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Hindraf should be given the permit to gather on Sunday 25 Nov

November 23, 2007
The police was wrong to reject the application of permit for BERSIH’s Nov 10 Peaceful People’s Gathering. They now again made the same mistake by rejecting the application by Hindraf for the coming Sunday rally. The police must respect the right of assembly enshrined in our Federal Constitution and grant a permit to Hindraf for the rally at the British High Commission. The warning of stern actions will be taken on protesters was uncalled for.The PM should interfere immediately to grant a permit for the Sunday rally. Hindraf has the right to hold the peaceful rally to present its memo to the British High Commissioner.I understand that the Indian community are now determined to present their views to the BN government and a responsible government must be prepared to listen to those views any time, any where.I will be there as an observer on Sunday. C U There!

 Hindraf rally: Cops warn of ‘stern action’

Andrew Ong
Nov 22, 07 5:47pm
The police warning is predictable – Kuala Lumpur CPO Zulhasnan Najib Baharudin issued his first public warning against a planned rally at the British High Commission on Sunday, organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).
He warned that the planned rally is illegal and that the public should stay away.
“I will take stern action (against participants),” Zulhasnan told a packed press conference at the Kuala Lumpur police contingent headquarters today.Zulhasnan said no police permit has been issued for the event and that those who attend would be violating Section 27 of the Police Act 1967.Under the law, offenders can be fined between RM2,000 and RM10,000 and are also liable to a jail term not exceeding one year.

Zulhasnan said Hindraf had applied for a police permit but that this was rejected.

“I have received the appeal against the rejection but I rejected it after studying the matter,” he said.

On the reasons for the rejection, Zulhasnan said the police have received information that “criminal acts” such as “fights” and “arguments” would occur during the rally.

Crime prevention

The police chief confirmed that numerous roadblocks have been erected around the city to prevent rally participants from entering.

“We believe they will be wearing orange shirts,” he said in reply to a question.

After the press conference, however, Zulhasnan said the roadblocks were part of a “crime prevention” exercise.

Zulhasnan skirted a question as to whether the police would be using water cannon and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said the police had received information that gangsters would be used during the rally that would disturb the peace.

“These illegal street rallies and demonstrations would surely lead to aggression and these acts can affect the safety and economy of the country,” he said in a statement.

Hindraf plans to gather 10,000 Indians to hand a memorandum addressed to the British Queen to support a class-action suit against Her Majesty’s government for bringing Indians to Malaysia as indentured labourers and exploiting them for 150 years.

A total of US$4 trillion (RM14 trillion) is being sought for US$2 million for every Indian residing in Malaysia.

Watch the 5-min video heremkinitv_client(‘hindrafPolice_2211.wmv’);

Hindraf rally – police stop over-reacting, dismantle roadblocks and issue permit

/ Lim Kit Siang

November 23rd, 2007 « 3 Comments »

The police should not repeat their over-reaction and high-handed action on Nov. 10 over the peaceful 40,000-people Bersih gathering to hand over a petition to the Yang di Pertuan Agong for electoral reforms to ensure free, fair and clean elections and should immediately dismantle the roadblocks creating massive jams in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley since yesterday.

The massive Nov. 10 traffic gridlock creating massive congestions in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley were largely the creation of the police and could have been avoided or ameliorated considerably with enlightened and sensitive police handling of peaceful gatherings by citizens exercising their fundamental constitutional rights to get their voices heard in a meaningful democracy.

If the Police had issued a police permit for the Bersih peaceful gathering on Nov. 10, demonstrating greater sensitivity and respect for human rights guaranteed in the Malaysian Constitution as recommended by the Dzaiddin Royal Police Commission 30 months ago, all legitimate concerns would have been met – the concerns of the police and government with regard to law and order and the concerns of aggrieved citizenry to petition the Yang di Pertuan Agong for an end to electoral abuses.

For the Hindraf rally on Sunday, the Police has not only refused to learn any lesson to respect the human rights of Malaysians to peaceful assembly, but has decided even earlier to impose roadblocks – starting since yesterday on various roads and expressways in the Klang Valley.


