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November 5, 2007

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Dompok and Kah Kiat set fine example

May 20, 2007

First, you have Chong Kah Kiat who resigned as the Sabah deputy chief minister in protest over the stoppage of Mazhu statue in Kudat . Kah Kiat was upset by his boss Musa Aman who scrap the project without any justification. Before the Mazhu incident, Musa Aman has also interfered with Kah Kiat’s portfolio as the state tourism minister.

And now, you have Bernard Dompok who resigned as the chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity over the sabotage of NRD officials. Earlier, Dompok was apparently upset with Nazri Aziz and other ministers who help blocking the ACA Director General from attending the hearing by the PSCI. 

Both Dompok and Kah Kiat have set a fine example for other BN leaders who hold on to their positions shamelessly with no principle and courage whatsoever. They will be remembered as political leaders who have the courage to defend their integrity in the larger interest of the people. Incidentally, both of them hail from Sabah.

While we werte disappointed with the reaction of the Prime Minister (he remarked that Kah Kiat’s resignation has no impact with BN Sabah), we were heartened to note that the Transparency International KL Chapter and the Council of Churches in Malaysia have voiced their support with Dompok.

Kit Siang and groups support Dompok
May 19, 07 4:52pm Malaysiakini
Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang has come out to defend Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Bernard Dompok after he was criticised by cabinet compatriot Nazri Aziz.Lim’s response came in the wake of Dompok’s shock resignation as the head of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity (PSCI) on Wednesday.

However, Nazri said the resignation was seen as being influenced by the committee’s deputy chairperson which happens to be Lim.

Nazri pointed out that the committee was set up to meet people, obtain feedback and formulate a programme or find ways to improve on policy, not investigate people.

He also said Dompok was frustrated that Nazri had objected to the PSCI calling the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) director-general Zulkipli Mat Noor to appear before the Select Committee.
The committee was set to meet Zulkipli and whistleblower, former Sabah ACA chief Mohamad Ramli Manan but the meeting was eventually cancelled three times.

Dompok’s decision to resign from the bi-partisan committee followed Lim’s question on why a scheduled committee meeting yesterday with National Registration Department (NRD) into a fake identity card scandal in Sabah dubbed ‘Project M’ was suddenly cancelled.

Test of strength

The NRD has refused to appear before the committee – a move which Nazri has supported.

Lim then pointed out that this appeared to be a test of strength between Nazri and Dompok with the former having the upper hand.

“Even if Dompok is prepared to reconsider his resignation as chairman of PSCI, it is not clear that the cabinet would agree to his continuing to serve in this capacity,” he said.

Meanwhile. Transparency International president Ramon Navaratnam expressed regret over Dompok’s resignation and over the NRD’s refusal to comply with the committee’s request.

“It is a serious matter and indicates an unbecoming attitude of an agency when a meeting called by the Parliamentary Select Committee can be rejected.

“This is also disrespectful to Parliament and reflects the standard and quality of administration of this country,” Ramon said in a statement today.

He also called for Dompok’sposition as chairperson of the PSCI to be reinstated and that the NRD be held accountable for the issuance of identity cards in Sabah where there is apparent widespread abuse.

“Tough disciplinary action must be taken against individuals and agencies that do not heed parliamentary meetings seriously,” he added.

Echoing their support for Dompok is the Council of Churches of Malaysia who is appealing to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to implement his stated policies of integrity, accountability and transparency by reinstating Dompok to the PSCI post.

“As much as we regret his resignation, we applaud his courage based on his conviction that issues related to transparency in the government administration should not be compromised,” their statement added.

Ijok: IGP and EC Chairman owe us an explanation

May 18, 2007

This is the second letter from James. The first letter he sent to all the mainstream English papers was not published until today.

Ijok 2                                                                         

17th May 2007

Dear Sir,

Re: Ijok

My letter to you dated 20th April 2007 was unanswered.

The BN group of about 3, 000 people were the first to march towards the Nomination Centre. This group assembled on the main road facing the side of the NC. About 30 minutes later the PKR congregation started marching along the SAME route towards the NC. Common sense will tell anyone that the PKR party will meet the BN team HEAD ON! To make matters worst a VIP convoy with police outriders wanted to get through the crowd! I repeat.WHY DID THE POLICE ALLOWED THAT?

