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Mathematics, Malaysian-style

June 28, 2007

From a Malaysian… 

Mathematics, Malaysian-style

I find it most alarming that Malaysian schools teach our children the
wrong things. I mean: can the children really apply what they are
taught in school later in life? For example, can you imagine a mathematics
question in a recent examination as follows?
“If an egg costs fifty Sen, and if you buy one-eighth of the egg, how
much would you have to pay?”
 Who in heaven’s name will want to buy one-eighth of an egg? The shopkeeper will probably think you are crazy and he will be equally stupid to break the egg and measure one-eighth for you. Yet, this is how they structure the questions in Malaysian schools. Why not pose questions that would be more useful later in life when you go out into the world to earn your living?To help Malaysia’s Ministry of Education bet to face the realities of life, we are suggesting some questions they could use in our classrooms. QUESTION 1

If you drive from Kuala Lumpur to Penang along the PLUS Highway and there are four speed traps along the way, and if each speed trap would cost you RM300.00 in fines, how much in fines would you accumulate by the time you reach Penang?

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. I would not suffer any fines as the oncoming cars would flash their headlights and I would slow down before coming to the speed trap. 2. I would only need to pay a total of RM80.00 as I would pay a RM20.00 bribe at each speed trap.
3. I would not be stopped as I am an UMNO Wakil Rakyat so I am exempted from speed traps.
QUESTION 2If your Bumiputera company is awarded a RM150 million government contract, and you make a 20% profit, how much profit would be at the end of the contract period?

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. I will not be making a 20% profit as I would have to pay the Minister 10% and UMNO 5%.
2. I would make 30% profit, which is the progress payment I receive,
after which I will abandon the project and let the government call for
 a re-tender.
3. My company will not make any profit at all as I will siphon out all
the profits and show a loss to avoid paying corporate tax.


If the ruling party obtained 54% of the popular votes the last
election and won 151 or 80% of the seats, and if it saw an increase of
10% in votes this election, how many more seats would it gain?

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. The ruling party will not show a 10% increase in votes, as it will  stuff the ballot box with another 20% to give it a 30% vote increase.
2. The ruling party will win all the newly created seats in the delineation exercise recently done.
3. The ruling party has already decided it will win 90% of the seats and the votes have nothing to do with it.


If the national petroleum company, Petronas, pays a 5% royalty to
Terengganu State and if the amount paid is RM800,000,000 per year,
how much should Petronas have in the bank accumulated over the last 25

ANSWER (Choose one)

1. Nobody is supposed to know as Petronas need not show its accounts to
anyone except the Prime Minister and this information comes under the Official Secrets Act.
2. Petronas earns only 50% of its petroleum revenue from Terengganu so
Petronas’ total income accumulated in the banks over 25 years should be
RM800 billion.
3. Petronas has nothing accumulated in the bank as all the money has
spent bailing out companies and finance mega projects.


Voice of a concerned group: Be careful of BN

May 30, 2007

This is a letter emailed to DAP leaders yeasterday by a group of concerned Malaysians. I have taken the liberty to edit the letter to make it more readable. Happy reading!

Dear all,

Be careful of BN (Barisan Nasional) in this coming election, 

BN = Barang Naik  but income stays the same ?

Voice of rakyat Malaysia

      We are regretted to bring up our concern which have been kept in the
heart of Malaysian people where some of the Malaysians do not know how to
voice up or dare not highlight their problems which might be causing
trouble to themselves when commenting the faults of our government.

  Our government seems to be governing the country without listening to the voices of the rakyat.How Malaysians would survived under these leaders?

  Malaysian government leaders are great pretenders and blood suckers; they have cut the throat of the people by increasing the prices of everything. They were doing it without taking the negative impact to the people into consideration.

  The fuel price worldwide had gone down,and those countries like Singapore, China,Hong  Kong so on have reduced their fuel prices accordingly,but our government still pretending that nothing has happened. 

  The toll rates keep increasing every three years and some of the places like Prai, Penang
suddenly added toll booths to collect toll from the people. 

  The price increase has triggered an inflation. How are we going to survive? It will create more crimes when the people have no money.

  Most of the companies are at dying state with less earnings,and our factories were just working for 3 days a week because of no purchase order from the overseas and local markets.

  People have low earnings and poor buying power. Cash flow was slow and buinesses are under pressure, but how could the government continue to claim that the domestic economy is doing very well? 

  The n minister is bullshiting by giving false information and data. we are now lagging behind many ASEAN countries. 

  We are all suffering now ! If we still do not open our eyes, what is going to happen? ?Although we are
always a BN supporter,but it looks like we must change direction to BA now. We continue to support BN but we will ended up with more violence and criminal acts like robbing and stealing. Please do not blame  the police alone because the government should be responsible. Adding more policemen will not solve the problem.

  The ‘rasuah” and “close one eye” culture still exist in most of the government departments; for  example, ZAKARIA  has escaped. Nothing has happened to him.

  Recently, we sent our company vehicles to PUSPAKOM for inspection, but every time we must bribe to get a pass.; otherwise,they would make all sorts of excuses , such as paint no good,cushion no good …which were not related to the safety of the vehicles at all. There was once our company vehicle got a pass from the Puspakom but one of the wheels was actually damaged seriously and may cause accident. What is the use PUSPAKOM? The ministers are  still sleeping. Please close down Puspakom!

  Dear fellow Malaysian, please cast your vote carefully this time. BN will only bring more problems to Malaysians, making the country more insecure and chaotic. 