JERIT: Fong should resign and work in factory

June 27, 2007



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27 June 2007


Resign As Minister and Work in a Factory



The  Human Resource Minister, Datuk Seri Fong Chan Onn and its Deputy, Dato Abdul Rahman Bakar should  resign as a Minister and work as labourer or in a factory. Then, he should decide whether MTUC should drop its demand from minimum wage of RM900 or not.


Today  the Minister of Human Resource said MTUC’s demand for minimum wage  of RM900 for private sector workers is not practical and MTUC should drop its demand(The Star 27 June 2007). He further said wage should be left to markets forces to decide. Meanwhile, his Deputy Minister said MTUC’s action is not professional, unreasonable and it does not have support from workers. They are also worried foreign workers and foreign maids will get the benefit from minimum wage. (Utusan Malaysia)


JERIT feels that both statements from both Ministers are uncalled for. JERIT feels that the Ministers who suppose to represent and champion the rights workers, are lacking ground experiences and do not know how low wage workers are suffering. Last year September, JERIT submitted memorandum and 50,000 signature postcards calling for a minimum wage. MTUC is also has been demanding for minimum wage legislation for years. All this calls are not political gimmick but rather it came from workers themselves who have been struggling when cost of living is increasing. How can the deputy minister say that the Minimum Wage Campaign does not have support from the workers when thousands of workers picketed last Monday(25/6/2007)   demanding minimum wage RM 900 and COLA RM 300


Why the Ministers are are so afraid of investors and employers?  Isn’t the government elected to protect its citizens?   The interest of citizen in the country should come first. Demanding minimum wage of RM900 is nothing compared to millions of profit made by the private sectors.


And what is wrong to provide minimum wage for foreign maids if they deserve it. A foreign made is required to do all sorts of work like baby-sitting, cooking, washing and etc and works 24/7. Everyone one of us will demand for pay hike because the burden of work that keep increasing. So, why foreign maids are different. If you can’t afford them, then don’t hire them. Do the work on your own and tell us whether they deserve it or not.  


According to National Productivity Report 2006, Malaysia has scored 3.7% with the manufacturing sector contributed 4.4% followed by other sector like finance and transport ( 4.1%).  This productivity level is higher than Singapore (1.2%), Japan 2.5%, Sweden (2.8 %), Germany (2.0 per cent), Denmark (1.8 per cent), US (1.5 per cent) and the UK (1.7 per cent). Where this productivity does came from? Workers from those sectors definitely had played crucial part in increasing the productivity.


Thus, why minimum wage legislation is so impossible when:


  1. Malaysian productivity is higher than developed countries
  2. Countries like Vietnam and South Korea even China have minimum wage for its workers
  3. One of the reasons by Government for pay hike to civil servants is higher cost of living (inflation)
  4. Workers basic pay in private sector especially in manufacturing is just around RM350-RM500.


As such, JERIT calls the government to enact the legislation that guarantees minimum wage of RM900 for the workers in private sectors and STOP sacrificing and exploiting the workers to make the employers and investors happy.


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Gabungan Pekerja Kilang & Kesatuan


BMC access:Toll plaza works started today

June 25, 2007


Grand Saga started work to construct a toll plaza on the blocked access road from Bandar Mahkota Cheras to KL this morning. Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai rushed to the site after tipped off by BMC OARAC chairman Tan Boon Wah and he managed to stop all works.

Grand Saga has the backing of the “toll mister” (you know who) but such act is totally unacceptable and DAP will work closely with the BMC residents to fight for their rights.

Yesterday, the BMC OARAC just launched a month-long 10,000 people signature campaign as a protest against the installation of a toll plaza at the RM16 million access road from BMC to KL. The access has been blocked for more than a year since its completion. More than 13 demonstrationshave been held to mark the strong protest by the BMC and BSL residents.