The PKR group equal in numbers, wanted to walk through the BLOCKED main road, which was BLOCKED by BN supporters intentionally or unintentionally. The PKR group wanted to walk through and to turn right into the open field, away from the main road but next to the NC. The BN felt that the PKR were pushing them away. The PKR felt that BN was blocking their right-of-way! Tempers flared! PKR members slipped through individually. Some folded up their huge banners to walk through but reopen them when they reached their destination. The PKR candidate can only reached the NC at 8.35am, 25 minutes before closing time. There were no incidents. Shortly after that I heard a BN officer asking the BN supporters to proceed like the PKR group but to assemble away from the PKR group. Common sense will tell anyone again that the BN team will meet the PKR team HEAD ON AGAIN at the side road. They were later separated. Again there were no incidents. The  FRU came after that. The fracas took place after the announcement of the nominated candidates. WHY DID THE POLICE ALLOWED THE SECOND HEAD ON? So who is responsible for the fracas?

Both sides traded verbal insults. Both sides indulged in “extreme provocation”. These were all expected. We don’t expect them to kiss each other. Even in a friendly football match one can expect verbal insults. There was a lack of police security until the FRU came. The other opposite end of the main road was not utilized. It was a weekday. The small town  at the middle of the route in between was having its usual business. Cars and lorries from this town going out were caught in the jam. The  police  prevented  vehicles  from  going  in. But they were unable to control the vehicles from the town from  going out. Vehicles coming from the other opposite end of the  road  worsen the situation.


Ijok, Selangor compared to Machap, Malacca. 

Ijok was disorganized. There was early shortage of police. Machap by election by the police was well organized. In Machap the BN group did not meet the DAP group head on.They march in from opposite ends of the road toward the NC.  One small mistake was that there was a detached house full of a BN component group in full uniform along the DAP route. When the DAP group marched back after the nomination they met head on with this BN group.The situation was already heated up earlier at the NC.

The whole world knows about this by election. How come the FRU came late? Where are all the policemen during the early morning? So please stop blaming the political parties.All these problems are made by humans.

There was no coordination between the Election Commission and the Infrastructure Authorities.The moment the EC announced the date of the by election in Ijok, both parties compete with each other to start their business and development in perspective. The coastal highway is already a congested road during normal times.  It is the main artery serving the western coastal corridor. So the road resurfacing, changing of street lamp posts, installation of traffic lights began simultaneously and synchronizingly. The VIPs move about swiftly, to and fro with their police riders gesticulating to the unmovable traffic on both sides of the narrow road “not to move”. Normally it takes one hour to go to Ijok from PJ. During the run up to the by election it takes me 2 hours 20 minutes.


Any citizen can make a “citizen arrest” if one were to suspect that somebody is breaking the law. But the citizen cannot take the law into their own hands. The “suspect” must be handed over to the police immediately. The police will then make a decision to charge, arrest, detain or whatsoever the police thinks fit in accordance with the law.

The police has the right to exclude any body from interfering in an alleged wrong doing if the police thinks that he is of no help to them.

 Yours truly

JAMES BOND              

Ijok: Lessons for the opposition parties

May 1, 2007

LATEST: Tan Sri Khalid will be going back to Ijok to thank the people for supporting PKR at 3.30pm today. The team will be led by PKR advisor  Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, party chief Datin Seri Wan Azizah, information chief Tian Chua and others. I have accepted their invitation to join the walkabout in Pekan Ijok and Batang Berjuntai.

The writings is on the wall. BN had won 92% of the Parliamentary seats in the 2004 GE and defeated the opposition in all the five by-elections (except for Batu Talam which was contested by an Independent). We need to find a winning formula to defeat BN.

BN has been able to win big because there was no true unity among the opposition parties. There’s no true opposition unity to face the the might of BN coalition. There’s no way to beat BN if the opposition parties could not work together effectively to face their common enemy-the Umno-led BN coalition.

Yes, the people of Malaysia suffer much under the current BN administration. They hope the opposition parties could work together to pose a real challenge to the mighty Umno-led BN coalition.