  Unless BN is willing to listen and change the way they governed the country,we should not be supporting BN anymore.

  Before our government is getting more rotten,we need to take a stand for the sake of our future generations. 

  Once again, please be careful to cast your vote. We are not asking for more trouble by voting out BN. Continue support for an “unchangeble” BN only works against our interest. 

Peace upon all Malaysians.

Voice from a group of Malaysian people.

Dinner: Reclaim PJ Parliamentary and State seats

May 28, 2007

Congratulations to the PJ Action Team for the successful dinner held in Sg Way (Seri Setia) a while ago.

Sec Gen Lim Guan Eng and deputy sec gen Chong Eng came all the way from Bukit Mertajam and Kota Melaka respectively to give the potential candidates in PJ their greatest support.

Other speakers tonight include Lau Weng San (PJ Action Team Chairman), Ean Yong Hian Wah (Selangor state chairman), Liew Ching Tong ( DAPSY leader), Thomas Goh ( PJ Action Team Treasurer), Tony Pua ( Economic Advisor to Sec Gen DAP), Rama ( Chairman of Kg Tun Razak ).

In my speech, I criticised the MCA local elected reps for not helping the residents and villagers. I also explained what has happened to my OSA case ( no fruther development) and the compensation I won from the case against the former IGP some six months ago was still not paid to me.

I did an opinion poll on the spot and to our delight, majority of the supporters said Yes to opposition cooperation; only 3 persons said No. I have no time to ask them why but I did use the opportunity to explain why we should get the opposition parties to work together.

In my speech, I explained why DAP leaders believe that the coming GE will fall in November this year ( NOV 25, to be more precise) or latest by March 2008. 

I also expressed my deep regret that the voters who lived in Jalan 4 and Jalan 18, Sg Way were fooled by Chew Mei Fun and Dr Wong Sai Hau in the 2004 GE. They were promised land titles immediately after the GE but guess what, their homes were all demolished by the authority in 2006. Both Chew and Wong did not even give it a fight. Not only that, they even failed to get the rightful compensation for many of them: No monthly rental subsidy of RM120 per family. No transport/ moving cost subsidy. No homes for second family…

But it’s too late for the residents who have trusted Chew and Wong. Chew has even gotten a promotion after the 2004 GE. There’s nothing the villagers can do except for voting against the two in the coming general elections.

Other speaker touched on issues such as mother tongue education, quality of tertiary education, freedom of religion, the importance of voters registration, rampant corruption and abuse of powers, increasing crime rates in PJ and Selangor, the restructuring of police force to fight crimes, the reasons for strengthening the DAP and other opposition parties, the NEP and income divide, the sexist Umno MPs ( we played the video clips of the relevant Parliamentary seating) and what should we expect  from a state assemblyman and Member of Parliament.

Everyone in the audience agrees with DAP speakers that Malaysia is not a better place to live after Abdullah has taken over from Dr Mahathir. We were all greatly disappoineted with the performance of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

All indicators point to an early GE in November

May 22, 2007

The salary increment for 1.02 million government servants is just one of the indicators for an early general elections.

The pay rise will no doubt lessen the burden of the lower ranking civil servants and has an impact on retaining their votes and loyalty to BN. Without the pay rise, it’s likely that some of them(and their spouses) would not vote for BN.

I still believe that AAB and his think-tank would not be relying on this salary increment alone to fish for more votes to secure another big victory for Barisan Nasional. Some of the non-Malays were not too happy with the quantum of increment because they know the money actually comes from the taxpayers like them collectively. And they have doubts that the public delivery system will be improved or corruption would be reduced very much.

AAB ‘s team knows that while AAB is still popular to many Malay voters especially in the rural areas, they can kiss and say goodbye to the “feel good factors’ created by AAB in 2004. They can now only depend on more goodies, plus some threats and massive frauds (with the help of Election Commission) to win elections.

AAB and his company will certainly turn the coming Budget in September into an ‘election Budget’, using it to woo Chinese and Indians who were not benefited from the pay rise in general.

They will also make use of the 50th anniversary of Merdeka as an opportunity to push nationalism and the so-called patriotism to ‘sky-high’ in order to create a ‘euphoria’ to drum up more support from the unsuspicious rakyat.

After more goodies and hand-outs were given out from July right up to September and October, that would be the right time for AAB to reap the harvest in November.

AAB and company have been saying that Anwar is a spent force or a non-entity after the Ijok ‘buy-election’. But deep down in their hearts, they know what kind of damage Anwar  was capable of if he was allowed to contest. The latest date for AAB to hold the GE would be March 15. There would be no more best dates for him after March 15.

I still think AAB will stick to one of the best dates (this year) given to him by his Chinese fortune master. That will be soon after the Hari Raya Celebration i.e. 25 November. He has won big in 2004 using the winning date given by the same fortune master. There’s no reason for AAB to disregard the advice of his master.

There are people in the Opposition even talking about August 2007 as the month for elections. I beg to differ. Yes, the Opposition is not ready by August ; but I believe even BN is not ready by August too. And more importantly, that’s not one of the best dates given by his fortune master.

Is the gov’t preparing for early polls?

Malaysiakini- May 21, 07 7:24pm

Former deputy prime minister and adviser to the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat Anwar Ibrahim said the pay increment for civil servants announced today indicated the government was preparing for an early election.

