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Klang polis depot poses a threat to Pandamaran residents

June 4, 2007

Yap Poh Lai’s daughter and grand-daughter were brought down by dengue fever within the same week. His Indon maid was struck down by the same fever the week after.

Can you imagine the agony and fear of Yap ,77, who lived next to the Klang police depot at Jalan Kampas?

 (Yap claimed that the police depot (dumping ground) at Jalan Kampas has become a breeding ground of the deadly Aedes mosquitoes for some time now. He has complained to the local MCA state assemblyman but to no avail. )

I have written a letter on behalf of the DAP Pasar Pandamaran branch and submitted to the Klang police station through Tan Choon Seng, one of the special assitants of Pandamaran constituency. We hope both MPK and the Klang police would take actions to clear the depot immediately.

Others who accompanied me for the inspection and press conference were Selangor DAP state vice chairman Peter Tan, former Pandamaran candidate Tee Boon Hock, Special assistant for DUN Pandamaran Tan Choon Seng and Pasar branch committee member Tee Tuan.

We like to thank China Press,Oriental Daily, Nanyang and Sinchew for highlighting the issue prominently in their papers. None of the English or Malay papers show up for the event.


Cawangan DAP Pasar Pandamaran

79A Leboh Berangan , 42000 Port Kelang, Selangor.

Khamis, 31 Mei 2007

Tuan OCPD Kelang


Tuan yang dihormati,

Depoh Polis Kelang Di Jalan Kempas Menjadi Tempat Pembiakan Nyamuk Aedes

Dengan segala hormatnya dimaklumkan bahawa Depoh Polis Kelang di Jalan Kampas, Pandamaran telah menjadi satu tempat pembiakan nyamuk kerana tempat itu tidak dikendalikan dengan baik.

Kini,depoh itu ‘dikuasai’ oleh rumput rampai dan motosikal-motosikal rosak yang terbiar di tempat itu menjadi tempat pembiakan nyamuk Aedes. Ramai penghuni yang berkediaman di keliling depoh (termasuk ahli keluarga Yap Poh Lai) telah manjadi mangsa DENGGI baru-baru ini. Mereka berharap pihak Tuan dapat membersihkan depoh itu dengan segera.

Pada tahun yang lepas,depoh polis ini pernah menjadi tempat pembiakan nyamuk dan tindakan segera telah diambil oleh pihak polis pada masa itu. Mudah-mudahan kali ini pihak Tuan juga dapat bertindak dengan segera demi kesihatan penghuni-penghuni di kawasan tersebut.

Sekian. Terma kasih.

Yang Benar,

Tee Boon Hock

Pengerusi Cawangan DAP Pandamaran

019 3329092

Tan Choon Seng

Pembantu Khas DUN Pandamaran

012 2503171

s.k. Ronnie Liu – Ketua NGO DAP Pusat  


After receiving the letter from Tan Choon Seng personally, the Klang OCPD promised to clear the depot as soon as possible. In less than one week after the promise, he sent a big party of police personnel to clear the depot together with MPK workers. That’s great!

We like to say “syabas” to the Klang police for the quick response.

We will make a courtesy call with the OCPD some time next week to discuss about prevention of crime and other related matters.


World Vision: Help the poor all over the world

May 24, 2007

This is an interview done by Guy Kawasaki ( Trust me. You ‘ll like it. I must thank Ming Ern for sending this article to me.


Ten (or so) Questions with Richard Stearns, President of World Vision

WorldVision.jpgRichard Stearns is the president of World Vision. This organization is a “Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty.”

Stearns holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. From 1977 to 1985, he held various roles with Parker Brothers Games, culminating in his appointment as president in 1984. In 1985, he became a vice president at The Franklin Mint, then joined Lenox in 1987 as president of Lenox Collections. In 1995, Stearns was named president and chief executive officer of Lenox Inc., overseeing $500 million in annual sales. He joined World Vision as president in 1998.