Baixiao: Umno has no respect on MCA/Gerakan

June 24, 2007
It’s a night of Chew Mei Fun bashing! Both the Sec Gen of DongJiaoZong and educationist Cikgu Loot Ting Yee criticised Chew for neglecting her duty and responsibility as the MP  for  PJ Utara.Cikgu Loot also urged the voters to vote against Barisan Nasional parties to send a strong signal to them that “enough is enough”. He said if the people had wanted a good and caring government, they must make sure the government is not too powerful and arrogant. He said only a shaky (goyang-goyang) goverment would respect the will and aspirations of the people.

The representative from KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall reiterated its support for Baixiao. As long as Baixiao is not reopened, the organisation will not take down the “countdown” signboard erected on its building at Jalan Maharajalela, KL. The signboard registers the number of days of closure of the original SJKC Damansara for the past 7 years, reminding the people about the struggle of Baixiao.

A total of RM260,000 was raised last night (exceeded the target of RM250,000).

DAP was represented by me, Liew Chin Tong and Tony Pua. And PKR was represented by Sivarasa Rasiah, William Leong, Lee Seng Kim and Dr Lee Boon Chai.


■日期/Jun 24, 2007   ■时间/02:00:37 am
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/Merdekareview 庄迪澎

教总顾问兼林连玉基金会主席陆庭谕、董总署理主席邹寿汉、副主席许海明、总务高铭良、隆雪华堂总务陈正志、校友联总秘书申玉堂等人都出席晚宴;朝野政党代表则有民政党雪兰莪武吉加星区(Bukit Gasing)州议员及雪州行政议员林传盛、人民公正党副主席李文材、总财政梁自坚、民主行动党主席代表刘镇东、秘书长代表刘天球。









他说,虽然副教育部长韩春锦曾说白小已搬迁,原校不会再使用,但是白小保校工委会仍希望结合各党团的力量,携手合作,以务实的方法落实“华小要增建,白小要重开”的目标。【点击:白小工委要求暂返原校上课 韩春锦连说:没有什么好谈!】














■日期/Jun 24, 2007   ■时间/03:53:47 am
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/Merdekareview庄迪澎
【本刊庄迪澎撰述】在昨晚的白小保校运动七周年筹款晚宴上,雪兰莪州八打灵再也北区国会议员周美芬成了炮轰及揶揄的对象;最近刚走马上任的董总总务高铭良炮轰周美芬“从来没有到过白小宴会”,教总顾问陆庭谕则质疑国阵政府并没有把这位政务次长放在眼里。高铭良(右图)昨晚上台致词虽然备有讲稿,但他一开始演讲就先“脱稿演出”,先是质疑“首相可再婚,为何白小不能再开”,后来语锋一转,便把矛头指向周美芬,非议周美芬身为白小(原校)所在的八打灵再也北区的国会议员,却“从来没有到过白小宴会”。高铭良高声说道:“是不是她受的教育够了,所以就觉得不需要再有华小了?周美芬到底有没有在国会反映白小的问题啊?”捧林传盛贬周美芬高铭良更借坐在主桌的民政党雪兰莪州行政议员林传盛贬损周美芬,说林传盛“几乎每年都出席(白小宴会),在朝做官的,很少人有他这样的风度。”林传盛也是八打灵再也武吉加星区(Bukit Gasing)州议员。不过,高铭良继续致词时一再说明,他这番话是以个人身份发言,表达个人感受。周美芬(左图)是国阵成员党马华公会的妇女组全国署理主席,她在1999年大选当选八打灵再也北区国会议员迄今,后来更受委为妇女、家庭及社会发展部政务次长。周美芬从小学到大学都是接受华文教育,小学毕业自八打灵精武小学、中学毕业自吉隆坡坤成女中,而大学则赴笈台湾政治大学。







“白小保留原校、争取分校工委会”(白小保校工委会)主办的“华小要增建,白小要重开”――白小保校运动七周年筹款晚宴”,昨晚在八打灵再也17区圣淘沙花园停车场圆满举行,超过两千人赴会,筹获马币26万7500元。【点击:熊玉生:被剥夺权利不能沉默 白小晚宴两千人赴会筹获26万】