The people do know that BN is corrupt to the core. They know that BN leaders abuse their power to amass wealth for themselves. They were fed up with empty promises and very disappointed with the Prime Minister who could not walk the talk. But where is the alternative? 

Please bear in mind that only the well-informed voters and hardcore supporters vote for the opposition. Voters with pro-winner mentality (commonly called lalang, fence-sitters, the silent majority etc) would only vote for the winners (or potential winners).  They would never vote for the opposition if the opposition looked set to remain as opposition. But these voters with pro-winner mentality is not a small group. And we would not be able to win their votes without presenting them a winning formula.

 Please vote for Khalid !

It’s the duty and responsibility of the opposition parties to offer a winning formula for all to see. Politics of hope is an essential ingredient that we must provide for the voters. The opposition parties must project a winning position and work towards a winning agenda. We owe it to ourselves to do it. 

Yes, the opposition parties are having opposing views on the issue of religion. But that does not mean that we could not resolve or put aside our differences.

Malaysia is rotting slowly day by day. We are facing all kinds of problems and crises. We are also losing our pace to our neighbouring countries. The answer lies in a change of government. Only a change of government could get rid of these greedy and corrupt BN politicians. What could be more important than serving the larger intertest of the people by affecting a change of government?

Ijok is a good beginning for opposition unity. Top opposition party leaders and members in general have put in serious efforts to campaign for PKR. But we were facing various problems due to a poor uncohesive campaign machinery. I personally feel that Khalid could have done better or even made it if there were greater cooperation among the opposition parties. Only true opposition unity and cohesive machinery could destroy the BTF tactics (bribes, threats and frauds) launched by the corrupt BN coalition.

I strongly suggest DAP to openly team up with PKR, and PKR to team up with Pas. And DAP and Pas must at the same time declare that their common enemy is the Umno-led BN coalition. DAP and Pas may not be allies but we are certainly friends in the opposition. It’s only natural that friends in the opposition must put aside our differences for the benefit of the rakyat. We need to help each other to challenge our common enemy.

We will never be able to convince everyone to agree with the strategic partnership among the opposition parties. But politics is about taking risks. The fear of losing seats is something we need to overcome. The ruling class and those with vested interest will be all out to discourage the opposition from achieving true unity and full cooperation. In short, they fear  opposition unity. They know if the opposition really works together, they will eventually lose their grip on power.

Dear fellow Malaysians, there’s no point crying over spilled milk. Ijok is just a temporary setback. We must not lose sight and we certainly must not lose hope. Ijok is nothing compared to the real war-general elections.

The defeat in Ijok actually gives me hope. What about you?

Source: Malaysiakini

HAPPY Labour Day! Highest tribute to all workers who contribute towards nation-building and a peaceful and prosperous society.

Ijok: Kit Siang returns to Ijok tonight

April 26, 2007
Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang decided to give another push to the PKR’s campaign by meeting the Ijok people tonight. This will be his third visit to Ijok since Tuesday.I will be there early to make the necessary arrangement before his arrival at 8pm. The question now is whether ceramahs lined up tonight would be allowed to take place or again stopped or disrupted by Kuala Seloangor OCPD Ibrahim with the help of FRU just like the previous two nights.DAP SG Lim Guan Eng is scheduled to return to Ijok on Friday, the eve of polling day.I will be talking to the Ijok people on issues closest to their heart, and explain why a vote for Khalid could change their lives.I will also ask the Ijok people should the OCPD of Kuala Selangor resign for failing to carrying out his duties and responsibilities effectively.

On the other hand, Tan Sri Khalid has another nice surprise from the former prime minister TDM. He has urged the Ijok people to send a signal to the “rotten” Umno-led BN Goverment. He too believes that BN has changed the nature of the race from by-election to buy-election.

Malaysiakini has the report.

Send signal to the ‘rotten’ government

Fauwaz Abdul Aziz
Apr 26, 07 10:53am
The Ijok state seat by-election this Saturday is the right time for the voters to shatter the government’s propaganda that all is well, said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.While he did not outrightly called on the 12,000-odd Ijok voters not to back the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, he nevertheless urged them to vote wisely this Saturday.“If you don’t think (about) what you are doing, you don’t use your vote intelligently, then of course, you are to be blamed,” he told malaysiakini yesterday.

