Pesta Hak Rakyat at Kg Berembang attracted 500 pro-rights Malaysians

 More than 500 Malaysians from all over the country gathered at Kg Berembang to celebrate the International Human Rights Day. According to Arulcheltvan of PSM, some of them came from places as far as Perak and Johor.

Children of ISA victims, students from local universities and the children of the victimised Kg Berembang urban pioneers went to the stage to express their feelings and voices. The GMI chief wrote and recited a poetry to mark his fighting spirit against the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA). Activists from JERIT also showcased their talents, winning loud applause from the audience.

DAP is one of the organisers of Pesta Hak Rakyat. We have made a small contribution for the kenduri for the half-a-day event. The venue of celebration was moved from KLCC to Kg Berembang as a mark of solidarity to the villagers of the kampung, which was demolished completely (including the 2-storey surau) by the MPAJ with the help of FRU. Even a letter from the Prime Minister Department could not stop the demolition exercise ordered by the little Napoleons in Amapang Jaya  and Selangor.

The 51 Malay families wo were staying here for more than 3 decades were forced out without the rightful compensation from the developers or the Selangor state government.

Evictions without proper alternatives were not new in Selangor.  People in Pandamaran, Kg Chubadak Tambahan, Sungei Way, Kg Damansara Dalam, Kg Chempaka and Kg Datuk Harun have suffered the same fate. Many of these dislocated urban pioneers are now staying in temporary homes for years without the allocation of their rightful low-cost units.The MB of Selangor Khir Toyo must be held responsible for all the mistakes and failures. The “zero squatters” policy which was targeted to end in 2005 has failed miserably in implementation.

The people in Selangor are now asking why Khir Toyo was so harsh to the powerless rakyat but so lenient with “Raja Zakaria” of Klang. His “palace” was legalised by Khir Toyo two weeks ago. Even HRH Sultan of Selangor cannot touch his “palace”now.



2 Responses to “Pesta Hak Rakyat at Kg Berembang attracted 500 pro-rights Malaysians”

  1. sampalee Says:

    I was there to witness the show of solidarity.In spitr of all the effort,the organiser FAILED where it matter.Almost every one know Dengue is bad and can kill.But this itself without the added information,that the deadly disease is caused by Aedes and how to destroy its breeding groung if we want to Eliminate the dreaded DENGUE.In the same vain,almost every one know ISA is bad and cruel.and it is futile just to harp on it like a bunch of parrots.The root cause are the Umno MP who supported ,harbour and give live and teeth to the inhuman ISA.The head devil is Pak-dah who as PM and minister of home affair see to the day to day evil deeds of the ISA.The breeding ground for the host of ‘Aedes’ is none other than UMNO.Simply get rid of Umno and ISA will be history

  2. supersagi Says:

    Its not easy to organise a community event. Bravo DAP for going down the ground. It takes a lot of effort and the return may not be as satisfying. However, someone need to do this ‘dirty job’ to ensure that the basic human right is being preserved and observed by all. I have been visiting a number of squatter/settlers areas within Klang Valley at the invitation of an NGO group. At times, there are lots of frustrations but someone need to be there to educate them of their rights as the citizen of M’sia.

    Keep up this good work DAP! I’m looking forward to the coming GE and am confident this time around DAP will be given more “mandate” to speak for the RAKYAT in Parliment.

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