白小不重开 隆雪华堂计日牌不除





隆雪华堂是在2001年3月27日将保校运动天数牌挂在二楼露台,面向马哈拉惹勒拉路(Jalan Maharajalela),引起众人关注白小保校运动。

07年6月24日 凌晨3:57



















政党领袖则有民政党雪州行政议员林传盛、人民公正党副主席李文材、人民公正党副主席西华拉沙(Sivarasa Rasiah)、人民公正党总财政梁自坚、民主行动党非政府组织局主任刘天球、秘书长选举策略顾问刘镇东、秘书长经济顾问潘俭伟以及人民党副主席辜瑞荣,唯独马华领袖并未出席。










BMC access: Action committee to launch signature campaign

June 24, 2007

BMC OARAC will launch a signature campaign thisSunday to fight for their rights to the access road.

They were extremely upset by Samy Vellu who

suggested to put up a toll plaza at the access road.

The access raod was built by the Lion Group at a cost

of some RM16 million as a selling point for the

Bandar Mahkota Cheras residential area. But

Grand Saga, the toll concessionaire of

Cheras -KL Expressway

objected strongly and blocked the access road

unilaterally. But the illegal act has the backing

of the “toll minister”, as usual.

As the advisor of the action committee, I will certainly

bring the BMC OARAC to the Parliament once again

to fight for natural justice.

For the event tomorrow, DAP will be represented

by Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai, Selangor DAP Chairman

EanYong Hian Wah, DAP Wanita leader Lee Kee

Hiong and DAP leaders from Balakong and Sg

Long. (I would be in Rawang together with

Selangor DAP State Treasurer to “fire” Chan

Kong Choy and Tang See Hang over their

inaction on the issue of high tension zone. )

Here’s the statement by BMC OARAC on the issue…

07年6月22日 傍晚7:47




工程部长以开放蕉赖皇冠城主要通道会造成大道公司损失,而政府又不准备赔偿的情况下来批准建立收费站是无法令人信服。本行动委员要求工程部长公布政府与Grand Saga公司的合约内容,以确保该和约内容是符合人民利益,而不是偏袒大道公司。





Sinchew Daily News

推薦給朋友    列印

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Rawang HTZ: Chan Kong Choy, what happened?

June 24, 2007
Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy, who’s also the MP for Selayang, has been keeping mum until today over the unilateral declaration made by TNB, that the TNB will proceed with the high tension transmission project in Rawang now that the Selangor State Goverment has given them the greenlight not to take an alternative route as agreed by Lim Keng Yaik, Chan Kong Choy and Rawang state assemblyman Tang See Hang last month at Putrajaya.I will be attending a protest cum press conference in Rawang new village on Sunday 24 June 2007 morning (10.30am at the market place) together with M Batumalai (DAP Rawang Rep), Tian Chua and representative from the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Stay tuned!


推薦給朋友    列印

Sinchew Daily News

updated:2007-06-20 14:54:25 MYT











他說 ,於5月29日的一項會議上,雪州政府基於國能提出3項無法克服的技術的因素,而同意國能不接受繞道建議




他說,國能會於7月在鵝嘜土地局安排一項對話會,聽取居民賠償要求,並希望居民對於工程的進行給以配合。 (星洲日報/大都會•2007.06.19)

Baixiao: To raise RM 250,000 from this Saturday’s dinner

June 22, 2007
Baixiao Annual Solidarity Dinner

Venue: Section 17 carpark (former Sentosa Cinema) Petaling Jaya

Date: Saturday, 23 June 2007

Time : 7.30pm – 12 pm

This will be the 7th annual dinner organised by the Baixiao (SJKC Damansara )  to raise fund for the original school which was shut down by the Umno-led BN Government by force seven years ago. The decision was instigated by MCA.

See you there!