“Clearly the whole intention and purpose of announcing it in this period shows that it is around the corner,” Anwar told reporters, flagging an end-2007 date for the poll. “It will ease a lot of problems faced by the common folks, particularly with the rising petrol prices and price hikes impacting negatively the welfare of the people. “That means that election is very close,” he said, after attending the launching of Islamist party PAS’ new headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

Anwar is barred from formal politics until April 2008 over a corruption conviction, and analysts have said a poll could be called as early as the end of 2007 to exclude him.

Mohammad Agus Yusoff, head of political science at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, said the salary hike was long overdue but added changes would not be enough of a sweetener ahead of an election.

“The cost of living has gone up. It’s a logical thing for the government to do … but they cannot rely on these sorts of goodies that they give,” said Mohammad Agus.

Good economic performance

Earlier today, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced the government will spend RM4 billion this year on pay rises for some one million civil servants. Under the hikes, approved earlier this month, 1.0 million civil servants will see rises of between 7.5 to 35 percent, while the police and armed forces will receive an additional 20 percent on their increment, Abdullah said.

They will also get a 100 percent increase in cost of living allowances, with all the rises effective from July 1 this year, he said.

“Overall, the pay hike is worth RM3.4 billion for this year, or an additional expenditure of RM6.8 billion annually,” Abdullah told a gathering of over 2,000 civil servants in Putrajaya, the adminstrative capital.

“The increase in the cost of living involves an additional expenditure of RM600 million for this year or RM1.2 billion per year,” he said, as the workers cheered and applauded the news.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at the function told reporters the hikes were not calculated to raise spirits ahead of an election. Malaysia must hold a general election by early 2009, but a poll is expected by the end of this year or in early 2008.

 Abdullah, who earlier this month said civil servants deserved the pay hikes, hailed Malaysia’s economic performance as a reason for the change. – AFP

About salary increment for 1.02 million civil servants

May 22, 2007

Do you think the quantum of salary and allowance increase for the 1.02 million civil servants reasonable, too low or too high?

Before answering my question, please take note of what an expert on human resource has told me this afternoon. He told me that the lowest ranking government servants are getting less than RM500 a month. So, the increment of 35% for this group is around RM175 per month. Plus the 100% increase on COLA, that’s another RM150. This pay rise(about RM 325) will be ‘nullified’ by the prices increase of flour, milk powder, water, electricity, transport cost, toll and petrol hikes in no time.

Should our brothers and sisters in the civil service  vote for the BN coalition in the coming general elections because of this increment? A friend of mine (who’s a civil servant) told me that  he wil still vote for the Opposition because the increment was long overdue, and the money does not come from the BN leaders personal pockets but from the taxpayers. He also said that the increment at this point of time is tantamount to blatantly buying votes and such move was an insult to the intelligence and integrity of  the civil servants.  After all, the quantum of increment is no big deal if you factor in inflation. He also remarked that this is not the first time Najib made a ‘stupid’ comment ( Najib openly said that the increment was not an election goodies). He reminded me that it was Najib who made the silly ‘change our lifestyle’ remark at the time of fuel hikes,  and ‘drink less teh tarik‘ at the time of shortage of sugar.

Up to 35% pay hike for civil servants
May 21, 07 2:22pm Malaysiakini 
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today announced a hefty pay rise for civil servants which observers view as a strong indicator of a general election being around the corner.Effective July 1, Abdullah said government servants will get a pay raise of between 7.5% and 35%.The cost of living allowance, or Cola, will also be increased by 100%.

Meanwhile, members of the police and the armed forces will receive 20% over and above the announced increase in pay.

Abdullah’s announcement at a Workers Day gathering in Putrajaya drew a huge round of applause from those present.

He was later given a standing ovation and the crowd chanted ‘Hidup Pak Lah‘ (Long Live Pak Lah).

On the whole, the premier said the pay rise will amount to RM3.4 billion for this year or an additional expenditure of RM6.8 billion a year.

Whereas the increase in Cola will involve an additional expenditure of RM600 million for this year and RM6.8 billion annually.

Careful decision

Abdullah said the main factor behind the government’s decision for the pay hike was the strong GDP growth over the past five years at a rate of 5.6 percent a year.

The second factor, he added, was the need to attract and retain qualified and motivated personnel in the public sector.

The third factor is the increase in the cost of living due to global oil prices which is impacting the lower income group, he said, adding that the fourth factor is the capabilities of the government’s finances.

“In deciding on the pay rise, the government is careful on its impact on the country’s financial situation. Any pay increase will also involve pension and other allowances.

“In view of this, the quantum of increase was decided carefully. The government has successfully reduced the its expenditure deficit from 5.3% in 2003 to 3.5% last year and this good fiscal management will continue,” he said.

Not election goodies

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at the same function told reporters the hikes were not calculated to raise spirits ahead of an expected early general election.

Malaysia must hold a general election by early 2009, but a poll is expected by the end of this year or in early 2008.

“It does contribute a feel-good factor. Civil servants will welcome any form of increment,” independent political analyst Khoo Kay Peng told AFP.

“But at the end of the day, there will still be some people who can barely make ends meet given their low salary base,” he added.

Mohammad Agus Yusoff, head of political science at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, said the salary hike was long overdue but added changes would not be enough of a sweetener ahead of an election.

“The cost of living has gone up. It’s a logical thing for the government to do … but they cannot rely on these sorts of goodies that they give.