“Unless you send a signal to the government that, ‘Look, if you don’t behave yourself, you may not get my vote at the next election,’ then the government will say, ‘You see? The people are voting for us. We are doing well,’ he said.

He added that if the Ijok voters got swayed by the by-election goodies in the form of new development in the state constituency, they will only have themselves to blame if a ‘rotten’ government is voted in.

“If you vote (BN) because you get a lot of money or because you get a lot of projects, you may get a rotten government which uses money in order to buy your vote,” said Mahathir.

He lamented that BN supporters would blindly vote for the ruling coalition.

“They don’t care whether it is a good government or not. We are Barisan people. We vote Barisan. No assessment, no study. We vote (Barisan) because we must. That’s why I say a country deserves the government it gets.

“If you don’t think (about) what you are doing, you don’t use your vote intelligently, then of course, you are to be blamed,” he added.

If they lose, Khir Toyo will be blamed

He predicted that should the ruling coalition win, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would get all the credit.

“If they win, it’s because of Pak Lah, if they lose, it’s because of (Selangor Mentri Besar Mohd) Khir Toyo,” he said with his trademark sarcasm.

While declining to describe that he was urging Ijok to register a ‘protest vote’, Mahathir said the BN should not be given unquestioned support.

“Don’t vote BN blindly, don’t vote PAS blindly, don’t vote DAP blindly. Think. Use your faculties to think,” he said.

The Ijok by-election has been called following the death of its incumbent K Sivalingam on April 4.

BN’s MIC candidate K Parthiban will faces off against opposition candidate Khalid Ibrahim of Parti Keadilan Rakyat in the by-election.

In the past week, the landscape of Ijok has changed with millions of ringgit being allocated for mosques, schools, newly surfaced roads, drainage, street lights and other facilities for the voters in this Malay-majority constituency 50km northwest of Kuala Lumpur.

Previously Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had said that there was a ‘feel good’ atmosphere pervading the country, and that he was waiting for the ‘feel good factor’ to get even better before calling for general elections.

Mahathir has been involved in a running battle with his handpicked successor over the latter’s alleged mismanagement of the country’s economy, corruption and cronyism.

Fact boxes on Ijok

Paint attack: An act of a coward

February 12, 2007
Another PKR leader comes under attack
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz
Feb 12, 07 2:32pm
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Barely a month after a Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader was held up by armed assailants, party deputy secretary-general Dr Xavier Jeyakumar has also come under attack. 

He was jolted awake about 1.30am today by the sound of glass smashing against the wall of his semi-detached house in Taman Klang Jaya. Above the sound of his Labrador dogs barking, he heard a motorcycle speeding away.

On opening the front door, Xavier found that two glass bottles filled with white paint had been thrown from outside the gate and against the porch wall.

The floor and walls of the porch, front door, the Toyota and Volvo vehicles and his two dogs, were splashed with paint.

Apart from shattered glass strewn about, there was no damage. Xavier estimates that it will cost about RM1,000 to clean up the porch and get the paint off his cars.

“My family is very shaken by the incident. This has never happened to me before,” he said.

Xavier said his activities with the party, which involve issues of development and touch on the material interests of certain quarters, has most likely raised the ire of certain quarters.

“We’re involved in disputes over land, squatter housing, land developers and so on. We often get close to (challenging) big interests of some quarters. This was definitely a threat, a warning of some sort,” said Xavier.

“I’m just glad it was white paint and not red or some other colour that would have indicated a different message.”

On Jan 19, PKR vice-president Azmin Ali was attacked in front of his residence in Ampang by four men, two of whom wielded a parang and an iron rod. They forced him to surrender his mobile phone and RM2,000 in cash. 

Like Azmin, Xavier said he does not rule out the possibility of the attack being politically motivated.

“I don’t know if what happened last night was in any way related to the incident with Azmin, but this was definitely related to my political activities. I have no enemies on a personal level,” he added.

Klang district police, who responded to his call, took a statement from him at his house.