07年6月22日 下午4:09 Malaysiakini

















APCET II: Dr Nasir and I were stormed by the BN thugs

June 21, 2007
On the “day of trouble”, Dr Nasir and Selvam of PSM and I (then National Secretary of DAPSY) were given the task to look after security. The other DAPSY representative, Lim Ching How, has gone back to his office to attend to an emergency. We were shocked to see so many thugs suddenly appeared outside (they climbed up from the stairways instead of taking the lifts) the conference hall when we were performing our duty.We immediately informed the participants inside about the mob and three of us were trying our best to stop the thugs from braking into the hall. At that point of time, we did not know that these thugs were actually members and supporters of Umno, MIC, MCA (not sure whether there were any Gerakan members). I would not be surprised if some of them were SB officers.The mob (more than 300 of them) managed to bring down the doors after some 10 to 15 minutes. DAPSY chairman Lim Guan Eng and the participants were inside the hall.We were threatened to leave the hall at once but we refused to leave and decided to put our arms together in a circle. That’s when the mob lead by Azman Atar bacame unruly. They broke our ring and brought down Tian Chua (then NGO activist) to the floor.

Dr Nasir managed to call in the police (led by Dang Wangi OCPD Zainal Abidin Ali) only about one hour after the physical tussle. At our insistance, Zainal Abidin ordered the mob to leave the hall. We decided to stay and continue with our meeting despite of repeated warnings issued by the mob. The OCPD also ordered us to leave but he too gave up after failing to persuade us to leave.

When everything was calmed down, Guan Eng needed to leave for Melaka to attend to a demolition exercise and I too left the hall to attend to my recording session at a studio in Petaling Jaya.

When I was on my way back to the hotel, I was informed by Teresa Kok (then DAPSY vice chairperson) that she and several others were arrested. But she was “let go’ together with another participant from Japan at the car park while others were sent to the police station.

A young DAP supporter (son of KL Wong, a lawyer) who was tasked to take care of the computers was taken to the teenager lock-up at the Sungei Besi police station. Cheras MP tan Kok Wai and I visited him in the evening. He was released the next morning. The ladies were all taken to a police station in Wangsa Maju and were locked up for a night. They were transferred to the police station near the Merdeka Stadium for several days together with othe men. Foreign participants were all deported to their respective countries the next day or two.

I remembered both Umno Youth chief and his deputy (Zahid Hamidi and Hishamuddin Hussein) claimed responsibility with “pride” for the incident after they have returned from overseas and Anwar Ibrahim, the then deputy Prime Minister, expressed regrets over the ugly incident. 

DAPSY was later ridiculed by some local participants for “not being arrested with the rest “:-). But that’s truly not our fault. Guan Eng and I left at the time when everything was cooled down. Little did we know that the police would return to the scene and arrest the participants. On the other hand, Teresa Kok could not understand why she and the Japanese participant were ‘let go’ soon after the arrest. 

A few years later, we were delighted to learn that the people of east timor succeeded in their struggle for independence. Timor Leste (total population slighjtly less than 1 million) is now a free and independent nation.

Apcet II: Megat ordered the mob attack

Beh Lih Yi
Jun 21, 07 6:52pm
Ex-deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayob had ordered for an Umno Youth-led mob to stop an international conference on East Timor 11 years ago, a key witness in the ‘Apcet II’ suit told the court today.Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, who was then Umno Youth secretary and had led the mob, also had the court in stitches when he revealed he was given a ‘nasi kandar’ treat by the police after the incident.He was the seventh plaintiffs’ witness in the RM83 million civil suit filed by 36 local activists and journalists against the Malaysian government and several police officers for wrongful detention and police negligence.The 43-year-old – who had tendered a public apology over his role in the mob in 2001 – has since joined the Opposition after he was sacked by Umno in 1998. He was also the ex-Lunas state assemblyperson where he contested on the PKR ticket.Megat Junid’s instructionIn his testimony at the Kuala Lumpur High Court this morning, he recalled that the instruction to disrupt the conference was given to him by Megat Junid in a meeting held at the latter’s office.

Also present were Youth leaders from other BN component parties – MCA, MIC and PPP, as well as Umno’s Batu division head Azman Atar and several others whom he could not identify.

“Megat Junid started the meeting by telling us that a group of NGO activists will organise a seminar on East Timor in Kuala Lumpur. He said Malaysia’s stand is that the seminar is not permitted, fearing that we will be seen as interfering into problems in Indonesia,” he told the court.