Election Commission will help BN to win Kelantan

May 17, 2007

PAS Veep Husam has warned that Pas may lose Kelantan if they cannot stop the Election Commission from collaborating with BN.

The concerns expressed by Husam are very real. Something must be done to effect an electoral reform if the Oposition wishes to win elections. In the past, the EC has been given out different sets of electoral rolls to the Opposition. The electoral rolls they supplied to BN parties have all the details of the voters. What the Opposition received only contain the bare minimum information.

In Machap, our member Thomas Goh got a shock when he saw that his counterpart in MCA has got a different set of electorate roll with all kind of details, such as the name, IC No, full address, sex and where they registered as voter. And worst of all, the EC will come out with a set of electoral rolls for their officials which were different from they have sold to the Opposition on the polling day creating a huge confusion among the voters. A voter who found his or her name with our set of electoral roll may not be able to find it on the EC’s set, thus unable to vote. Again in ijok, I saw the electoral rolls sold to MCA were different from those sold to KeADILan.

That’s why many of us called the EC ‘another component party of BN’.  

PAS veep: We may lose Kelantan

Beh Lih Yi and Muda Mohd Noor
May 17, 07 5:02pm
Islamic party PAS is staring at the face of defeat. It is increasingly worried that Kelantan, which it has ruled for nearly two decades, will fall into the hands of its adversary, Umno.At present, PAS is clinging on to power with a single seat majority in the state. The party controls 23 seats while Umno 22.

However, party vice-president Husam Musa claimed that PAS could be shown the exit because of electoral malpractices and not due to a loss of support from the people.

He predicts that electoral irregularities, such as the manipulation of the electoral roll and multiple voting, will happen in the coming general election if no action is taken now.

“We’re finished, nobody can survive… Nobody can…” he said in an interview with malaysiakini earlier this week when asked on the chances of his party in recapturing the state.

The next general election is not due until April 2009 but political pundits have anticipated an early election to be called between late this year and March next year.

Kelantan has been under the control of PAS since the Islamic party first came into power after the 1990 general election but suffered a major setback in the last national polls in 2004.

In addition, the party also lost its hold over neighbouring Terengganu, which it won for the first time in the 1999 general election.

Dr M’s time was better

Husam, who is widely speculated to be tapped as the next menteri besar for Kelantan, said the election irregularities involving high voter turnout were not really evident until the last general election – the first under Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“This did not happen during (ex-premier Dr) Mahathir’s (Mohamad) time. No matter how bad it was under Mahathir, this trend (high voter turnout) only started in the 2004 general election,” said the state exco member.

He argued that now there are more allegations of irregularities especially with the dramatic increase in voter turnout as seen in the last general election and subsequent by-elections, except for Batu Talam, where the opposition staged a boycott.

He claimed that there was an on-going exercise to ‘remove’ PAS supporters from the electoral roll to be replaced by supporters of its rival parties and outsiders.

However, he said, this could not be detected or confirmed until the nomination day when contesting parties are given a copy of the principal electoral roll, which cannot be challenged in court since an amendment to the Election Act was made in 2002.

The amendment was carried out after an election court nullified the election results for Likas, Sabah in 2001, on the ground that its electoral roll was illegal and contained phantom voters. The amendment removed all legal avenues for parties to challenge the roll’s credibility.

Husam also claimed that the principal electoral roll differed from the supplementary electoral roll displayed in public places and certified every three months.

“The number of voters can remain the same. Let’s say there are 15,000 voters in a constituency – they can remove PAS supporters from the electoral roll and replace them with new voters or ‘designed voters’.

“This happened in Selangor during the last general election where 128,000 voters could not vote on polling day although they voted in the 1999 general election. When they found this out on polling day, they could not do anything,” he said.

Prepare for the worst

On the issue of multiple voting, he recalled PAS’ defeat in Terengganu in 2004 where Barisan Nasional supposedly gained an extra 93,000 votes despite the opposition’s votes being reduced by only 9,000 votes compared to the previous election.

“This is a real threat to us, not just imagination. It has been proven in Terengganu and Selangor in the last general election as well as the recent Ijok by-election,” he said.

Husam is puzzled why despite an increase of votes for the opposition in some of the recent by-elections, the BN still won.

If not for this issue, Husam is confident that PAS could win Kelantan “comfortably.”

Based on his own calculations, he argued that there has been a swing at an average of 13 percent from BN to the opposition in the past five by-elections since 2004.

This is a “big threat” to the ruling coalition, he said.

Since the Election Commission has yet to give any indication that it will accede to the opposition’s request for the use of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting, Husam said: “We need to prepare for the worst.”

He added that if the EC could do two things – ensure that the final electoral rolls are given out much earlier than nomination day and the introduction of indelible ink – then PAS would stand a fair chance in Kelantan.

If not, PAS is “finished” and can forget about forming the next government in the state which it has held for 17 years.

Watch the six-minute video here.

Why GE is expected to be held this year

May 7, 2007

Many have asked me why many of us in the DAP believe that the impending general elections will be held some time end of this year (and latest by March 2008).

Here are the factors that lead to my conclusion…

1. The share market looks good and steady at the moment. Unless something unexpected happen to strike at the Shanghai or New York stock markets, the government would do whatever it takes to sustain the domestic market. Come August 31 this year, Malaysia will be celebrating its50 years of nationhood. Naturally, the ruling coalition will make use of this opportunity to brag about its success and at the same time create a mood and atmosphere that’s favourable to the Umno-led BN Government.