  1. Question: How much money does World Vision raise every year?Answer: Worldwide, World Vision raises about $2 billion annually; the U.S. office, which I head up, raises about half of the total.
  2. Question: Is this the 80/20 rule where twenty percent of the people send in eighty percent of the money or are donations more spread out?Answer: World Vision’s strength is that we are supported by hundreds of thousands of faithful people who give us about a dollar a day by sponsoring children. Our “major donors” account for less than five percent of our total income. Also, for a non-profit, we have quite a diversified portfolio of revenue. Just over forty percent is cash from private citizens; thirty percent is government grants in food and cash; and about thirty percent are products donated from corporation–what we call “gifts-in-kind.”
  3. Question: You had a nearly seven-figure salary, a corporate Jaguar, moved and took a seventy-five percent cut in pay. Why did you leave the corporate sector in 1998 after twenty-three years to run an international Christian humanitarian organization?Answer: It wasn’t something I planned. At the time, I didn’t even want the job. I had been a donor to World Vision for fifteen years when, through a long series of circumstances, I was approached by World Vision, interviewed and offered the position. As a committed Christian, I felt I couldn’t say no. When God gives you an opportunity to serve, you obey. I had “talked the talk” of being a Christian for many years, now I needed to “walk the walk.” It has turned out to be the greatest privilege of my life to serve the poorest of the poor in Christ’s name.
  4. Question: What was the biggest adjustment to your new role?Answer: There have been lots of adjustments. Business travel now means getting shots and medicine for yellow fever, malaria, typhoid and hepatitis. I used to travel to London, Paris and Milan, sharing $1,000 dinners with the heads of other luxury goods companies. Now I’m visiting desperate people in places like Ethiopia, India, Peru and Uganda. I’m more likely to be visiting garbage dumps, brothels, and refugee camps than five-star hotels.
  5. Question: What are the greatest differences and similarities between running a major corporation and running a large non-profit?Answer: They are both businesses with revenues, expenses, and a bottom line. Both have marketing, sales, finance, IT, HR, strategy, etc. Perhaps the biggest difference is that our bottom line is changed lives–money is simply a means to that end. Our shareholders are the poor, and our donors who make our work possible.
  6. Question:Are you trying to end poverty or evangelize Christianity?Answer: As a Christian organization, we are motivated by our commitment to Christ to love our neighbors and care for the less fortunate. That’s why we do what we do. We don’t proselytize. We do not force our religious beliefs on anyone, and we don’t discriminate in our delivery of aid in any way. If the people we serve want to know why we are there, we tell them. St. Francis once said: “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” Love put into action is a compelling and attractive worldview.
  7. Question:How can people who do not want to radically change their lives make a difference in the lives of the poor?Answer:To really change the world, values must change. Consider the civil rights movement. Racial discrimination was once openly accepted in the United States. Today it is unacceptable to our mainstream culture. Very few of us are civil rights activists, but we let our values speak in our work places, our schools and to our elected officials.Today, we live in a world that tolerates extreme poverty much like racism was tolerated fifty-plus years ago. We can all become people determined to do something to change the world. We can speak up, we can volunteer and we can give. Ending extreme poverty will take money, political and moral will, and a shift in our value system. When enough ordinary people embrace these issues, things will begin to change. Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
  8. Question: In the eyes of God, do you think someone who goes to Africa and helps AIDS victims is better or worse than someone who writes a check every month?Answer:I can’t speak for God, but I believe God is pleased whenever anyone does something out of love to help the downtrodden. Hands, hearts, and checkbooks are all vital. If we all just did a little–our part–we could change the world.
  9. Question:What keeps you awake at night as the CEO of World Vision?Answer:If I thought every moment about the incredible suffering around the world I would never sleep. I worry about keeping the covenant we have with the poor and with our donors. It is a very sacred responsibility.
  10. Question: What are biggest hurdles to alleviating poverty?Answer:One word: apathy. The very frustrating part is that we actually have the knowledge and the ability to end most extreme poverty. The world just doesn’t care enough to do it. The U.S. government has spent more than $400 billion on the war in Iraq to date.Our annual humanitarian assistance budget for the whole world is only about $21 billion. We spend less than a half percent of our federal budget on humanitarian assistance and less than two percent of private charitable giving goes to international causes. People and governments make choices based on their priorities. Poverty is still not a high priority for the world.
  11. Question: What’s the biggest obstacle to get rich people to care about poor people?Answer: The obstacle is that poverty is often not personal. If your next-door neighbor’s child was dying and you could save her for $100, you wouldn’t think twice. But a child 10,000 miles away whom you have never met, that’s just different.About 29,000 kids die every day of preventable causes–29,000! These kids have names and faces, hopes and dreams. Their parents love them as much as we love our kids. We’ve got to make poverty personal. Stalin once said: “A million deaths is a statistic, one death is a tragedy.” We must try to see the face of the one child.
  12. Question: Why is World Vision so successful at fund raising?Answer: The real secret of our fundraising is the notion of child sponsorship. We allow people to see the face of that one child – we make that child real to them. It is very difficult to raise money for poverty eradication – much easier to raise money to help a specific child. It makes it personal.Of course we also have fiendishly clever and committed marketing people who really care about their cause. We also represent an amazingly compelling selling proposition: Where else can you spend your money and know that you may have saved a life, or changed the world for the better?
  13. Question: How has technology affected World Vision’s work?Answer: Not enough. I think we have just scratched the surface in using technology and the Internet to change the values of Americans and to raise money for our cause. Technology can make this abstract and far away notion of global poverty real. We can take you straight to Africa via the web and let you meet your sponsored child. We can show you the village celebration when a drilling rig strikes clean water for the first time, or a clinic or school is dedicated. We are beginning to experiment with techniques to bring this stuff to life for people. Maybe some of your readers could help us.
  14. Question: What advice would you give to someone reading this who is considering leaving a corporate job to “change the world?”Answer:There’s a tendency among those uninformed about global poverty to say, “This ain’t rocket science. People are hungry; let’s feed them.” What they don’t realize is that the deeper you get into relief and development, you realize it really is rocket science. Problems like poverty, disease and hunger are humanity’s most intractable problems. They haven’t been solved in 5,000 years, and they won’t be solved overnight.We need to systematically address a wide range of social, environmental, cultural, political, and religious issues. But the good news is that we do have the answers. Now, we just need the resolve to make poverty reduction a priority and persevere until we see results. We can fix this; we really can.
  15. Question: Do the efforts of rock stars and movie stars really help alleviate poverty and AIDS or are these people just seeking more publicity to sell albums?Answer: They make a difference. Given the number of celebrities in our world it is actually shocking that so few of them are using their celebrity to make a difference. Bono is amazing. He has perhaps done more for the poor than anyone in the last century. I call him “Martin Luther Bono” because he has really been the leader of our movement.Bill and Melinda Gates are changing the global landscape for health and development. The media rarely want to talk to me about poverty, but many reporters gush at the chance to talk with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, or Oprah. That’s just the way it is. I welcome celebrities who really want to make a difference.
  16. Question: How do you want World Vision to be perceived twenty-five years from now?Answer: I want World Vision to be the best at what we do. There is too much at stake to be anything less. If it could be said of us that we gave the poor a voice, that we provoked the rich and the powerful to action and that we gave hope to people trapped in hopelessness, I would be deeply gratified. My favorite Bible passage is from the book of Job. It would make a wonderful epitaph for World Vision:

    Whoever heard me spoke well of me, and those who saw me commended me, because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist him.

    The man who was dying blessed me; I made the widow’s heart sing.
    I put on righteousness as my clothing; justice was my robe and my turban.
    I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame.
    I was a father to the needy; I took up the case of the stranger.
    I broke the fangs of the wicked; and snatched the victims from their teeth.

NiK Aziz: Jais has no rights to split Hindu family

May 15, 2007

Tok Guru Nik Aziz, the Menteri Besar of Kelantan and also the spiritual leader of Pas , was said to have criticised JAIS for splitting up the P. Marimuthu’s family in Ulu Yam. It was reported that he has also criticised Sabah Umno for  stopping the construction of the Mazhu statue in Kudat.

I received these two pieces of ‘unconfirmed’ news from a Singaporean journalist. Strangely, none of the Malaysian newspapers have reported such news until today.

I would not be surprised if Nik Azizi has actually said these. Pas may be conservative in certain matters but Kelantan under the rule of Pas/ Nik Aziz has been more liberal than Umno in many matters concerning the welfare and rights of Non-Muslims. For instance, only in Kelantan you could find the largest sitting/sleeping Buddha statues, the mosque with Chinese traditional architecture, the sales of pork in open-air markets et cetera.

And unlike in Selangor, Melaka, Negri Sembilan, Penang, Kedah and Perak which were all under the ruling Umno-led BN coalition, the destruction of religious statues, temples, churches or kuils were unheard of in Kelantan.