“Megat Junid asked BN Youth to undertake the responsibility to stop the seminar as he said the government’s stand must be respected. I was asked to lead this task in my capacity as the Umno Youth secretary since the Umno Youth chief and vice-chief were abroad then,” he said.

“Megat Junid said Azman will head another group who will also be there. He said matters related to the police have been arranged and the police will arrive at the seminar hall in 30 minutes, where everything will be settled then.

“He added that a few of us might be arrested in this task,” Saifuddin told the court.

At this juncture, plaintiffs’ counsel Ranjit Singh asked Saifuddin to elaborate on Megat Junid’s instruction.

Ranjit: Did Megat Junid tell you how to stop the conference?

Saifuddin: Megat Junid asked me to mobilise BN Youth members. Secondly, he told me – as the head of the Barisan Bertindak Rakyat Malaysia (BBRM, the mob) – to meet with the Apcet II organisers at the hotel and tell them to stop the conference. Megat Junid said if the organisers refuse, I am to switch off their PA system.

Ranjit: You said “matters related to the police have been arranged”, what does that mean?

Saifuddin: Megat Junid said in carrying out this task, few (BN Youth) members and I will be arrested but he told us not to worry because everything will be over if I can successfully perform the duty.

Judge Wan Adnan Muhamad interjected: So Megat Junid only ordered you to switch off the PA system?

Saifuddin: Yes.

Asked to elaborate on Azman’s role, the witness said the former was known to be “an aggressive person and have a wide networking including those linked to the kaki-kaki pukul (gangsters)”.

Participants unhappy

Continuing his testimony, Saifuddin said on the day of the incident, he and about 300 BN Youth members had gathered at a stadium close to the conference venue at 8am and after he briefed the members, they marched towards the hotel.

He said many other BN Youth members were already present outside the hotel when they arrived and the Federal Reserve Unit personnel were stationed at the hotel entrance.

“As the number of those gathered grew, some of them had already broke through the FRU barrier and went up to the conference venue,” he said, adding that he also followed suit.

“As we arrived in the conference room, the door was closed and some of us tried to open the door. After it was opened, we went inside the room. The dining tables were scattered,” he added.

According to Saifuddin, he and Tajuddin Rahman – who is now Pasir Salak Umno division head – took turns to ask the conference participants to disperse while the police led by Dang Wangi OCPD Zainal Abidin Ali only arrived about an hour later.

“I overheard there were participants who were unhappy with our presence and asked the police to instruct us to leave the conference so that they could proceed with the conference. I objected and told Zainal that we will only leave after the conference is halted and the participants had left.

“Zainal then told me that I was arrested,” he told the court. Apart from him, several other Umno Youth leaders were also arrested.

Asked what happened at the police station, Saifuddin said the police recorded a statement from him but the process was not completed.

“They asked for my name, position and address. As I was telling them what I was doing at the conference venue, another police officer invited me to another room where nasi kandar was served,” he said to the amusement of those present in court.

He was released after the nasi kandar treat. Saifuddin was charged in court later for disrupting the conference. He pleaded guilty and was fined RM1,500.

The hearing was adjourned to Aug 15-16 as the team of federal counsel had requested for another date to cross-examine Saifuddin. The court will also continue with the cross-examination on the sixth witness, R Sivarasa.

Irrelevant questions

Earlier, Senior Federal Counsel Iznan Ishak objected to three questions in Saifuddin’s witness statement explaining why the latter was sacked from Umno in 1998 and his current political involvement.

Justice Wan Adnan upheld Iznan’s arguments that the questions were irrelevant to the case.

On Nov 9, 1996, over 100 people – including 10 journalists – were arrested on the opening day of the Second Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor (Apcet II), held to discuss human rights abuses in East Timor and its struggle for independence from Indonesia.

As the conference was about to begin, 400 members from the Umno Youth-led BBRM, or Malaysia’s People’s Action Front, broke down the doors of the conference halls, threw chairs and verbally and physically abused the participants.

Police then moved in to arrest the participants who were detained between one and six days, while 40 foreign participants were deported.