2.The national Budget will be announced in September. AAB will certainly use the opportunity to dish out goodies and sweeteners to voters, making it a truly ‘election year budget’.

3. After creating a feel good mood for a month or so using the mainstream media, it’s time to call for the general elections before the ‘euphoria’ is over. November 25 will be just nice and auspicious for AAB, if not he can still wait until 15 December.

4. The Ijok by-election result shows that the opposition is gaining momentum. They knew that they have won the by-election because of bribes, threats and frauds.BN would not leave the trend goes unchecked.

5. Come January 1, there will be another round of toll increases. And this time involves the entire North-South Highways. This is not a good time to call for general elections.

6. The only nice date available in 2008 for AAB would be 15 March. If anything unforeseen happens in March, AAB would be left with no more auspicious date. And by April 2008, his arch rival Anwar will be eligible to contest. This is the last thing he wants to see. He and other Umno leaders may have described Anwar as an non-entity, non-starter or any other name; but deep down in their hearts, they know pretty well what kind of damage this man could bring to their election campaign. 

Yes, printers who were given the jobs were required to deliver everything by September this year. Notices have been sent to all government schools to standby for elections. Teachers were being recruited as returning officers and polling officers at this point of time. Even the SPR Chairman Rashid have openly said that those who wish to vote must get themselves registered as voters latest by August this year.

Samy Vellu have recently challenged Anwar to fight him in Sg Siput. Why? Because he knows that Anwar would not be eligible to contest as yet. If the general election was to be held after April next year, do you think ‘Semi-value’ dares to make such challenge?

DAP:EGM approved constitutional amendment

May 6, 2007

The special party EGM today agreed to postpone the party congress/conference to ONE year in view of the impending general elections which was widely predicted to be held some time end of this year.

Only six delegates disageed with the move which was largely endorsed by the party delegates all over the country. The party could now focus all its energy, finances and time in peparing for the coming general elections.

Party chairman Karpal Singh, SG Lim Guan Eng and Oppositoion Leader Lim Kit Siang spoke to the delegates on issues related to general elections and cooperation with PKR and other like-minded opposition parties and NGOs.

In the lunch-talk in the afternoon, special guest of honour (PKR’s advisor )Anwar Ibrahim thanked the DAP for going all out to help PKR in Ijok. And he streesed emphatically that what Umno fear most was opposition unity. He hopes DAP and PKR could move together closely from now on to reform Malaysia. 

Anwar cetagorically denied that he would return to Umno; he even said that Umno is the real problem in Malaysian politics; to him , MIC, Gerakan and MCA were just “small boys who listen to the big brother”. 

He spoke at length on issues such as the need to challenge SPR for electoral reforms, replacing NEP with a new Malaysian economic agenda , fair treatment for mother tongue education, freedom of religion, the jurisdiction of syariah courts, Islamic State and greater cooperation and understanding among the opposition parties.

I am reproducing DAP SG Lim Guan Eng’s speech in full here. Your comments are welcome.

Speech By DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng During The DAP Special Congress On 6.5.2007 In Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Reclaiming Democracy & Restoring Bangsa

More than four decades ago, the DAP was formed with a singular idea of national unity through shaping a Bangsa Malaysia granting political equality and economic freedom to end social injustices. DAP believes that we can forge a great Malaysian nation by being part of Bangsa
Malaysia that  rejects racial and religious divisions. DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia resonated with Malaysians who considers themselves as Malaysian First and Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan and Ibans second.

Our courageous struggle appeared to bear fruit when former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir adopted Bangsa Malaysia in 1991 as one the nine strategic challenges of Vision 2020 to make
Malaysia a developed nation. Mahathir defined Bangsa Malaysia as   “people being able to identify themselves with the country, speak Bahasa
Malaysia and accept the Constitution”.
 Unfortunately Bangsa
Malaysia as part of national policy lasted only 15 years when Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak rejected it last year. Najib said Bangsa
Malaysia was not part of national policy but only a general concept. At a time when we are celebrating our 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations the country should be looking forward to the challenges of globalization and a market economy with new and current ideas of the new millennium. Instead the ruling regime continues to reach back 60 years ago to 1946 that stresses the idea of nationhood that revolves around the idea of racial dominance.

There is neither logic nor reason in preferring racial dominance to a Malaysian race. Self-interest to preserve the ruling party is the sole reason for such emotional appeals to the baser instincts of race.   We have a historical duty to renew our struggle for a Bangsa Malaysia. However this contest must not be seen solely from the perspective of political rights or social injustices but also from the economic perspective of wealth creation and distribution. Malaysian First is a continuation of Malaysian Malaysia with equal economic opportunity as its central core. 

Equal opportunity is not just giving everyone the right to study, the right to work, right to spend what is earned, right to own property and have the state as a servant and not as a master but also about our obligation to help the needy.  No one is fated to be poor just as no one is entitled to wealth. Social justice gives everyone the opportunity to improve their standard of living.  We must free up the potential of our greatest resource – our human resources. We must empower every Malaysian with economic freedom and equal opportunity to achieve the great Malaysian Dream of success through hard work and ability. 

If we succeed, we can transform
Malaysia into a united nation identified with a common destiny sharing values of democracy, freedom, justice, integrity and human dignity. If we fail, we have a sham democracy that can not differentiate between right and wrong.
 Last week, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that the Ijok by-election showed that democracy was “vibrantly alive” in
Malaysia because the opposition was given every opportunity to campaign. No DAP or opposition supporter would agree that we were given every opportunity to campaign when BN can employ such dirty tactics of fear, deception, money, compulsion and violence.