Today, 57 NGOs and political parties including DAP issued a joint-statement on family and religion. Malaysiakini has the story…国内信仰纷争分裂家庭案日增
07年5月15日 下午3:45 Malaysiakini:
57个公民团体今日联署声名,促请关注国内一连串宗教信仰纠纷分裂家庭案日增的事件,不但威胁我国的多元文化、宗教与种族社会安宁,也危害婚姻与家庭体系。有关的联署团体涵盖面非常多元,涵盖了不同族群以及多元性质的民间组织,主要有人权、宗教、妇女、华团、印裔团体、社区、工会、政党、学术机构、新闻自由、青年、大专等组织。这项联署运动是由隆雪华堂民权委员会和青年团、大马人民之声(SUARAM)、妇女发展组织Women’s Development Collective (WDC)所发起,并由隆雪华堂民权委员会主席谢春荣,隆雪华堂青年团团长陈松林,大马人民之声执行总监叶瑞生,妇女发展组织执行总监玛丽亚陈阿都拉(Maria Chin Abdullah)所发出。


它们指出很不幸的,因宗教当局的政策与举措之故,已故登山英雄慕地(M Moorthy,左图)与已故拉雅班(A. Rayappan)的家属被迫承受难以想象的痛苦、忧虑与压力。数个政府单位利用法律缺陷,剥削像莎玛拉(S Shamala)以及苏芭丝妮(R. Subashini)这些母亲对自己孩子的抚养权,只因为她们离异的丈夫皈依了伊斯兰教。同样的,像丽娜佐尔(Lina Joy)这些想改变宗教信仰的人士,则因为一些掌权者根据狭隘的法律以及宗教教义诠释所采取的恣意决定,以致无权与自己心爱的人结合。

“最近发生另一件令人震惊的事。现年二十九岁的丽华蒂玛苏赛(Revathi Masoosai)(或名西蒂法迪玛,Siti Fatimah )与其丈夫苏烈西威拉班(S. Veerapan)及十五个月大的女儿被马六甲宗教官员强行拆散(右图)。丽华蒂的父母是穆斯林,但被祖母以兴都教徒方式抚养成人,并与一名兴度教徒结婚。最初,她被送到宗教改造中心一百天,随后马六甲回教法庭裁定她必须再留在宗教改造中心八十天。丽华蒂的丈夫也失去了女儿的抚养权,而被判予丽华蒂的穆斯林母亲。”


“近期发生连串类似丽华蒂个案的事件,更令我们非常忧心。我们失望地发现我们这个多元族群与宗教的社会,竟然不允许不同信仰的家庭成员融洽地生活在一起。近日媒体报导了另一个因宗教局介入而导致家庭分离的个案。雪兰莪州宗教局禁止娜吉拉法温莉(Najeera Farvinli Mohammed Jalali)与其丈夫马根兰萨巴迪(Magendran Sabathy)生活在一起。因为她是个穆斯林,而他们的兴都教婚姻被判无效。在另一起事件中,莱玛比比(Raimah Bibi) 不得不与其丈夫马里慕都(P Marimuthu )和六个孩子分离,因为穆斯林与非穆斯林的婚姻不为法律所容。”



“因此,我们赞同霹雳州皇储拉惹纳兹林殿下(HRH Raja Nazrin Shah)于4月3日在全国年轻律师委员会与公共政策研究中心联办的“青年圆桌论坛:大马国民团结与发展”研讨会上所发表的谈话。他认为,马来西亚是属于所有公民的,不论其族群、宗教与祖源地是什么。国族营造应该奠基于命运与目的共同体的认识之上。我们因而必须捍卫宪法的完整性,以达致这些共同目标。反之,高压手段只会破坏国族营造进程。如果我们在摆脱殖民者的统治后被迫面对新的专断政治威权,那么,独立对我国而言将失去意义。”





很不幸的,因宗教当局的政策与举措之故,已故登山英雄慕地(M Moorthy)与已故拉雅班(A. Rayappan)的家属被迫承受难以想象的痛苦、忧虑与压力。数个政府单位利用法律缺陷,剥削像莎玛拉(S Shamala)以及苏芭丝妮(R. Subashini)这些母亲对自己孩子的抚养权,只因为她们离异的丈夫皈依了伊斯兰教。同样的,像丽娜佐尔(Lina Joy)这些想改变宗教信仰的人士,则因为一些掌权者根据狭隘的法律以及宗教教义诠释所采取的恣意决定,以致无权与自己心爱的人结合。