Online daily malaysiakini chief executive officer Premesh Chandran and editor-in-chief Steven Gan, both then journalists at The Sun, are also among the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs have named the government, then Inspector General of Police Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor and two senior police officers – then Kuala Lumpur chief police officer Ismail Che Rose and then Dang Wangi OCPD Zainal Abidin Ali – as respondents.

Rawang High Tension Zone: Was there a tussle between Gerakan and MCA?

June 20, 2007
Last month, Chan Kong Choy promised to find an alternative route for the high-tension tranmission towers within a month. This was witnessed by the Rawang 5-men committee, TNB, Tang See Hang and Lim Keng Yaik at Lim’s office in Putrajaya.Why then TNB held a press conference yesterday to unilaterally declared that it would proceed with works without the need to look for an alternative route?

Chan Kong Choy and Tang See Hang must now explain to the Rawang people instead of shying away from his responsibility. Or was there a political tussle between the former Gerakan chief and the MCA leaders over this issue?

I would be going down to Rawang together with our Rawang representative M.Batumalai on Saturday to meet the affected villagers to seek a solution.

Meanwhile, I have advised the residents to get ready with the lawsuit based on public interest in my capacity as their advisor.


■日期/Jun 20, 2007   ■时间/12:35:22 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/merdekareview庄迪澎
【本刊庄迪澎撰述】虽然马华公会署理总会长陈广才一个月前承诺用一个月时间解决雪兰莪州万挠新村高压电缆的问题,不过国家能源公司昨天宣布,高压电缆不会绕道而行,而且将在下周日(6月24日)动工。“反对高压电五人小组”成员吴亚九说,村民将采取法律行动捍卫家园。尽管陈广才(左图)的承诺言犹在耳,但是国能(营运与技术)高级副主席莫哈末西迪昨晚召开紧急汇报会,对媒体说,雪兰莪州行政议会决定在万挠新村兴建高压电缆已成定局,受影响的51座建筑物(其中35个持有地契),包括民众会堂、篮球场及住家,必须搬离原址。【点击《中国报》:51建筑物须让路 建高压电缆势在必行】吴亚九今早对《独立新闻在线》说,村民考虑采取法律行动,以业主的身份入禀法院,申请庭令阻止国能动工;不过,具体将怎么做、何时入禀法院,有待今晚与村民们对话后敲定。他说,“反对高压电五人小组”预料将在下周日上午召开新闻发布会报告详情。今年5月23日下午,马华公会署理总会长、雪兰莪州士拉央区陈广才及万挠区州议员邓诗汉与万挠新村的“反对高压电五人小组”协商后指出,后者同意给他们一个月时间解决高压电问题,而解决方案是把高压电路线转移到连接瓜雪亚三爪哇(Asam Jaya)和万挠邓普勒花园(Templer Park)的拉达高速公路(LATAR Highway)右边,绕过万挠新村。【点击:陈广才一个月内寻解决方案 万挠高压电事件或绕道解决】万挠是在士拉央国会选区范围内,陈广才也是交通部长;邓诗汉不但是万挠区州议员,也是雪兰莪州政府行政议员,掌管投资、工业与贸易事务。约见陈广才不果



万挠新村居民两年前接获通知,国能计划在新村附近兴建高压电缆,并要求该村51户人家搬迁。村民拒绝国能的赔偿建议,坚决捍卫家园。后来村民成立了五人小组,展开反对高压电缆运动。五人小组向国能建议绕道兴建高压电缆,可是邓诗汉却透露,国能以“技术问题”为由拒绝。【点击:高压电事件酿燃眉之忧 万挠村民呼唤议员良知】

今年5月17日,国能委托的承包商到万挠新村动工兴建高压电缆,遭居民抗议和阻止;双方协商了三至四个小时,稍后万挠警局副主任苏巴马尼安(Subramaniam)接获“上头”指示后,国能技术人员、工程承包商、警察才陆续离开动工地点。【点击:万挠人阻国能建高压电缆 邓诗汉讲要来却不见人影】