Not only were DAP and PKR supporters beaten up in Machap and Ijok. Even a reporter and a photographer from Tamil newspapers were manhandled and threatened by BN leaders. No action was taken against the culprits and the victims were invariably blamed. In both Macap and Ijok by-elections, BN announced development projects of RM 30 million and RM 36 million or almost RM 3,000 per voter.   Democracy under BN is both flawed and fraudulent. Malaysians need to reclaim democracy from those who cheat, frighten and buy our votes. Failure to resist such perversions of democracy would be no different from surrendering our right to treat the government as our servant.  

Give RM 5,000 To Every Family From The Bottom 40% Of The Population Who Do Not Earn A Montly Income Of RM 3,249/-

Instead of getting a government that listens to us, delivers good governance and performs its constitutional duties in accordance with the rule of law, respects press freedom and basic human rights as well as overcome social injustices; that Confucious says “a cruel government is more rapacious than a ravenous tiger” will become a reality where –1.      Corruption becoming more rampant until Transparency International ranking for, Malaysia has declined from No. 37 in 2003 to No. 44 in 2006 shown by:-1.1.  The RM 900 million commission paid by the suppliers of war submarines and Sukhoi fighter jets to Abdul Razak Baginda and a former Melaka Chief Minister;1.2.  The ACA Director-General is himself investigated for corruption and sexual crimes or the Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohamad Johari Baharom is investigated for the RM 5.5 million “freedom for sale” scandal involving the release of 3 kingpins of black society triads, one of the three allegedly the younger brother of a MCA Deputy Minister.1.3.  The refusal of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to sue Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for his alleged involvement in the murder of a Mongolian model by his close aide Datuk Abdul Razak Baginda;2.      Malaysians suffer the worst income inequality between the rich and poor in
South-East Asia with the share of income of the bottom 40% of the population declining from 14.5% in 1990 to 13.5% in 2004 whilst the share of the top 20% of the population increased from 50% in 1990 to 51.2% in 2004.
3.      Unfair contracts against national interest given to highway concessionaires where total amount of toll collections and government compensation paid of RM 62 billion far exceeds the RM 27 billion construction and maintenance cost.4.      The presence VIP politician godfathers involved in crime and the increase in crime by 10.7% for the first three months of the year thereby failing to ensure that Malaysian can live, work and study safely;5.      The failure to share Petronas’ profits of RM 500 billion in since 1974 with the people;6.      Poor delivery system with cracks on walls and ceiling collapsing in the new RM 270 million Kuala Lumpur court complex in Jalan Duta, following similar damage to other government buildings in Putrajaya. Yes, Bursa
Malaysia has risen to a record high of 1,363 points on Friday, but we are the last ones to do so in the region.  China, India, Hong Kong and
Singapore are all nearly 30% above their previous record highs achieved in the 1990s.  Even Thailand, Philippines and
Indonesia have broken their previous records many months ago.  In this globally competitive world, its not about whether you grow, its how fast you grow in relation to other countries.  And by this yardstick,
Malaysia is faring very very poorly.  In the early 1990s, our stock market capitalisation was significantly larger than
Singapore’s.  But today, in just a little more than a decade, the Singapore Exchange is now some 3 times larger than Bursa

In foreign investments, while Malaysia’s foreign direct investment has fallen from US$7.2 billion to US$3.9 billion in 2006 in 10 years,
Singapore’s FDI has increased more than 3 times from US$9.1 billion to US$31 billion within the same period.
 How many Malaysians have benefited from rising share prices when they find difficulty in bearing the financial hardships of inflation, rising prices coupled with no annual bonuses nor real wage increases this year? In the face of so much wealth why can’t the government follow
Singapore and
 distribute RM 5,000 yearly to the 40% of Malaysian households that do not earn the average household monthly income of RM 3,249?

Winning Together for Malaysian First.The theme of this year’s DAP Special Congress ‘Winning Together for Malaysian First’ requires us to examine the extent of our efforts in preparing for the next general election, which could be held as early as the end of this year. The CEC is concerned that party elections at both the national and state levels due at the end of the year may be severely disrupted if general elections are called then. There are already clear indications of an early poll. From Election Commission Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman calling on new voters who wish to vote in the next general elections to do so by August 2007.  UMNO Youth President Datuk Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn that UMNO members must be prepared for a general election to be called any time or even the printing of election materials. 

As the party constitution does not allow for postponement of party polls for any period of time, any postponement in the event of general elections questions the legality and validity of our duly constituted CEC or state committees and organs. To avoid such an illegal eventuality, the CEC had decided to postpone party polls at the national and state levels for a period of 12 months. Only branch and Parliamentary liaison committee elections remain unaffected.  The CEC seeks the endorsement of all the delegates. Further, such a postponement would allow us to focus on preparation by all state committees and branches for the general election. Let me be frank by saying that all state committees are still not in FULL election mode. 

Malaysia is at a political crossroads the crossroad and to make DAP the choice of Malaysians we must present ourselves as “electable’ and fulfill high public expectations. 马来西亚处在向上提升或者继续往下沉轮的十字路口 To do so, let us all be crystal clear about this: that elections must be won by conscious effort!
 Contesting 54 Parliamentary and 115 state Seats Nation-wide In the Next PollsDAP state committees have proposed contesting 54 Parliamentary seats and 115 state seats nation-wide, including Sabah and
Sarawak. While at times individual candidates may have won elections by default or due to massive protests against Barisan Nasional, there is no way the entire party is going to win by just depending on BN’s misrule and maladministration.