最近发生另一件令人震惊的事。现年二十九岁的丽华蒂玛苏赛(Revathi Masoosai)(或名西蒂法迪玛,Siti Fatimah )与其丈夫苏烈西威拉班(S. Veerapan)及十五个月大的女儿被马六甲宗教官员强行拆散。丽华蒂的父母是穆斯林,但被祖母以兴都教徒方式抚养成人,并与一名兴度教徒结婚。最初,她被送到宗教改造中心一百天,随后马六甲回教法庭裁定她必须再留在宗教改造中心八十天。丽华蒂的丈夫也失去了女儿的抚养权,而被判予丽华蒂的穆斯林母亲。

近期发生连串类似丽华蒂个案的事件,令我们非常忧心。我们失望地发现我们这个多元族群与宗教的社会,竟然不允许不同信仰的家庭成员融洽地生活在一起。近日媒体报导了另一个因宗教局介入而导致家庭分离的个案。雪兰莪州宗教局禁止娜吉拉法温莉(Najeera Farvinli Mohammed Jalali)与其丈夫马根兰萨巴迪(Magendran Sabathy)生活在一起。因为她是个穆斯林,而他们的兴都教婚姻被判无效。在另一起事件中,莱玛比比(Raimah Bibi) 不得不与其丈夫马里慕都(P Marimuthu )和六个孩子分离,因为穆斯林与非穆斯林的婚姻不为法律所容。


因此,我们赞同霹雳州皇储拉惹纳兹林殿下(HRH Raja Nazrin Shah)于4月3日在全国年轻律师委员会与公共政策研究中心联办的“青年圆桌论坛:大马国民团结与发展”研讨会上所发表的谈话。他认为,马来西亚是属于所有公民的,不论其族群、宗教与祖源地是什么。国族营造应该奠基于命运与目的共同体的认识之上。我们因而必须捍卫宪法的完整性,以达致这些共同目标。反之,高压手段只会破坏国族营造进程。如果我们在摆脱殖民者的统治后被迫面对新的专断政治威权,那么,独立对我国而言将失去意义。


1. 吉隆坡暨雪兰莪中华大会堂
2. 大马人民之声(SUARAM)
3. Women’s Development Collective (WDC)
4. The Women’s Aid Organization (WAO)
5. 马来西亚佛教、基督教、兴都教、锡克教及道教宗教理事会
6. Herald-The Catholic Weekly
8. Women’s Centre for Change Penang
9. 马来西亚职工总会(MTUC)
10. 全国人权协会(HAKAM)
12. 民主行动党 (DAP)
13. 马来西亚社会主义党(PSM)
14. 马来西亚华校董事联合会总会(董总)
15. 马来西亚华校教师会总会(教总)
16. 马来西亚留台校友会联合总会
17. 森美兰中华大会堂
18. 森美兰中华大会堂青年团
19. Group of Concerned Citizens
20. Jaringan Rakyat Terindas(JERIT)
21. Community Development Centre(CDC)
22. Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF)
23. Alaigal
24. Vivekananda Youth Movement Seremban
25. Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC)
26. All Petaling Jaya Pro Action Committee (APPAC)
27. 槟城自救会(Save Ourselves)
28. 大马选民力量(MALVU)
29. Penang watch
30. 维护媒体独立撰稿人联盟(WAMI)
31. Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ)
32. Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat (KOMAS)
33. 马来西亚青年与学生民主运动(学运)
34. Centre for Policy Initiatives
35. Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility ( CARAM Asia )
36. Research for Social Advancement (REFSA)
37. 雪隆华校校友会联合会
38. 雪隆华校校友会联合会青年团
39. 森美兰华校校友会联合会
40. 白小保校工委会
41. 马来西亚华文小学家长会总会筹委会(家总)
42. 雪隆理华同学会
43. 坤成校友会
44. 巴生光华中学校友会
45. 隆雪惠安泉港公会
46. 森美兰永春会馆
47. 马来西亚乡青总团联谊会
48. 雪隆兴安会馆青年团
49. 雪兰莪福建会馆青年团
50. 雪隆广东会馆青年团
51. 柔佛州中华总会青年团
52. 全国大专联谊会
53. 马来亚大学新青年协会(UMANY)
54. 马大华文学会
55. 理大华文学会
56. 博大华文学会
57. 马六甲中华大会堂青年团

