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October 28, 2006

Note: This is the letter done by Abdullah’s spin doctors. The letter was sent to every home during the election campaign and up till the polling day. The copy I was keeping was given to me by a young Indian lady wearing a BN vest outside the polling centre at SJKC Puay Chai in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Guess what, the great Micheal Chong was there to supervise the distribution of these letters. 

Many young Malaysians in Petaling Jaya have claimed that they were touched by Abdullah’s letter. Such sentiment could have been translated into votes for the Barisan Nasional candidates in 2004. 

I’m reproducing the letter here for Malaysians as a checklist for the performance of Abdullah’s  government. I must thank my son Zunxian for typing it out for us. Happy reading! 


There’s no better time for you to be heard, so… 

Why Vote ?Because your vote is your say. And as part of the young generation, your say really matters ! 

With your vote, you have a real chance at shaping the
Malaysia that you want. For you, your family
and the future.  

Oh, it’s all just empty ‘politics’“Isn’t politics just for politicians?”“Will voting change anything?” 

Where Have You Been?!Everyday, something is happening in government and politics that affects your life. 

Our well-being, incomes, personal safety, freedom to live peacefully and so much more depends on the policies of the Government. 

How Can One Vote Make A Difference?It may be difficult for one vote to make a difference. But if u decide to vote, and the person next to you, and another, and another… 

If each person tries to make themselves count, then collectively each vote makes a difference! 

But it has to start with you. Think about it! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by voting. 

I Don’t Feel The Urgency To Vote.That may be because you feel comfortable and stable, and that it doesn’t really matter who gets voted. 

It does. The comfort and stability you feel now is due to years of hard work and dedication by a party that delivered these results, and more. 

Shouldn’t I Vote For Change? 

BARISAN NASIONAL has always been about change. 

We never stand still. From then till now, we’ve worked hard to develop
Malaysia and we will continue
to change with the times. We continue to look out towards the future, find new ways of doing things.We bring in new people. We explore new ideas. 

As a member of the young generation, you stand to benefit the most from government policies and initiatives. So ask yourself what change means to you. And who will deliver it. 


More Opportunities 

Employment   Continue to provide jobs by sustaining high economy growth, including exciting new fields and in rural areas . 

  Continue to improve results from retraining programs for the unemployed. 

Entrepreneurship  Provide more training and guidance in entrepreneurship skills  

  Increase opportunities to build competitive entrepreneurs    Improve access to funds for SMEs and start-ups, from loans to grants to VC 

Education   Increase emphasis on quality education, meritocracy and market relevance of courses  

  Improve access to education loans and scholarships 

  Increase number of higher education institution  

Personal Safety  Reduce crime by increasing patrols and improving enforcement . 

A More Mature Democracy 

Channels for participation  Provide more platforms to solicit views and debate socials issues 

  Provide more avenues for young people to actively engage in government and civil society 

  Reach out to more young people , women , rural folk the disabled in nation-building 

Space for expression  Encourage environment for constructive discussion and criticism    Encourage creativity and openness, while being sensitive to our differences  

A Clean, Efficient Government 

Anti-corruption   Continue the crackdown against corruption, without of favour 

  Enforce stronger preventive measures e.g performance targets for elected representatives  


Better public services  Continue to improve professionalism at all government frontline agencies 

  Cut red tape and improve ease of access e.g. online services  

A Party That Listens – – A Party That Delivers  

BARISAN NASIONAL understands the complexity of developing
Malaysia in a fair and comprehensive manner. Balancing the needs of different groups presents great challenges, yet we will continues to work hard for all Malaysians. Listening to your concerns, we aim to deliver the following:

1st class infrastructure, 1st class mentality 

Infrastructure   Continue to improve access and affordability of ICT service, bridging the digital divide  

  Continue to improve the public transport system  

  Ensure enough space for relaxation and recreation e.g. futsal pitches , parks  

Mentality   Encourage environment where civic consciousness and courtesy is practiced  

  Heighten gender-sensitivity and mutual respect 

  Nurture a sense of care for our environment and amenities 

  Nurture individuals with strong character and positive values 

You have the choice to determine the future of our nation . You have the opportunity to stand up for what you believe in. You have the chance to take
Malaysia towards excellence, glory and distinction . Believe in our capability to lead the nation in today’s challenging world. Believe in our vision for
Malaysia’s future. Believe in Barisan Nasional.

Selamat Mengundi,  (Signature)  



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