In the first chapter of the much treasured Sun Zi’s treatise on war(《孙子兵法》), Sun Zi said “The art of war, then, is governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in one’s deliberations, when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field. These are: (1) Principles; (2) Heaven (climate); (3) Earth (local factors); (4) The Commander; (5) Method and discipline.” (道、将、  Guided by these principles, let us ask ourselves how well are we prepared in face of the coming elections?  

First, it is our belief that the principles of Malaysian First to reclaim democracy, restore Bangsa Malaysia, fair distribution of wealth and equal opportunity is the way forward for
Malaysia. Second, the political climate appears to favour the opposition but this situation may change with the short memory of the electorate, especially when the government distributes political goodies.
 Third, have we measured local factors in elections? Have we done enough in tilting local factors into our favour? Fourth, are our ‘commanders’, central, state and branch leaders, prepared? Are we prepared to lead our comrades and supporters to fight a good fight?   Fifth, do we have disciplined machinery to do the job?  

While we are well ahead of our opponents in terms of upholding the principles cherished by Malaysians and there may be a swing amongst Chinese voters in our favour, we are lagging behind in terms of the last three factors. The three factors are local factors, preparedness of all level of leadership and, finally, our machinery as evidenced by the recent Machap by-election.  I urge you to take a hard look at the four bare minimum ‘Rs’ that are urgently needed to generate electoral victories. These should be our KPIs, or key performance indices, for the remainder of the year in preparation for the general elections.   1.      Registration of new voters;2.      Recruitment of volunteers and members trained not only as polling and counting agents but also as future party activists and leaders;3.      Retailing The Rocket to overcome increasing press restrictions and media ban where Freedom House ranked press freedom in Malaysia as “Not Free” deteriorating from to 141 in 2006 from 150 in 2007; and4.      Rapport with local constituents, associations and press media. 

These are the 4 areas where we have to work hard together to survive. I am always hopeful and optimistic about DAP’s election prospects but the Ijok and Machap by-elections have injected a healthy dose of realism. Unless we have our machinery in place, BN will cheat, use money to buy and frighten voters to gain their dishonourable victories. For the first time in party history, state-wide meetings shall be held in place of state conventions solely to discuss election preparation. I urge the members to remember that when you face those who assure you of glorious victories by DAP do not be too over-confident and get carried away. Be humble and gently remind everyone of the dirty tactics employed by BN to win. When facing those who dismiss and unfairly criticize the party be patient, restrained and respond by “using constructive conduct to face destructive acts”.  

6 Key Principles for Co-operationIn the coming general elections, the DAP does not walk alone.  Apart from PKR’s Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, we are willing to co-operate with all public organizations or political parties that share the common platform of respecting basic human rights. Six key principles are crucial namely:-a)      Acceptance of Bangsa
b)     Respecting Bahasa
Malaysia as the official language as well as promotion and fair treatment of mother-tongue education;
c)     Acceptance of 1957 social contract as set out in the Merdeka Constitution that
Malaysia is not an Islamic state;
d)     Replacing the corrupt New Economic Policy with a policy that combines efficiency with needs and wealth creation with wealth distribution.e)     Pursuit of excellence in education based on merit and equal opportunity; andf)      Placing environmental protection equal in importance with development.  This contest between Bangsa
Malaysia on the one hand and racial dominance on the other will decide not only the rights of all Malaysians but the destiny of our nation. Malaysians must choose between the two opposite principles of right and wrong. Racial dominance has not benefited the Malays who remain poor whilst the few BN leaders amassed huge wealth. We either prosper together as part of humanity or submit to common fears of prejudice that discriminates many to enrich the few?
 A million talented Malaysians have voted with their feet against BN  by emigrating overseas for the last 35 years. The time has come for a change to stop the rot. DAP comrades, Let us stand together and united to reclaim democracy and restore Bangsa
                                                                                                            LIM GUAN ENG 

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“我们已经看到反对党之间拥有更好的合作关系 我们看到行动党在依约补选期间全体动员大力助选,以确保我们的候选人胜出,我们可以从这点出发,有关政党的领袖将针对各项课题的细节进行谈判与讨论。”








新海峡时报》记者Chow Kum Hor今日在一篇评论中,引述行动党内部消息认为林冠英可能是因为担心在本届大选前举行的党选中得票不高,本身领导威信受打击,重演在2004年中委会选举中排名过低(在20获选中委排名第12名)的历史,所以才决定展延党选。















Anwar invited to speak to DAP delegates on Sunday

May 6, 2007

On Sunday (6 may 2007), Sdr Anwar Ibrahim will be speaking to all DAP delegates who are attending the special EGM to be held at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

The EGM is held to enable the party to postpone the party convention/ conference for one year in view of the impending General Elections (which was widely speculated to be held some time this year). Such postponement would allow the party to focus on the preparations for the coming general elections. The party leadership will also be using the occasion to seek the views and opinions of the party grassroot leaders on the issue of opposition unity and inter-party cooperation.

Earlier this year, Umno and MCA have decided to postpone their party convention/conference to 2 years and 1 year respectively.