MCA elected reps betray Rawang residents

May 14, 2007
Several ministers have promised the Rawang villagers who were affected by the TNB high-tension transmission project to bring the matter to the Cabinet for discussion and to find a solution. These promises were made during both Machap and Ijok by-elections. Ministers who have pledged to help them include Ong Ka Ting, Chua Soi Lek and Samy Vellu. Even DPM Najib has personally received the memo from the villagers in Ijok. But these promises now appear to be nothing but empty promises. The affected villagers held a press conference as well as a protest yesterday. I was invited to speak as their advisor. In my speech, I encouraged them to seek a judicial review as a last resort in the event that all negotiations with the Selangor State Government and TNB failed to resolve their problems. The whole episode so far has clearly shown that the local MCA elected reps Tang See Hang and Chan Kong Choy have betrayed the villagers. Tang, a ‘big time’ developer, was said to have vested interest in the project.

PKR’s Information chief Tian Chua and a representative from the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall were also there to lend their support and solidarity.

Malaysiakini has the story…


07年5月14日 下午3:03




















Raja Nazrin sets a good example

May 13, 2007

There were ministers who ‘squeeze’ money from contractors and suppliers to pay for the expenses for their children’s lavish weddings.There were government servants who misused the government machinery for the children’s weddings. Would these people ‘blush’ when they hear about the story related by the MB of Perak? What would BN leaders like Tajol Rosli learned when the Prince advised that “the state government should spend the money for the development projects to meet the needs of the people?”

Selamat bersanding!

Prince to pay for all his wedding expenses

May 12, 07 9:39pm Rentakini/Malaysiakini

Prince to pay for all his wedding’s expenses
The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, is not only a true blue modern-day prince – he is also an exemplary one.
According to Perak Menteri Besar Tajol Rosli Ghazali, the Raja Muda has politely declined state allocation for his wedding with Zara Salim Davidson next week.
“As the chief executive of the state government, I really appreciate the concern of the Raja Muda of Perak not to permit the state government to spend money for his marriage,” he said.
Tajol Rosli said Raja Nazrin conveyed his wishes when he had an audience with him recently.
“During the audience, Raja Nazrin politely thanked the state government for allocating funds for the royal wedding.
“Instead, he advised the state government to spend the money for development projects to meet the needs of the people,” he said in a statement issued to Bernama.
Tajol Rosli also said Raja Nazrin had told him that he would pay for all his wedding expenses.
“Hence, if there are expenditures involving the state coffers, they are to repair and upgrade infrastructures that benefit the people in the long term,” he said.
Simple royal wedding 
Raja Nazrin also said expenses for the feast for the common folk would also be borne by him.
Some 5,000 ordinary folk, including orphans, would be feted in conjunction with the May 19 wedding reception.
“I’m deeply touched and appreciate his concern not to use government funds (for his wedding),” he said.
Tajol Rosli also said the Raja Muda wanted a simple royal wedding conducted on a moderate scale.
He said Raja Nazrin also advised companies and individuals against competing to buy advertisement space in newspapers on the occasion of his wedding.
“Instead, he advised them that he will be happier if the funds for the advertisements are channelled for charity, especially donating to places of worship, welfare bodies, old folks homes, orphanages and schools in Perak.
“His profound concern clearly showed Raja Nazrin is a prince who has the people’s interests at heart,” said the MB.
May 18 proclamation
Zara, the bride-to-be of Nazrin, is the daughter of prominent lawyer William Davidson. She is also the grandniece of first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Zara graduated with a First-Class honours in chemical engineering from the University of Nottingham and now heads an oil and gas consultancy firm based at KLCC.
Zara and Raja Nazrin, 50, the eldest child of Sultan Azlan Shah and Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Bainun, will marry on May 17 at Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar.
Bernama also reported that Zara would be proclaimed the Raja Puan Besar in a special ceremony on May 18.
The position of Raja Puan Besar, last held by Raja Nor Izan Raja Abdul Rashid, has been vacant for two decades since the death of her husband, Raja Ahmad Siffuddin Sultan Iskandar Shah in 1987.
Raja Ahmad Siffuddin became Raja Muda after Sultan Azlan Shah ascended the Perak throne in 1984.
After Raja Ahmad Siffuddin’s death, Raja Nazrin became the new Raja Muda of Perak. As he is unmarried, the post of Raja Puan Besar of Perak was left vacant.