■日期/Jun 20, 2007   ■时间/02:34:31 pm
■新闻/家国风云   ■作者/本刊记者
【本刊记者撰述】吉隆坡暨雪兰莪中华大会堂对国家能源公司(国能)单方面宣布拒斥谈判,执意在下周日(6月24日)动工兴建雪州万挠新村高压电缆,感到遗憾,并促请能源、水务及通讯部长林敬益、士拉央区国会议员陈广才及万挠区州议员邓诗汉代表政府居中斡旋解决此事。隆雪华堂会长黄汉良今天发表文告说,万挠居民过去两年来不懈争取高压电缆绕道,研拟了各种可行的替代方案,并获得林敬益、陈广才及邓诗汉的赞同;如今国能执意采取单方面行动,等于无视协商成果,罔顾万挠新村居民的健康与安全。国能(营运与技术)高级副主席莫哈末西迪昨晚召开紧急汇报会,对媒体说,雪兰莪州行政议会决定在万挠新村兴建高压电缆已成定局,受影响的51座建筑物(其中35个持有地契),包括民众会堂、篮球场及住家,必须搬离原址。【点击《中国报》:51建筑物须让路 建高压电缆势在必行】黄汉良说,隆雪华堂对国能昨天的宣布深感惊讶,因为万挠新村“反对高压电五人小组”今年五月和林敬益、陈广才、邓诗汉、国能高层在布城协商沟通,陈广才、邓诗汉还表明愿意在一个月内斡旋处理绕道建议,并称各造将朝“尽量避免高压电影响人民”的方向商讨解决方案。【点击:陈广才一个月内寻解决方案 万挠高压电事件或绕道解决】“林敬益也答应协助解决国能的技术问题,民意代表们的反应均是积极肯定的,由始至终都没有反对绕道建议,国能岂能无视民代的善意努力。”支持村民诉诸法律行动




今天较早前,万挠新村“反对高压电五人小组”成员吴亚九告诉《独立新闻在线》,村民考虑采取法律行动,以业主的身份入禀法院,申请庭令阻止国能动工;不过,具体将怎么做、何时入禀法院,有待今晚与村民们对话后敲定。【点击:广才承诺解决•国能宣布动工 万挠村民要以庭令阻高压电缆】

Candlelight vigil in support of Revathi

June 15, 2007

Hello everyone,

Please attend the vigil being organised in support of Revathi, to be held at 8pm next Tues, 19 June, at the flagpole at Dataran Merdeka. Kindly spread the word.


Candlelight Vigil In Support of Revathi’s Freedom of Faith

Please attend the following peaceful candlelight vigil in support of Revathi, and many others like her, who are unable to fully exercise their Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of faith.  The vigil is an initiative of civil society organisations including MCCBCHST (the Malaysian Consultative Council on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism) and various women’s rights groups (All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Sisters in Islam (SIS), Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Women’s Centre for Change, Penang (WCC) and Women’s Development Collective (WDC)).

Date:              Tuesday, 19 June 2007
Time:              8 p.m.
Venue:           Dataran Merdeka (at the flagpole)

Please come to show your support in affirming the supremacy of the Federal Constitution and its protection of our fundamental liberties, including the freedom of belief.

Please bring candles, candle-holders and banners.


Summary of Revathi’s case:

Revathi, an ethnic Indian woman, has been held in a rehabilitation center run by Islamic authorities since January 2007 because she wants the State to acknowledge she is a Hindu and not a Muslim.

Revathi was born to Indian parents who had converted to Islam before her birth. She claims she was raised by her grandmother as a Hindu. She and Suresh were married according to Hindu rites in March 2004. Revathi was advised by the Malacca Islamic Religious Department to make an application at the Malacca Syariah High Court to confirm her status as a Hindu. She did as she was told.

However, the Syariah Court ordered her detained in a rehabilitation centre in Ulu Yam, Selangor under Melaka’s Syariah criminal laws for 100 days. This detention was extended in Revathi’s absence for a further 80 days supposedly because she had not “repented”. In the meanwhile, Revathi’s Muslim mother obtained a Syariah Court order granting her custody of Revathi and Suresh’s 15 month old baby. That order was enforced on Suresh’s Hindu family with the assistance of the police.

The family is now torn apart – with the mother in detention, the child with the grandparents and the father in limbo without his family.