Meanwhile, Anwar rallied the Barisan Alternatif workers by launching the “spirit of Ijok” declaration. Malaysiakini has the story…

Anwar to Samy: I am ashamed of you
Bede Hong
May 5, 07 3:41pm
MIC supremo Samy Vellu received a lashing from Anwar Ibrahim last night for what he alleged as the Indian leader’s neglect of the his own community in the country.“The Indians in the estates were treated like slaves. They live in abject poverty in fear of thugs and their overlord minister,” Anwar said.“The Indians were treated as third class, not by us but by you,” he added, referring to Samy, who is also works minister.Speaking to an audience of over 1,000 PAS members in Taman Melewar, Kuala Lumpur, the former deputy premier also claimed that the estate workers of Ijok were intimidated and bribed into supporting the BN.

MIC had been the best performing BN component in the by-election, winning over 80 percent of the Indian vote.

While winning half the Malay vote and over 60 percent the Chinese vote, the opposition PKR registered a 1.5 percent increase in Indian support compared to the previous election. Indians comprise 28 percent of the Ijok electorate.

Fear and bribery

Apparently emboldened, Samy had, on Thursday, issued a challenge to Anwar to contest in the former’s turf in Sungai Siput should the election be held after April next year.

“The MIC leader proudly boasted the fact that vast majority of Indians are behind him and MIC,” said Anwar.

“I want to remind my friend, Samy Vellu, that as a Malaysian, a Malay and a Muslim, I am ashamed and saddened that you can [make such proclamations] when the Indians live without running water, with little or no [amenities], living in abject poverty.”

“I am ashamed they voted for you, out of fear, and because they were bribed,” he added.

The PKR advisor claimed that his party campaigners were not able to enter the private estates, as they were “blocked by Samy’s hired thugs and police who acted on his behalf.”

Asked later at a press conference on whether he would contest in Sungai Siput, Anwar described the challenge as a “cowardly” move to “used those words” as he has been “denied” of his right to contest.

“However, I heard that Nallakaruppan would be contesting there,” he added, referring to PKR Kepong division chairperson and businessman S Nallakaruppan, who signed up with the party late last year.

A reminder 

Meanwhile, Anwar rallied the Barisan Alternatif workers by launching the “spirit of Ijok” declaration.

“Ijok should be a reminder of what we are fighting for. The struggle must continue. Now is the time to act!”

“We must fight until we take control of Malaysia to right things. We must rally the people, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Christians [and all the races]. We must rise to defend the rights of the people,” he said.

He also told the crowds that since the 1980s, Malaysia has been dependent on foreign direct investment: “We cannot compare ourselves to other countries that have limited freedom. We cannot act as though we are insulated from the world, because we are not.”

APAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa, PKR vice-president Azmin Ali and treasurer Khalid Ibrahim also spoke at the ceremah. 

Najib: Chinese swing a false alarm

May 4, 2007

Was there a real swing of Chinese votes in Ijok?

MCA President Ong Kata Nothing quickly said no. His brother Ong Ka Chuan and his “machai” Chiew Mei Fun and Tan Chai Ho have also openly denied about it.But Ong quickly changed his tune when the Prime Minister confirmed that there was a swing and he wanted the MCA and Gerakan to explain. Ong puts the blame sqaurely on K Sivalingam and certain government leaders (Umno). He said Sivalingam did not serve the Ijok people well, and the Chinese were upset with the negative (racist ) remarks from these leaders. 

So, was K Sivalingam really that ‘bad”? The Selangor Exco members certainly do not think so. Selangor MB Khir Toyo and a host of other Selangor Exco members like Mokhtar Dahlan, Raja Ideris, Ch’ng Toh Eng and Lim Thuan Seng praised Sivalingam “sky high” in the special 8-page Maju Selangor propaganda published on 12 April 2007. They used words like ” effective, friendly, hardworking…” to describe Sivalingam, saying that the demise of Sivalingam is a big loss to the people of Selangor! Now that Sivalingam was being attacked and blamed for losing Chinese votes in Ijok, would these good buddies of Sivalingam come out to defend the poor fellow now?

Opposition Leader believes the Chinese swing was due largely to the fact that they were being marginalised for too long. In other words, the Chinese feel that there is no equal rights for them. DAP SG Lim Guan Eng has outlined 10 reasons why the Chinese in Ijok has swung for the Opposition. He also challenged Ong Kata Nothing to tell AAB the truth.

Anyway, DPM Najib Tun Razak thinks that BN should not panic because he believes the majority of Chinese voters would still vote for BN in the coming general elections. He even said that the so-called racist remarks made by various political leaders (including he himself) have no impact with the Chinese. So, Najib disagrees with Ong Kata Nothing on this point.  Would Ong now dares to dispute with Najib on this point? No way, brother!

Umno Youth chief Hishamuddin Hussein also think that there was nothing wrong for him to brandish the Malay keris and he would certainly do it again. He also has no regrets for uttering those racist remarks and upholding racially biased policies. Both Najib and Hisham were well known for showing off with their swords to drum up Malay support.

Would the Chinese voters prove Najib wrong in the coming general elections? What do you think?

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仅在上周初,摩根史丹利的前重量级经济学家谢国忠(Andy Xie)警告说,中国股市即将崩盘。谢国忠在一项劳动节前夕电话专访儿告诉路透社说:“我认为很快就会爆裂”,并补充说,过度融资丶通膨上升及过度估值将在不久後引起全球崩盘。

谢国忠说: “大家将感惊讶。最後的结果将会非常糟糕。”