens living overseas) and clean up the current electoral rolls.

DAP and BERSIH will continue to press for greater electoral reforms for a fair, clean and transparent elections.

 EC’s ‘aye’ to use of indelible ink

Beh Lih Yi
Jun 1, 07 6:20pm

The Election Commission (EC) has finally given the nod to the use of indelible ink in elections to prevent multiple voting, a proposal long demanded by the opposition and election watchdogs.

“In principle, yes, the commission has agreed to the proposal pending further research on two issues,” EC chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman told malaysiakini this afternoon.

The two issues are whether there is a need to amend the relevant legislation such as the Election (Conduct of Elections) Regulations 1981 and the material (ink) to be used in implementing the proposal.

“We hope we can carry out the proposal in time for the forthcoming general election because there have been a lot of requests on this, especially from the opposition.

“Although the reason they used (to call for indelible ink) was very weak as the alleged electoral fraud was not proven in court, we still agree to do this to satisfy them,” said Rashid.

Thumbprint, biometric system

Rashid’s statement today came six months after he reportedly shot down the idea of using indelible ink on the ground that the method was ‘archaic’.

However, he explained today that he had never rejected the idea but only said the proposal needed to be further discussed with commission members.

Elaborating, the EC chief said the green light to use indelible ink was reached at a recent meeting in Penang attended by commission members and state EC chiefs after having deliberated at length on other methods to prevent multiple voting.

Other methods that were discussed include identification of thumbprint and the use of biometric system but Rashid said the EC concluded that using indelible ink is the “cheapest and easiest” way.

“The biometric system is estimated to cost RM30 million and it will only be used every five years and maybe we have to change the system sometime later, while using thumbprint may not be easy as it is difficult to detect the thumbprint if your hand is dirty,” he explained.

On the contrary, he said indelible ink has been widely used in other countries.

“But we have to find out what kind of product will be the most reliable that we should use, otherwise it may bring more problems,” Rashid pointed out in reference to poor quality of ink that may render the method ineffective.

On the possibility to amend the Act, the EC chief said he has instructed the commission’s legal advisor to study the matter.

“If the need to amend the law arises, then it will takes time (to implement the proposal). If we can, we will do it in the coming general election, otherwise it will be later,” he replied.

Two-hour meeting with DAP

The EC’s agreement on the use of indelible ink was first conveyed to a DAP delegation during a two-hour meeting held at the commission’s headquarters in Putrajaya this morning.

The delegation was headed by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng. Others present were the party’s parliamentarians Teresa Kok, Tan Kok Wai and Fong Kui Lun.

Welcoming the EC’s endorsement on the use of indelible ink, Lim said Rashid has also assured that the transparent ballot boxes – a proposal adopted by the EC earlier – will continue to be used in the coming elections.

Contacted by malaysiakini after the meeting, Lim also quoted Rashid as agreeing for an oversight mechanism on the postal voting process but said the jurisdiction to implement the mechanism “is beyond EC”.

“We counter propose that interim measures can be carried out such as allowing polling agents to monitor and observe the whole process.

“Such monitoring has been rejected so far on the ground of security (in army bases) but we can see kacang putih or mi rebus sellers going in,” argued Lim.

During the meeting, the DAP also submitted a three-page memorandum to Rashid calling for 10 areas of reforms (see chart below) in the electoral system to be done before the EC chief’s retirement at the end of this year.

“The time has come for Rashid to leave behind his legacy of removing electoral roll irregularities, enforcing the Election Offences Act 1954 and using indelible ink towards establishing a clean, free, fair and impartial elections,” said Lim in the memorandum.

Opposition and election watchdogs have been pushing for the use of indelible ink especially in the wake of a series of electoral irregularities reported in the recent Ijok by-election.

Kelantan PAS leader Husam Musa had, in a recent interview, also stressed on the need to use indelible ink, failing which he expressed fears the Islamic party may lose Kelantan in the coming general election.