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Happy DeepaRaya!

October 21, 2006

 Keadilan melahirkan harmoni 


Dodol ada papadum pun ada


Lepas makan minum sirap

Janji adil kepada semua

Pasti harmoni kita harap 

Darah sama merah 

 Kulit lain darah pun serupa

Bahasa lain jiwa sejagat

DeepaRaya diraikan bersama

Suasana ria hati terpikat


I wish all fellow Malaysians a happy and meaningful festive holiday with these two pantuns I have written today.We cannot choose to be an Indian or a Malay or a Chinese or an Iban or a Kadazan or any particular race for that matter. The colour of our skins may be different but the colour of our blood is always the same. Let’s fight racism together for a harmonious Malaysia.