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 12, 2007

Mother’s Day falls on tomorrow. Have you called your mom to tell her how much you love her?

I know many of us love your mum but find it hard to say it out loud. You would rather express your love for her in other ways. Likewise, your mom usually would not tell you how deep is her love for you. But thast’s ok so long you love your mom and your mom loves you.

In any case, it’s not easy to describe how important and valuable your mom’s great love for you. No words could exactly describe mother’s love. I haven’t come across a poetry, a song, an article or a phrase that could fully and completely describe mother’s love.

So, make it a point to celebrate the big day with her this Sunday. If you cannot make it for this Sunday, make sure you could celebrate with her the next day, or the next week. Or even celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day together. Just like what I would do.

There’s no excuse not to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day with your mum and dad.

Happy Mother’s Day!

…if we depend on the Govt, we’ll surely die!

December 24, 2006

 The banner says…” The private sector saved our lives. If we have depended on the Goverment, we will surely die!” The banner was written and put up by flood victims of Kg Abdullah, Segamat.  PM Abdullah, can you hear the voice of the rakyat in Kg Abdullah? Pic courtesy of SL.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi has finally visited some of the flooded areas on Saturday. He has given order to all rescue units to provide food, water and medicine to all flood victims. He must have gone back to his comfortable home in Putrajaya by now but little does he knows that his people in the grounds are not performing as expected. A district councillor from Tangkak told Nanyang Siang Pau that the rescue units in his area did not work around the clock. They still work from 9 to 5 as usual and some of them do not even report to work on time. Many flood victims were forced to charter boats from the private sectors to save their lives and belongings.

Yesterday, The President of Johor Chinese Chamber of Commerce Datuk Lim Ba complained to the press that he was stucked in the flood for more than 18 hours and he personally witnessed  some rescue boats simply ignore victims( incl children and old folks) who have climbed to the rooftops. Some of them were stucked there for more than 20 hours. He believes that many have lost confidence with the Government. (Yes , my brothers and sisters in Johor, please wake up to the fact that the Umno-led government they have trusted for years actually “tak boleh harap“!)

Najib said he has sent some 80 boats ( mana cukup?) and several helicopters. And how about Ong Ka Ting who leads the Bomba and Penyelamat department? What has he done for the flood victims?

By right, Ong should be directing all local government like MBPJ, DBKL, MPAJ to send their enforcement officers to help rescue the victims (instead of tearing down squatter homes). AAB should mobilise the FRUs to help as well, instead of bashing the protestors in the streets.

Meanwhile, the water levels at Sg Muar, Sg Segamat and several other rivers in Johor are still way above the alarming levels according to the latest report from several Chinese newspapers.

 LKS, Teresa and LGE were in Segamat on Sunday.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang has led a delegation to visit Segamat and othe flooded areas this afternoon. DAP SG Lim Guan Eng will join them from Melaka.

The Johor DAP has set up a “humanitarian helpline” to provide clean water and other assistance to the victims. They could be reached at 012-737 1058/019-721 7256/07-512 7652/012-737 7654. Our PJ Action Team has donated some money towards the fund under the “Sunshine Project” yesterday.

The Twins a.k.s Double Happiness

November 9, 2006

I am sharing with you the twin beauties in my little garden as promised a week ago. They came as a nice surprise to me and my family- shortly one day after my return from Shanghai. Hope you like them.

Rest in Peace, Sdr Omar Tan Abdullah

November 2, 2006

Sdr Tan, you’ll always be remembered as a true reformist.

Ever since I know you from the Reformasi days, you have been actively involved in many activities and contributed a great deal to your party, PKR.

You were arrested by the police 4 times (or more). You emerged stronger after each of your detention.

Your sudden departure was a great shock to us and we will certainly miss you a lot in the journey of our political struggle.

Malaysia has just lost a true son. Goodbye, my friend.

from Ronnie with love

( Sdr Hisham Rais just called me a while ago that he is now with his family in Bangi. Omar will be buried tonight.)